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					?Now a days, storing valued data and securing them from online hackers and Trojan
horses is becoming very important. People store datas like financial information,
personal photos, videos and other sensitive data to their Pcs. But when accessing the
internet they face a lot of spyware programs trying to penetrate their firewall and
access their personal data.

  One such incident happened to me when my system happened to act crazy. Many of
my software applications started opening and closing on their own. Then my Mozilla
Firefox started opening strange web pages which just had some numbers and some
text which made no sense.

 I was not ready for a system breakdown. I unplugged the broadband connection and
shut the systems power. Few of my sensitive files which had some valid information
did not respond and showed some error report. Luckily I always make backups and
hardly loose any information.

  My firewall was the recent version and still I had a threat from some kind of spyware.
I dint want this to happen to me again. So I always make it a point to have backup
files just in case of emergencies and store them in hard disk drive enclosures.

 You can also fit your old hard disk in to a hard disk enclosure with less amount of
money spend to it. It is so handy you might want more than one.

 It also has some valuable uses like :

 ? Moving large files from one pc to the other.
 ?Backing up data and re getting files from unbooted drives.
 ?Expanding you valuable storage space.
 ?It can also act as a storage tank for your data while you reinstalling your OS.

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