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Guillotines although not in themselves a complicated issue, there is a bewildering
array of machines available on the market.

Rotary Trimmers
Starting with the simplest the shear action and rotary trimmers. These are for simple
cuts and trimming single sheets of paper and card up to about 30 sheets depending on
which machine is purchased. These machines are available up to 1100mm cutting
length with different blades for a variety of materials such as rubber, hardboard etc.

Ream Cutters
Moving on from the shear action are hand operated printroom guillotines or ream
cutters as they as sometimes known. These use an entirely different type of cutting
action. With these the paper is clamped with either a cam operated clamp or a screw
action. This holds the paper from moving whilst the blade is brought down to cut. The
blade comes down horizontally with a right to left movement. If the cutting needs to
be very accurate this type of machine is essential.

Power Cutters
The next step up is the power operated machines. These start at 400mm wide and go
up massive proportions depending on what sizes you need to cut. As with the hand
operated machines clamping the paper is essential, again this is done by cam action
screw or power clamping. Another addition to the power machines is the option of
being able to programme the cutting so that you can set up regular jobs and thus ease
the operation speed up the cutting process and prevent operator error.

Business Card Cutters
Some jobs however are not easy to cut on a guillotine. This is where business card
cutters come into their own. These range from hand operated to fully automatic
machines which are capable of reading register marks which move the cuts to match
exactly the print, which often varies from sheet to sheet when digitally printed.

Beyond the business card cutters are the slitter/cutter/creasers which will handle up to
SRA3 and again read the register marks to ensure that the cutting is extremely
accurate on every sheet which passes through the machine. As well as the cutting
creasing and perforating are useful functions, especially if it can be done at the same
time as the cutting.

Other Types of Cutters
Paper trimmers are widely used and can be found in most schools, churches and photo
shops. Although they may not cut large amounts of paper at once, rotary paper
trimmers are great for small jobs and precision trimming.
Paper cutters are the workhorses of the paper cutting industry. Many guillotine paper
cutters are capable of cutting hundred of papers at once. With hundreds of guillotine
paper cutters available

Paper drills, use a specially designed drill bit to drill through hundreds of papers at
once. We carry models in one and three spindle designs. With guaranteed low prices
on all our paper drills

Paper punches are widely used in almost any office environment. We carry models
that are capable of punching a legal two-hole punch or a standard three-hole punch

Corner rounders offer an easy and simple way to cut corners off paper and mold them
to any size radius you want. Great for taking the sharp edges off of business cards,
trading/playing cards, brochures, reports and much more
Use a paper perforators to punch small holes in a sheet of paper. The holes make it
easy to separate the documents, much like a check our coupon. They can also be used
to crease paper making it easy to fold or bend. Both are available in manual and
automatic models

Anyone going into guillotines for the first time may need expert advice to help make
the right decision.
Dave Codling is Marketing Director for Rovert Equipment Ltd. Dave manages the
business websites supplying a range of Paper Shredders and Balers and many aspects
of Print Finishing Machinery such as Guillotines, Laminators, Folding Machinery,
Collators and Bookletmakers, Plastic Comb, Wire and Fastback Binding Systems as
well as the latest developments in Digital Creasing, Business Card Cutters,
Slitter/Cutter/Creasers and Fully Automatic Laminators.