Why Children Should Learn First Aid by bnmbgtrtr52


									?First aid is an extremely important skill to know when dangerous situations or
accidents occur. Any modicum of skill can be crucial to saving someones life in dire
circumstances. This is why some form of first aid should be taught to children as they
are developing. One of the major reasons that children should learn how to perform
first aid skills is instilling the skills required for helping those in need at a young age.
This way, the skills become second nature and as the children mature and grow up,
they can be effective in dire life and death situations

For instance, there is a program in English schools where children are taught first aid
skills in a program called the Young First Aiders Scheme. This program is offered to
third years, fourth year and fifth year students, where students take a two-hour course
that outlines some basics and more advanced first aid skills. According to a source in
the aforementioned article, now about 10 percent of the population in the United
Kingdom has had some kind of medical training.
This program has already proven to be effective just a few days ago, a young child
enrolled in primary school saved his sister from choking to death. In his own words:

We were having fish and chips and my sister was eating her fish and she just got up
and started trying to ask for a drink she said Im choking so I patted her 10 times,
pulled her stomach back once and did 10 more pats on the back then they came up.

The program is only offered in primary school at the moment, but school officials are
looking to expand it to secondary schools in the future. It might be about time that a
course of this nature is offered to children in the U.S. Knowing how to use a first aid
kit can be the difference between life and death.

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