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Handicap Outdoor Stair Lifts


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									?A Reliable Solution to Overcome Outdoor Stair Accessibility Issues

Mobility challenges can make the life of even the most vibrant persons miserable.
Even those with extraordinary determination may lose their strength of mind, when
they have to depend on another individual to move from one point to another. To
enable these persons overcome their mobility challenges in climbing stairways, many
types of accessibility equipments such as handicap outdoor stair lifts are now
available in the market.

Feature-rich Handicap Outdoor Stair Lift

A handicap outdoor stair lift mainly consists of a carriage with arms and footrest to
carry the disabled persons. The carriage will be attached to the rail, which is mounted
on the stairways. To rotate the carriage at curves, swivels are provided with the seat.
Many of the models are provided with button controls on the armrest. Safety belts are
also provided in all the leading models. The obstruction sensors in the stairlifts ensure
the user a safe journey, as it stops the lift when it detects an obstruction along the path.
In order to operate the stair lifts during power failures, these are also provided with
rechargeable batteries. Another important feature is that the stair lifts can be folded,
when not in use. All the handicap outdoor stair lift models have weather resistant
covering, and powder coated painting for protection from changing weather
conditions. There are different models of stairlifts available for straight, curved and
spiral staircases. One of the major advantages of stairlifts is that these are less
expensive than home elevators and platform lifts.

The Right Selection Makes the Difference

With the advancement in technology, more enhanced models of stair lifts are now
available. So it is important to select the right model which exactly satisfies your
requirements and your budget. Today there are a number of manufacturers offering
handicap outdoor stair lifts and the leaders include Bruno Independent Living Aids,
ThyssenKrupp Access and Savaria Concord.

Handicap stair lifts can be considered as a feasible, reliable and economical
accessibility solution to enhance the lifestyle of the disabled persons.

DAY Elevator & Lift provides handicap outdoor stair lifts at reliable rates. Some of
our products include handicap stair lifts, disabled stair lifts, stair chair lifts,
wheelchair lifts and more.

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