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Talking Alarm Clock
Ultra Slim Travel Alarm Clock. Large Clear digital display as well as speech
The case acts as a stand and the speech button on the top can be operated when the case is closed
Talking Analogue Alarm Clock. This clock has a digital display and a large analogue display plus an alarm.
Easy to set, with a raised talk button on the top
Atomic Radio Controlled Alarm Clock. Synchronised to the Rugby time signal this clock is extremely
Accurate and automatically adjusts to summer/winter time. Large LCD display with day, date and year info
Talking Alarm Clock. This clock features a female voice which speaks the time and date.
Has four alarm settings over 24 hours and a large LCD display with back lights
RNIB Cube Clock. A simply designed talking clock with a large button control on the top
The clock features a high quality male voice. Choice of alarm settings and a volume control.
The clock is available in grey, burgundy and black.
RNIB Talking Alarm/Calendar/Timer Clock. This clock has three functions – clock, timer and calendar.
Daily alarm and hourly announcement, countdown timer from 99 hours and calendar setting until the year 2049
Pyramid Talking Alarm Clock. This clock can be used as either a conventional LCD display alarm clock or a talking device.
All functions are spoken when setting the time or alarm and the time is announced by pressing the button on the top.
Talking Calendar Alarm Clock This clock features high quality speech, full reporting of the day, date and time,
Automatic adjustment for summer/winter time changeover, separate speech and alarm volumes.
RNIB Alarm Clock. This clock has easy-to-see black numbers on a white background. There are tactile dots to mark the hours.
Green glow-in-the-dark marks on the hour and minute hands and the cover when open acts as a stand.
Talking Alarm Clock. This black talking alarm clock has a synthetic female voice and large LCD display. It is compact and
ideal for travelling. It features silver coloured talk, mode, minutes and hour buttons and may require some assistance to set.
RNIB Radio Controlled Clock. Available in two sizes this clock comes with a black surround, white dial and black numbers
and hands (the second hand is red). Once activated the clock sets time automatically from the broadcast stations
RNIB Clock. Large easy to see wall clock with black plastic surround, glass cover, white face, black 1 ½‛ numerals and
black hands.
Travel Talking Alarm Clock Black plastic case with closable lid.
Talking Alarm Clock. Small clock with a large LCD display

Watches – priced from as little as £4.95
We have a wide selection of ladies and gents talking, tactile and easy to see watches.
Please ring for further information.
Lamps and Magnifying Lamps
Adjustable Task Lamp. This task lamp comes with weighted base, flexible arm and 11watt fluorescent daylight bulb.
Mains operated. Available in black (D33041) or white (D33040)
Portable Lamp. A Portable Lamp (D33150) with a 13watt fluorescent Daylight bulb. Mains operated.
Switches on and off automatically as head is lifted and closed. Can be placed on a table or wall mounted.
Multi-way Fluorescent Lamp. The multi-way can be used as a standard lamp or with a table base or clamp
Floorstanding Craftlamp. This easy to move lamp (D23030) comes with 18watt Daylight tube and a
1.75x magnifier on a flexible arm
Standard Magnifying Lamp. Magnifying table lamp (1.75x) supplied with clamp and 60watt bulb.
This lamp is ideal for craft work and is available in black (D21001) or white (D21000)
Magnifier Lamp. This black lamp has 3.0 x magnifications. The lamp can be used with a table base or clamp.
Requires a 60watt bulb.
Slim-line Magnifying Lamp. This low heat magnifying lamp (D22020) has a 17.5cm diameter lens of 1.75x magnification.
It is supplied with a 28watt circular Daylight fluorescent tube and a desk clamp.

