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					?Why? Because it gives you a focal point. Spend time on it, as it is something you
should keep coming back to for inspiration. Always make sure you don't deviate from
it. Otherwise you'll end up with an eBook where the contents do match the title. Jot
down a few different titles, and eventually, you'll find that one that will grow on you.
Think honestly about it. Would YOU read it?

Step 6 - Write an Overview

Next, write out a brief overview. Your overview is a short paragraph, maybe two
stating exactly what problem you are addressing and how your book will solve that

Once you've got your overview fine-tuned, you've built your foundation. From that
point, your eBook will develop, sentence-by-sentence then page-by-page and finally
chapter-by-chapter until before you know; it will be finished.

Your overview will keep you focused while you write your ebook. Remember: all
chapters must support your overview. If there is a chapter that doesn't fit - delete it.
For example, your overview could be something like: We've all experienced a weight
problem at times in our lives, but I have discovered fourteen proven methods to help
you get the figure you yearn for.

But if this is what you say, you must give fourteen proven methods. If you don't, you
lose credibility with your readers and they will be searching for ways to get a refund.
At best, you will never sell them a follow-up product. This is where the real money is
on the Internet. Repeat business not a one-off sale.

Step 7 - Review and Regroup

Once you have your overview, before you start to write, make sure there is a good
reason to write your eBook. Ask yourself some questions:

* Does it give useful information and is that information relevant today?

* Will your eBook benefit your readers?

* Is your ebook interesting - will it keep you reader turning every page to see what
comes next?

You also need to grab their attention early on and the best way to do this is to make
them feel that you can answer their problems. After all, why did they buy the book?
Make them feel they made the right decision and that you know what you are talking
Step 8 - Start Laying Out Your eBook

Next, write out chapter headings. You may or may not end up using chapters but it
another part of the processing of breaking the job down into manageable steps to
tackle one at a time. Breaking the job into smaller tasks (in this case chapters) will
make it easier. It's also the way to expand on your overview and see if your chapters
address everything. Check - is there something missing that you said you were going
to cover?

Remember - step-by-step manageable pieces.

Writing an eBook is like any other form of writing - be it a letter, a user guide, a
report etc - you must know who your target audience is and write to them. This will
dictate things such as style, tone, diction, and even length of your eBook.

When it's complete, you could also use parts of each chapter to create an e-course as a
way of promoting it.

Taking all the above into consideration, you could have your eBook finished in no
time at all and ready to promote via your website. You could be well on the way to an
Internet best-seller.

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