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                                               Learning Today Leading Tomorrow
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                       Senior Campus: Newsletter No.5 30th July, 2010

                                     A Message from the Principal

    Welcome to Term 3. I hope our students are feeling refreshed and ready for the challenges that
    the Term 3 curriculum will present. I welcome our new families to Caroline Chisholm School and
    I am delighted to note that our new students have been readily invited to join established
    friendship groups, wonderful to see!

    Keeping you informed

    Work Required Units (WRUs) are written by senior campus teachers for each new course of
    study. WRUs outline subject content, skills and assessment tasks. WRUs are sent home with
    your child at the point of course introduction.

    Term Overviews are written by Junior Campus teachers and provide an overview of the topics
    and content taught for the term. Term Overviews are sent home at the start of each term.

    I encourage you to take the time to chat about these important documents with your child.

    As part of our reporting process on the Junior Campus, Student Led Conferences are being
    held next week at which reports issued at the end of last term will be discussed in detail. I am
    delighted with the high rate of participation. The attendance in the past of over 75% of parents is
    indicative of the high value placed on learning one that is very much appreciated by your
    children’s teachers.


    In the previous newsletter I informed you that Julie Cooper, the Deputy on the Junior Campus
    has been appointed as the acting Principal of Southern Cross early Childhood School for Term
    3. Sally Alexander is filling the Deputy’s position during Julie’s absence.

    We welcome the following staff to Chisholm School-

    Our two new admin staff are Mrs Jenny Mossesson, our new Business Manager and Ms Beth
    Skinner, our new Finance Officer. Both Jenny and Beth bring a wealth of experience to their
    new positions at Chisholm.

    Mr Dean Moran is taking Technology classes for the first half of this term while Mr Vidya Nath is
    on leave.

    Ms Fiona McKinnon is our new counsellor. If you would like to meet with the counsellor please
    contact either the junior or senior front offices.

    Student and Staff Highlights

    Congratulations to the following students who have been recognised for their talent and skills -

    The Senior Campus Awards system is based on three areas of recognition – Citizenship,
    Learning and Participation. Awardees must demonstrate a commitment to their learning and the

    school community over a sustained period of time. Bek Black and Jayden Black are the
    recipients of the first Gold Awards, a major achievement! Bek’s award is for Citizenship and
    Jayden’s is for Learning.                            (Principals report continued over page)
(Principals report continued)
                                                                                  From the Deputy Principal
In addition to featuring outstanding student achievement I
would also like to note outstanding achievement by the           Welcome back to the business end of the year and by that I
following staff –                                                mean that students are working on improving/maintaining
                                                                 their grades for second semester. I hope you have all read
Our school Counsellor, Charlotte Morrisson finished term 2       your child’s reports and have had the necessary discussions
a little early to commence maternity leave and delivered,        with them. Please remember that the library is open every
also a little early, a beautiful daughter during the holidays.   Monday afternoon for extra tuition with Garry Bourke and
We are delighted to learn that both mother and daughter are      Adam Taylor who both work in the Pastoral Care Centre.
doing well.
                                                                 Amanda Murtagh our Pastoral Care SLC has now launched
I would like to congratulate Mr Julian Dent, English/SOSE,       ‘Wellness Week’ which will be in week 10 of the term. She
on his selection for the Australian Orienteering team and        is collating the activities which staff will offer for the students
wish him every success over the next two and a half weeks        during this week. My activity is to have a group of students
at the World Championships in Trondheim, Norway.                 make decorations to brighten up the Oncology unit at
                                                                 Canberra Hospital. At Mondays’ assembly I was telling the
I would like to acknowledge Ms Marjorie Waugh’s invitation       students about my visit to this unit and to witness firsthand
from her university to present her Masters in Education          these brave people who are combating cancer. To my
thesis. Marjorie is currently teaching Kindergarten.             delight I was approached by many students who wanted to
                                                                 volunteer for this activity. This makes me feel so proud
Hope to see some new faces at the P&C meeting on                 when our students can identify with the idea of giving to
Monday night.                                                    others less fortunate than themselves.

Best wishes                                                      Congratulations to all the students who received awards on
                                                                 Monday. Encourage your child to place these awards in
Wendy Wurfel                                                     their personal portfolios.