Accessories Available for Lamps and Magnifying Lamps
Flexiclamp (D51020) double ended clamp for use with the D23030 Flexineck craft lamp
Bases for D21000/D21001
Floor Standing Bases for D21000/D210001
Large Table Base for D22020
4 Spoke Floor Stand for D22020
28watt Fluorescent tube for D22020
Additional magnifying lenses are available for the D22020 Slim-line lamp. 2.25xs, 3xs, 4xs
Replacement Fluorescent Tubes available in 9, 11, 18 and 28watt
Circular 22 watt Tube
Replacement daylight bulbs are available in 40, 60, 75 and 100watt. Screw or bayonet fitting
Golf ball bulb 40w screw fitting

Kitchen Aids
Talking Tins This product has been designed to help identify contents of tinned food, storage containers, bottles etc
You can record for up to 8 seconds. Product can be attached to an item using the built in magnets, elastic strap or
self adhesive metal disc. Talking Tins are available as a starter pack of three or as a single item.
Ring Pull made from sturdy yellow plastic. Allows for the safe and easy removal of ring pull lids from tinned food
Boil Alert, place the devise in the bottom of a saucepan and it will rattle when the liquid boils
Stainless Steel Measuring Cups. Four cups which measure liquids ranging from 55ml to 250ml
Jarkey. This product is to help open jars offering extra grip of ease of use.
Ridged Plate. This plate has a built up surround designed to help keep food on the plate
White Plate Surround. This device is intended as an aid to help keep your food on the plate. It securely attaches to any
circular plate by the three hooks around the edge.
Liquid Level Indicator. This device detects two levels of liquid to tell you when sufficient liquid has been poured into
a container. Sounds two audible bleeps when it comes into contact with liquids
Safety Cap Opener. This device is made to help you open the safety caps you find on medicine bottles etc.
Chopping Boards. This chopping board is available in various colours and offers good contrast on your worktop.
Non-slip Mat These non-slip mats are handy in many places around the home. Available in various sizes
Tap Turners. This device aids the turning on and off of water taps
Lap Tray with a bean bag underneath that moulds itself to your knees. The tray has a non slip surface and a
Detachable washable cover.
Talking Kitchen Scales These scales have an adjustable volume control and weigh up to 5kg/11lbs in 5gr/1/2 oz steps
They come with a large bowl, non slip feet and are easy to clean.
RNIB Easy To See Tactile Timer This mechanical timer is available with either a white face and black numerals or
black face and white numbers. Markings are easy to see and feel. Size 8.07‛/205mm in diameter.
Talking Microwave Oven Mk3. This is a 900watt, 1.0cu ft oven with a rotating turntable, wipe clean keypad, ‘favourites’ button,
talking clock, adjustable speech volume and kitchen timer (independent of the oven). Basic operation is done by selecting
cook/defrost, food type and weight. Spoken advice is given when door is opened or closed. Spoken confirmation of functions
and cooking times selected. The microwave is easy to use and the instructions are supplied in large print and on tape.
Microwave Server This gadget helps you to remove hot containers from the microwave easily and safely.
Micro Kettle This kettle allows you to boil up to 500mls of water in your microwave. The kettle will whistle when the liquid
reaches boiling point. The kettle can also be used as a measuring jug.
RNIB Talking Measuring Jug. This 2 litre measuring jug has a male voice and measures in pints/fl oz or litres/mils.

Living Aids
RNIB Bump-ons Raised bumps supplied on self-adhesive sheets and available in a range of sizes and colours. The bump-ons
can be used for marking different pieces of equipment e.g. the on/off position on a washing machine.
RNIB Day-glo Tape This tape is useful for marking the edges of objects e.g. door frames, steps etc or to put around light
switches and door frames to make them stand out.
Hi-Marks Tactile Paste This paste can be used to mark switches or knobs on the cooker. It is available in black, white
and orange.
Talking Personal Scales Bathroom. These scales speak your weight. Simply stand on the scale (no need to switch on), step off
when requested and the scale will speak your weight. Adjustable volume control, speaks your weight in stones/pounds or Kilos.
Talking Personal Scales With Memory These scales can be used as conventional ‚stand on and hear your weight‛ but they can
also be used to record your weight using the memory function.
Colour Detector This device can be used for a wide range of applications from checking the colour of clothes to the ripeness
of fruit. Simply place the unit on the surface of an object and the colour will be spoken. The unit has an adjustable volume
control and a choice of language.
Mighty Bright Keyring with Light This little gadget helps you to find the keyhole in the dark. The light is a bright white LED
Travel Signs A range of handy cards that can be used to attract attention. Signs available are Bus, Taxi or Help.

