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					?Office chairs are an important piece of furniture, both for the employees and to the
employers. Both chairs and desks used in offices have specific roles to play. Apart
from the usual performance and productivity of their employees, these days,
employers and managers are also concerned about the overall health of the people.
They are now focussing on the bringing ergonomic and comfortable office chairs and
other furniture in the professional workspace.

Employers are also bringing in stylish office furniture in order to make the office look
aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, and at the same time to render a fresh and
contemporary look to the place. Glass desks and ball chairs are a few examples of
modern day office chairs and furniture.

Comparing office chairs and desks, the chair is the one that has the most impact on
the health of the person sitting on it. This is basically because the chair determines the
sitting position of the person and has a direct bearing on the health of the spine.
Whether it is glass desks or wooden ones, a person only needs it for writing and
keeping the computer system, but office chairs are used by the employee for the entire
period that they are in office.


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