                                                                 Sue Swift

           Important Dates
                                                                          A word from your New
                                                                            School Counsellor
  Aug 4th      Canberra Careers Market Yrs 9&10

  Aug 10th     Girls Swans Cup AFL Gala Day
                                                                      I would like to introduce myself to you. My
  Aug 13th     Senior Years Ski Trip
                                                                     name is Fiona McKinnon and until the end of
  Aug 18th     Cultural Infusion Performance                            this year, I am replacing Charlotte, your
                                                                       school counsellor, however my times are
  Aug 29th     Yr 9 Immunisation cards due back                        different in that I will be at the school on
                                                                       Monday and Friday all day, and Thursday
  Sept 8th     7/8 Boys and Girls NSW Touch                           from 1.00pm. I am happy to see students
                                                                        and family members in the Counsellor’s
  Sept 9th     Athletics Carnival                                        room in the Wellbeing Centre. You can
                                                                         make an appointment directly with me
  Sept 13th –24th     Year 10 Work Experience
                                                                            62057285, through the front office
  Sept 15th-17th      Dance Festival
                                                                     62057277, or through staff of the Wellbeing
                                                                      Centre. For those of you who had regular
  Sept 15th    Yr 9 immunisations                                         visits with Charlotte and would like to
                                                                      continue to receive support, please come
                                                                       along so we can get to know each other.


                                                                                       Fiona McKinnon
                                                                 Finally, before we get into specific year reports, I’d like to
 Middle Years News                                               thank all parents for their ongoing efforts in supporting their
                                                                 children’s learning. If any parents have any concerns or
    Respect for Learning. Respect for the Environment.           questions, or would just like to ‘touch base’ with their childs
                   Respect for Others.                           teachers, please don’t hesitate to contact the school.
                                                                 Building positive partnerships around supporting students
Welcome back to Term 3. We’ve finally hit the downward           learning is essential in making the most of education.
slope as we move towards the Christmas holidays. The
report process ran smoothly with students receiving their        Shannon Stewart & Gavin McClory
reports at the end of term. Well done for all your hard work     Middle Years Executive Teachers
and persistence. I hope your brains are refreshed and
rested ready to hit Term 3!