Medical Aids
Eye Drop Dispenser This dispenser can clip on to three different sized round eye drop bottles. A guide aims the drops
Accurately and side pads make the bottle easy to squeeze.
Autodrop This device makes it easier to put eye drop solution in the right place every time. Clips on to the majority of eye drop
Talking Digital Body Thermometer This device measures body temperature and reports the reading in a female voice.
Last temperature is stored in the memory.
Seven Day Pill Organiser Plastic organiser with seven compartments, each with a hinged lid, ideal for storing your medication
on a weekly basis. Each lid is marked with the initial letter of the day in Braille and raised large print.
Tablet Cutter This device enables you to cut tablets in half if you require a smaller dosage.
Nail Clippers 2x Magnification. These nail clippers come with a magnetic magnifier which can be moved to different positions
on the body of the clippers. The clippers also have a built in nail file.
RNIB Mediplanner II Pill Dispenser. A plastic organiser with four sections for each day; morning, noon, evening and bedtime.
Each section has a hinged lid and is marked in bold black letters and Braille.
Magnifying Compact Mirrors Both these mirrors magnify to enable you to see better when applying make-up, eyebrow tweezing
and other close up work. The mirrors are available in 5x and 10x magnification.
I Caps Dietary Supplement This supplement contains the vitamins, Lutein and Zeaxanthin.
Sensocard Plus Blood Glucose Meter This talking blood glucose meter had been carefully designed to be easy to use. Giving
reliable and accurate monitoring of your blood glucose level.
Cobolt Microwave Heat Pad This non-scented wheat bag can be placed in a microwave for up to 2 minutes to warm aching
necks, shoulders or backs. Can also be placed in the fridge and used as a cold compress.

Automatic Needle Threader Enables you to thread needles easily and simply
Easy Threading Needles. Pack of six needles, 2 large, 2 medium and 2 small. The needle is threaded through a v shaped
opening at the top of the needle.
Machine Needle Threader A needle threader for sewing machines.
Shaped/Coloured Buttons These buttons have been designed to help people to identify different coloured items of clothing.
There are sixteen different colours and fifteen different shapes available. The buttons are available in packs of 5, 10 or sixteen.
Knitting Needle Guide This plastic gauge allows the knitter to determine needle size by selecting the hole into which
the needle fits. A gauge shows imperial and metric sizes given in both large print and Braille.
Tactile Tape Measure One eyelet marks each inch/centimetre and two eyelets mark every foot/10centimetres.
59‛/150cms long

Coin Holders
Various coin holders are available for: two pound coins, one pound coins, fifty pence’s, twenty pence’s, and ten pence’s.
Also available are key fobs that will hold two one pound coins or two, two pound coins.
Bank Note Money Detector Single operating button, when depressed, will give a number of vibrations depending on the value
of the note. Battery operated it is available in Stirling and Euro models.
Pocket Counter Black plastic counter with white tactile circles on four separate sliding sections, which can be used to add together
sums of money to a maximum of £99.99.

