Why Business Basic and Cobol users win during this economic crisis by bnmbgtrtr52


									?Nobody can afford or is willing to implement expensive and risky solutions such as
SAP or Exact for example. There are currently tens of thousands of Business Basic
and Cobol users in Europe alone. Many of these companies have been approached by
and some have been convinced to migrate to ERP solutions such as SAP, Business
One, JD Edwards, Peoplesoft, Exact, just to name a few. Of those who did go this way,
a vast majority did not achieve the promised savings or returns, if they are still in
business. And the worst of all is that there is no way back for those companies that
survived the sometimes horrendous implementation investments. Today, such projects
get shot down one by one.
Then there are those who wisely didn't take such leap and maintained what works for
them. The low cost and lean structure of their Business Basic (Basis, Thoroughbred,
Providex) and Cobol environments are robust most of the times very tailor-made
solutions. Yet there remains a need to evolve and address new challenges companies
face every day. There are legal requirements that must be met, aka business critical
issues; improvements to advance the business, aka business essential issues; and
finally ‘wishes' or nice-to-have's.
Many of the current Business Basic and Cobol users still mainly use character-based
applications, although quite a few have implemented graphic-based interfaces for all
or parts of their applications. Often complicated avenues where chosen to accomplish
such goals, yet with the fast evolution within technology, today there are very easy
and low-cost solutions to achieve such and other goals. To mention only one, Java has
allowed excellent open source programming and to sustain proven backbone
applications whilst delivering a modern graphical interface to users. But these days
there are many more excellent and up-to-date solutions to tackle only those issues that
are worth tackling, at low cost and at a pace that the organization can easily absorb.
Times have never been this busy as in 2009 for the few service providers who support
these older technologies and introduce innovative technologies while maintaining
what companies have invested in throughout decades. It has become very clear that in
times that the economy is strong, we all tend to stray from what works well, misled by
wants and desires rather than what is best for the company and its bottom-line. This is
very good news for Business Basic and Cobol users today in a market that forces us
all to rationally look at what we already have and does the job just fine.

If you would like to learn more about specific ally how also your company can benefit
from repurposing what works and build further on it, go to and find out how you can
win in this economic climate today!

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