On Thursday of Week 2, a group of dedicated students
performed their Dance Spectacular piece at the Junior
                                                                 Year 6 News
Campus assembly. Despite their nerves, the students
performed with confidence and are to be commended on
their efforts. All those involved received Silver Awards. Well   Year 6 have started Term 3 beautifully. Week 1 has seen
done! The students will also be performing this dance piece      all students working hard and completing quality work. We
at Big Night Out next term. Students involved were:              will be working on new topics this term. For SOSE we will
                                                                 be investigating medieval history and in Science we will be
•     Shara-Lee Brown                                            investigating the computer. We will be working on one
                                                                 assessment task this term for SOSE which will culminate in
•     Casey Cook
                                                                 oral presentations at the end of term. We will keep everyone
•     Allira High                                                posted on how these tasks are progressing, they are
•     Jessica Nemet                                              shaping up to be very interesting.
•     Tamara Rutherford
                                                                 Last term we investigated the geography of the Murray
•     Tealeah Schofield                                          Darling Basin and staff were amazed at the high quality and
•     Brittney Stewart                                           obvious hard work that went into the dioramas. We now
•     Jenny Turvey                                               have some on display in our classroom with others
                                                                 displayed in our school library. The students should be
•     Rhiannon
                                                                 proud of the effort that went into such quality work, well
•     Emma Windsor                                               done.
•     Rosie Santolin
•     Taylor-Ann Cannell                                         One focus for the coming semester is organization of
                                                                 workload in order to develop time management skills
•     Alicia Hines
                                                                 needed for the senior years. Each week the students will
A massive thank you to the wonderful students who                receive homework and we will check their diaries every
volunteered for this performance and the talented teachers       Friday to ensure they have written down their due tasks and
who made this happen- Miss Small, Miss Vaughan and Miss          that they have a parent/ guardian signature. The diary is a
Beasley.                                                         great communication tool between school and home so
                                                                 please ensure you check it each week and talk about some
At the start of this term, all students will have been sent      of our weekly activities, as this can help students better
home with Work Required Units (WRUs). These are                  manage their time.
documents that provide a subject description in addition to
learning outcomes and assessable items. All students are         This term will see students participating in the Junior
required to return these signed by parents to the class          Campus athletics carnival, peer support, some of our
teacher. If you haven’t seen a handful of WRUs for all           students will be involved in Tournament of the Minds with
subjects, ask your child or feel free to contact the Class       our year sevens and there will be another celebration of
Teacher.                                                         how well we are working as a team.
Colour Code Is still looking pretty good in Middle Years. Just
a reminder that colour code is:                                  As part of our SOSE topic students will be part of a team to
                                                                 build a castle or a trebuchet this term. If you have any
•       Plain Navy blue or white shirt. Shirts must cover the    recyclable craft materials such as cereal boxes, cardboard,
        chest area and have sleeves. Singlets are not            papers, old magazines and so on please bring them in so
        permitted. Logos are permitted but are to be no          we can be limited in our buildingss only by our imaginations.
        bigger than fist size                                    Looking forward to a fantastic term.
                                                                 The Year 6 team.
•       Plain navy blue or white jacket or jumper. Logos are
        permitted but are to be no bigger than fist size. 
•       Bottoms can be plain navy blue, white or navy blue
        denim jeans or jean shorts. Track pants and denim
        jeans are acceptable and all shorts must be at mid
        thigh length. 
•       Shoes must fully cover the foot. Thongs, sandals,
        Ugg Boots are not appropriate
Year 7 News
                                                                         7 Green
Welcome back to a new school term. During Term 3, Year 7
students will have the opportunity to work with Relationships
Australia. This is a leading government provider of
                                                                  Home Room Seussical
relationships and support services, whose mission is ’to
build stronger relationships which enhance the lives of
                                                                   Jr. Trip and Dinner
individuals, families and communities’. Students will work
with this group to further improve upon their wellbeing and
to promote positive relationships.
                                                                To celebrate the end of our first semester
In English, students have begun reading the novel Blueback      together, 7 Green, Shannon Stewart, Kerry
by Tim Winton. They will continue to study the novel this
                                                                Medvecky, Lisa
term, and complete assignments throughout the semester,
based on the book.                                              Purves and Julian
                                                                Dent went out for
In SOSE, students will be moving on from ‘Ancient Greece’       dinner and to see
studies to the topic of ‘World Maps’. Their teachers plan to    the school
organise a ‘Caroline Chisholm Amazing Race’, similar to the     musical, Suessical
one on TV. In PE classes, students are completing their         Jr. at the
Fitness Testing unit, in preparation for their Athletics        Tuggeranong Arts
Carnival later in the Term. All students are working on a
                                                                Centre. All
Fitness Assignment collating and analysing results, which
they must submit to their teachers in the next couple of        students were
weeks.                                                          excited to head out to La Porchetta Tuggeranong
                                                                on Friday night with some of their teachers to
I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Jaiden    enjoy socialising outside the classroom.
Black and Jessica Nemet for excelling in their academic         There was a bit of a pizza eating competition with
achievements, receiving straight “A’s” last semester. The       Harrison Sheild and Andrew Walker determined
following students are also to be commended on their            to get through their large pizzas before each
efforts for receiving 5 or more “A” grades:                     other. The boys did a fine job, needing no
                                                                assistance from others in the class. The wait staff
    •     Andrew Taylor                                                                          were very
    •     Harrison Shield                                                                        impressed with
    •     Michael Lankuts                                                                        the civilised and
    •     Brittney Stewart                                                                       mature behaviour
    •     Emily White                                                                            of all the students.
                                                                                                 Well done 7
Good luck with your studies,                                                                     Green! You make
                                                                                                 Caroline Chisholm
Clare Small                                                                                      School proud!
Year 7 Coordinator                                                                               After dinner we all
                                                                                                 travelled to the
Year 8 News                                                     Tuggeranong Arts Centre to watch the Senior
                                                                Year students perform in Seussical Jr. We were
What an exciting start to Term 3! Year 8 students have hit
                                                                lucky enough to have front row seats and enjoyed
the ground running with new electives and exciting topics.      watching the great
Year 8 will create, play, act and design their way through      performance. There
Semester 2 with new electives in Visual Art, Music,             were many comments
Performing Arts and Woodwork.                                   floating around
                                                                afterwards suggesting
The new English and Social Science unit “Colours of India”      that we might have a few
will introduce students to the dynamic country of India. In     more aspiring students
English they will read Salman Rushdie’s novel ‘Haroun and       trying to emulate the
the Sea of Stories’ and the famous Hindu Epic ‘The
                                                                success when they get to
Ramayana’. In SOSE, students will journey from Ancient
India to Medieval India and finally Modern India, exploring     senior years.
lost civilisations, Ghandi and the largest movie industry in    All in all, it was a great
the world. With opportunities to cook butter chicken, learn     night that we got to
some Bollywood moves and tying saris in class, the year 8s      celebrate our first
are sure to have a fantastic term.                              semester together which
                                                                was well attended.
And lastly, don’t forget to keep you eyes peeled for Ski Trip
pictures- Its going to be a blast!