Braille Writing Set Black plastic frame with 189 cells, produces interpoint double sided Braille. Can be used with Dymo tape
and is ideal for diaries and address books. Comes with spiral-bound memo pad, Saddleback style pen and Braille reverser
Braille Aids A selection of Braille aids to assist in the making of Braille characters. Wooden pear shaped handle with a metal tip
which produces standard size Braille dots or a wooden mushroom shaped handle with metal tip. The larger handle of the mushroom
enables easy yet firm manipulation.
Braille Key Ring A small yellow cube is attached to a key ring and can be used to make the shapes of single Braille characters.
Pocket Diary Large print diary in a yellow plastic wallet.
Large Print Diaries available with either a black or yellow cover. Also available are replacement inserts.
Large Print Wall Calendar This calendar measures 20‛ x 12‛ showing 1 month to view in bold print
Address Book This large print address book features tabbed letter dividers on heavier textured paper which helps to distinguish
between pages. Spiral bound to open flat making it easier to write in.
Clip Boards These boards help to keep reading and writing material flat – especially good when using a magnifier. A large
white clip at the top of the board and pen loop on the side. Available in A4 and A3 sizes
Lined Writing Paper. This paper is available in two colour options/two line depths. White with black lines 13mm/17mm apart
Or yellow with black lines 13mm/17mm apart. Each pad contains 100 sheets.
Writing Frames These blue writing frames are made from strong cardboard and are available in A4 or A5.
Writing Guides We stock envelope guides in black plastic, which help you to write an address in the correct position
on an envelope. We also have signature guides in black/silver to help with writing your signature.
NB Cheque guides can be obtained from your own bank free of charge.
Reading Aids Available in packs of four these reading aids help to eliminate everything on a page except the area
your are reading.
Felt Tip Pens These black felt tip pens are available with either thick or thin fibre ends

Keyboard Stickers These high contrast large print keyboard stickers are available in black on yellow, black on white and white
on black. They are available in standard or laptop sizes.
Locator Dots These self-adhesive dots can be used to mark keys on a typewriter or keyboard. Can also be used on hifi,
central heating dials etc.
Keyboard Stickers Large print, high contrast stickers available in black on white or black on yellow.
Oxford Large Print Dictionary Good clear print with words in 14 point and description in 12 point.
Oxford Large Print Thesaurus Good clear print with words in 14 point and description in 12 point.
Large Print Crossword Book Daily Mail crossword puzzles in large print. Two are versions available.
Large Print Crossword Book Large Print crossword puzzles. Four books are available in the series.
Large Print Word Search Book Available in clear large print format
Large Print Sudoku Book This large print Sudoku book contains 25 puzzles with there solutions
Playing Dice These white plastic dice have raised black dots that are tactile and easy to see
Droughts Board The board’s lighter squares are sunken to distinguish them from the darker ones. It is supplied with small
and large, light and dark round wooden pieces.
Chess Set The board’s lighter squares are sunken and there are holes in the squares to allow the chess pieces to fit into
the board. The black pieces have a point on top to distinguish them from the white pieces
Playing Cards We have standard sized playing cards in Braille and large print. We also stock jumbo cards.
Holder for Playing Cards. Placing your cards in this holder enables easier viewing of your cards while playing.
Large Print Scrabble. Large print scrabble has a larger board and larger playing pieces.
Tactile Dominoes. These tactile dominoes have a white background and raised black dots; they are available in double sixes
and double nines.
RNIB Tactile Dominoes These dominoes are made from white plastic with black raised dots which makes them tactile and easy
to see. They are available in double sixes and double nines and are supplied in a black storage case.
Bingo Cards. Our bingo cards are in large print and come in packs of 100
Bingo Board with cups Bingo boards can be used to put bingo cards in and the cups can then be placed in the squares as
The numbers are called allowing the cards to be used again.
Jigsaw Puzzles We have a selection of jigsaws, the pieces of which are twice the size of normal puzzle pieces.
There are available in 300 or 500 piece puzzles with the 500 piece covering an area of a normal 1000 piece puzzle.
Computer Games These computer games have been designed especially for blind and partially sighted people and are suitable for
people of all ages. The programme runs off the CD and requires no installation, they are all self-voiced so do not require a
screen reader or a speech engine.
Sony Universal TV Remote This compact remote has simple easy to operate functions and large easy to operate buttons.
includes teletext.
Universal TV Remote This compact remote has easy to use basic functions and colour and brightness controls.
Big Button Remote The big button remote control has 5 device modes; TV, VCR, Cable, Satellite and DVD. To set up the
Big Button you can use either the device codes or the power scan (searching) instructions.
Flexi-light This light can be attached directly on to your book and the flexible arm canbe moved to the most convenient
position to give you better light.
RNIB Calculator This calculator measures 10.5cms by 14cms and features large black numbers on white buttons, with function
Keys that are white on black. Solar and battery operated
Talking Calculator. This 10 Digit calculator comes with talking alarm clock. The date is also displayed but not spoken.
There is a space inside the lid for a photograph and the cover closes to prevent accidental key operation. Battery operated.
Draughtsmen These draught pieces are different sizes to help differentiate between the black and white pieces.

