Hair Extensions- What You Really Need To Know Before You get The Look that You Always Wanted

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					?If you are considering a new look hair extensions may be the solution for you.
Extensions can give you that long, thick, shiny hair you always wanted. You may have
short hair you are unhappy with, or unhealthy hair that just won't grow the way you
would like. Either way, hair extensions can improve the way you look. Before you
rush out to a salon there are a few things you need to know.

The first thing is to find a great hairdresser that specializes in human hair extensions.
There are plenty of bad hair extension jobs out there; you have probably noticed them
out on the street. The hair dresser that you choose can have a massive effect on your
final look.

If you have friends who have had extensions done, find out where they went. Having
a look on the internet may also help you find some great salon professionals. Many
hair dressers will offer extensions, but your really need to find someone who
specializes in them. It is a difficult skill to acquire.

Good hair extensions are not cheap. It may seem like a lot of money to pay, but think
about the results. You will have long luscious hair that you will get to enjoy every day.

Having your extensions applied can take as long as six hours. The best extensions are
applied in small sections, this is known as the strand method. While time consuming,
it tends to provide the best looking end result.


There are different qualities of hair extensions available. The best is virgin hair. This
is hair which has never been bleached or colored. It is more healthy than other hair
available. While more expensive in the short term, you will be able to use the hair
again, having it cut off then rebounded once it has grown out. Your extensions will
look better and your reapplications will cost you less money.

Most hair extensions will last between three and six months, depending on the product
you use and how quickly your hair grows. Taking good care of your extensions will
give them a longer life.

Make sure you brush your hair twice a day with a specialized extension brush. Keep it
tied up in bed and wash it regularly. There are recommended shampoos and
conditioners available for hair extensions, along with daily leave in treatments. It is
important you take care of the ends of your hair, as extensions can sometimes become

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