Bethany Will
Year 8 Coordinator
                                                   Year 9 News
                                                   Welcome to Term 3. We hope you all had a restful holiday
                                                   as this term is shaping up to be very busy. Year 9 students
                                                   have made a productive start to the new semester, settling
                                                   into classes quickly. We hope that students have taken the
                                                   time to read over their semester reports and will make an
                                                   effort to discuss with their teachers ways in which they can

 “Colours of India” Year 8
                                                   improve their performance for this semester. If you would
                                                   like to discuss any aspect of your child’s report please feel
                                                   free to contact us.

    Fun Home Activity                              Immunisations
                                                   Immunisations for diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis
                                                   (whooping cough) will occur on the 15th of September.
                                                   Students will be receiving consent cards in the coming week
Learn how to tie a Sari                            and will need to return them by Thursday 26th August.
You will need:
    a. A long skirt or petticoat with a firm       Careers Market
    elasticised waist                              On Wednesday 4th August year 9 and 10 students will be
                                                   attending the Canberra Careers Market. Consent forms
                                                   have been issued and should have been returned by Friday
     b. A short sleeved T-shirt                    30th July. This excursion is free and is a great opportunity
                                                   for students to begin exploring the variety of options
     c. A piece of fabric approximately 250cm      available to them upon completing school. They will be able
     long by 70cm wide                             to speak to representatives from many tertiary institutions
                                                   across Australia, as well as employers, tradespeople and
You may also need someone to help you tying
the sari.                                          Exhibitions
                                                   During this term students will be completing their
Instructions                                       exhibitions. The theme for this years exhibition is
                                                   WELLBEING - What builds our wellbeing NOW and for
1.    Put on the T-shirt and the petticoat. Wrap   the FUTURE? Students will be examining issues and
the piece of fabric around your waist at the       factors that affect young people’s wellbeing at present and
back and hold the top corner on the left in        ways that they can continue to build their wellbeing and that
your left hand. Tuck that end firmly into the      of others in the future. They will be conducting activities
elastic at the front of the petticoat so that it   during their core lessons throughout the term and then use
                                                   information gathered and their own knowledge to create and
looks like half a skirt.                           promote a product for the Wellbeing Expo during week 9.
2.    Take the right end of the fabric and wrap    They will finally be required to prepare an individual
it right around your waist and back to the         presentation for the Roundtable Panel during which they will
front.                                             explain their project and then discuss and reflect on what
                                                   they have learned and achieved. All parents or family
                                                   members will be invited to their child’s Roundtable
                                                   Presentation as a panel member to witness first hand this
                                                   valuable and rewarding experience. There will be more
                                                   information as the term progresses.

                                                   Graduation System of Recognition
                                                   This year we have introduced a Graduation System of
                                                   Recognition as a way to assist our students to become “well
                                                   rounded citizens”. This system acknowledges the variety of
                                                   ways that students can contribute to their school and
                                                   community, providing a challenge and encouraging the
                                                   development of positive attributes and leadership in our
                                                   senior students. Students will earn points for participating in
                                                   a variety of academic and community activities. At the end
          P&C Meeting!                             of year 10 they will receive an additional graduation
                                                   certificate acknowledging their level of participation in this
                                                   system. More information will be mailed out to you.
   The next P&C
 meeting will be held
    on the Senior
 Campus on Monday
                                                                               (Year 9 continued over the page)
2nd August at 7.00pm
(Year 9 report continued)                                            Media Release Permission Forms
Classes                                                              The Senior Campus is updating the student database for
Below is a list of work being studied and assignments due in         publication of student photos in the various forms of media.
the coming weeks.                                                    As the media is involved in reporting general activities at the
English:        Students will be studying Shakespeare this           school such as music festivals, athletics or swimming
                term. They will be completing an oral                carnivals or other activities that involve various aspects of
                presentation on “Elizabethan Life” during            the curriculum, it is vital that the wishes of parents/carers
                weeks 4 and 5.                                       are known in relation to filming or photographing students.
Science:        This term students will be completing a              Permission forms have been distributed through Contact
                “Science by Doing” project. They will be             Class groups. Please complete the Media Release
                required to design their own investigation and       Permission Form and return it to the front office.
                complete it following the process of scientific
                enquiry.                                             With best wishes
SOSE:           Students will be studying Financial Literacy         Ms Carissa, Year 10 Executive Teacher
                this term. During this unit of work they will be     Mr Dave Hromow, Year 10 Coordinator
                completing an assignment that will require           and the Year 10 Teachers.
                them to develop a business to raise money
                for charity as part of the Wellness expo.
Maths:          Level 3 class will be completing in class
                computer assignments on statistics and
                coordinate geometry. All other levels will
                begin work on coordinate geometry. All maths
                classes can log onto www.mathletics.com at
                anytime and practice course work or their
                mental computation skills by playing live
All students should be completing homework each night. If
you would like more details regarding their homework
please contact me at anytime.