Headband Visor A black visor, with a white towelling elastic band, helps to keep the sunshine out of your eyes.
Polarising Anti-glare Glasses Made from a polarising material which has the effect of reducing the glare from
reflective surfaces. These glasses are designed to be worn over your normal spectacles. Not recommended for driving.
They are available with a Grey or Brown tint.
Semi Wrap Around Anti-glare Glasses With tortoiseshell effect frames and dark grey UV protection lenses these glasses
Give excellent protection from glare.
Spectrashield Sunglasses These sunglasses are designed to fit over the top of your spectacles. Black lightweight frames
with an adjustable top lip, flexible arms and side shields. They are available in two sizes and various filters.
Optima Sunglasses These glasses provide excellent all round glare protection, with their large side shields and top lip.
They are available in 3 sizes with various filters.
Associated Optical Filter Glasses These are designed to fit over the top of your spectacles. With tortoiseshell plastic frames
and available in two sizes with a choice of four filters.
RNIB Clip-on, Flip up Eye shields These eye shields fit onto your prescription glasses and can be flipped up when not required.
These are available in 3 sizes and five filters.

Cassette Wallets Designed for use with cassette tapes, Velcro fastening and clear plastic label holder on the front. Available in
Small 17.9cm x 12.3cm or Large 28cm x 21.2cm We also stock address cards for use with the wallets.
Reading Desk The reading desk is made from maple wood and comes with a clamp attachment to hold larger papers.
The desk has five different positions and the edge stopper prevents papers from slipping.
Magnifying Screens for TVs. These television screen magnifiers are available in various sizes ranging from 14‛ to33‛
Ordered directly from the manufacturer and a week’s trial basis they can be returned if not suitable.
BT Telephones We have a selection of BT telephones suitable for the visually impaired.
Monomouse The mouse contains a camera which is scanned across the document the person wants to read and
Reproduces the text, in black and white, magnified on a tv screen. The mouse attaches to the screen via a scart socket
Colourmouse As above but the colour mouse offers the user the ability to switch from black and white to white and black and
Colour together with multiple levels of zoom. It is ideal for looking at photographs as well as reading text.
Vision Max The Max is a ‘mouse’ that connects to a TV screen (via a scart socket) and when scanned over print reproduces
it on the screen magnified. The max has variable magnification and in black/white or white/black. Also available is a colour Max.
Max Tracker This is a device which attaches to the mouse enabling it to run more smoothly over the pages of books etc.
Writing Aid This device enables you to write using the Max to magnify your image on to the TV screen.
Eezee Reader This device contains a camera which can be scanned across a document to give a magnified black and white
Image on a tv screen (via the scart socket)
Tieman CCTV Demonstration model only.
Double Ended Clamp This clamp is useful for holding a magnifier in place when two hands are required for a task e.g. crafts
Or model making. The clamp easily attaches to a desk or table and has a fully adjustable neck.
Cane Tops These plastic tops are designed to be put on top of garden canes to help protect your eyes.

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