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					?Green buildings are sprouting up in various major cities throughout the U.S. There
are several great reasons as to why your business should go green. Green buildings
incorporate special design elements that help save environmental resources, conserve
energy, and most of all they are eco-friendly for every human being to enjoy.
Presently, more developers, buyers, and companies are searching for property or
office space that's eco-friendly and are they quite willing to pay a pretty penny for the
benefits that green buildings provide.

Whether you're looking into sustainable residential buildings or commercial metal
buildings this information will provide you with a few tips on green buildings and
their incentives.
In the U.S. alone, buildings account for:

?   39 percent of total energy use
?   12 percent of the total water consumption
?   68 percent of total electricity consumption?
?   38 percent of the carbon dioxide emissions

There are other major trends that are pressing on the conscience of the construction
market to develop green buildings as well, and these are a few that we can expect to

Advancements in Sustainable Materials: Green building materials are being sought
after due to the rising trend in the construction industry. Now that consumers are
becoming more informed about their health and the environment, they are making a
conscious effort to identify what building materials are most environmentally logical.
For example, metal buildings are eco-friendly and cost effective. Many manufacturers
are producing green supplies, which leads to improved quality and better pricing.

Increased Residential Demand: The increased level of awareness in sustainability
throughout residential construction has helped the green construction movement.
Although there is less demand for customary residential construction, the market for
green housing is increasing. Overall, homeowners are investing in sustainable housing
due to their growing sensitivity to environmental concerns.

Financial Community Invests in Green Buildings: More lenders and insurers are
seeking green homes and sustainable buildings to improve their bottom line.
Moreover, they are taking note that green homeowners are more responsible and less
likely to face financial issues due to lower operating costs of home.

Eco-Conscious Districts : These districts are comprised of greener communities where
residents can access most shops and supply chains within walking distance. These
neighborhoods would also feature green spaces and certified green buildings.
As you can see, green buildings are a continuous trend. It's quite obvious that many
companies are taking great strides to invest in the green sustainable trend. So ask
yourself, should my company go green? Hopefully your response is "yes."