Prear Schwarz,
Year 9 Coordinator.

Year 10 News
Work Experience – will happen in Weeks 9 and 10 on
Term 3. Students need to make sure they attend their
careers meeting with Lynn Humphries so she can organise
work placements as soon as possible.

Road Ready – Students have started the Year 10 Road
Ready program. This will continue on the next two Fridays
at school instead of normal classes.

Careers Market Excursion – this will be held at the AIS
Arena on Wednesday August 4th. All Year 9 and 10 students
have been given a permission note to attend. These need to
be returned to contact teachers so we can get final
numbers. This is a great opportunity to talk to people from
industry and further education about future career options.

Year 10 Formal - A deposit of $50 is due by the end of
Week 2. After this time there will be no more places
available. Any students who need help paying should come
and visit Ms Campbell this week.

College Enrolments
Early in Term 3 students will be advised about details of
their placements in the 2011 ACT government college

                                                                       The school, its staff and the Territory are not aware of, and make no
                                                                     representation as to, the truth or accuracy of the information provided in
                                                                   advertisements appearing in this publication. Readers should make their own
                                                                                       enquiries in relation to the information
    This is an exciting term for all of us as we once again embark on the Wellbeing Term. Throughout the term work and
activities will have a wellbeing focus. Our Year 9 Exhibitions, Expo and Roundtables is built on the 5 Ways to Wellbeing and
principles of Positive Psychology and I’m looking forward to working with our students and teachers throughout Exhibitions.
The term will culminate in Wellness Week (Week 10) with students able to select from a broad range of activities to engage,
           challenge and energise – with the aim of having all of our students tick off all of the 5 Ways to Wellbeing.

      With the people around you. With family, friends,          Be curious. Catch sight of the beautiful. Remark on the
  colleagues and neighbours. At home, work, school or in           unusual. Notice the changing seasons. Savour the
                   your local community.                          moment, whether you are on a bus, eating lunch or
                                                                                    talking to friends.
 Think of these as the cornerstones of your life and invest
 time in developing them. Building these connections will          Be aware of the world around you and what you are
             support and enrich you every day.                     feeling. Reflecting on your experiences will help you
                                                                              appreciate what matters to you.

  Go for a walk or run. Step outside. Cycle. Play a game.        Try something new. Rediscover an old interest. Sign up
                      Garden. Dance.                            for that course. Take on a different responsibility at work.
                                                                  Fix a bike. Learn to play an instrument or how to cook
    Exercising makes you feel good. Most importantly,                               your favourite food.
 discover a physical activity you enjoy; one that suits your
               level of mobility and fitness.                    Set a challenge you will enjoy achieving. Learning new
                                                                things will make you more confident, as well as being fun
                                                                                          to do.

                                                                Activity selection sheets will go out to students in Week 3.
                                                                     The sheet will detail activities and expected costs,
   Do something nice for a friend, or a stranger. Thank            students will be effectively signing up for that activity
 someone. Smile. Volunteer your time. Join a community          (payment will be due Wk 6 -7), so I ask that you and your
            group. Look out, as well as in.                      child/children are genuine about selections. More details
                                                                              will follow in our next Newsletter
 Seeing yourself, and your happiness, linked to the wider
  community can be incredibly rewarding and will create                             Amanda Murtagh
        connections with the people around you.                                 Pastoral Care Coordinator

                                            WIN $200!!!

           I urge you as                          Shape the future of              Have your say in
        young Australians
          to get involved                         our P-10 Campus!                shaping the future
         and have YOUR
                                                    Have your say!                      of our
                                                    Stay tuned for                  school…..stay
                                                 details over the next
                                                 few weeks. Official
                                                     launch of the
                                                 competition in Week
                                                   4, entries close
                                                        Week 6.

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