SAARC WORKSHOP ON
                                     21- 22 March, 2011, Islamabad

                       Jointly organized BY Ministry of Science and Technology
                              Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD)

                                 Schedule of the Workshop

                                Day–1; Monday, March 21, 2011
                             Inaugural Ceremony: 9:00 am – 11:30 am
09:00 am – 09:30 am                              Registration of Participants
09:30 am – 09:45 am                                    Seating of Guests
      09:55 am                                    Arrival of the Chief Guest
      10:00 am                                          National anthem
10:00 am – 10: 05 am                           Recitation from the Holy Quran
10:05 am – 10:15 am             Welcome Address by Mr. Arif Mahmood, Director General, PMD
10:15 am – 10:25 am        Address by Mr. Hassan Wazir, Director SAARC, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
10:25 am – 10:45 am         Keynote address by Dr. Qamar-uz-Zaman Ch. Advisor on Met & Climate
10:45 am – 11:00 am            Address by the Honorable Chief Guest Mir Changez Khan Jamali,
                                    Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Pakistan
11:00 am – 11:05 am                                       Group Photo
11:05 am – 11:30 am                                        Tea Break

                           Technical Session One: (11:30 am–01:00 pm)
                               Session Chair: Dr. Subrata Bose, India
                          Session Rapporteur: Mr. Azmat Hayat Khan, PMD

     Speakers                   Time                                   Paper Title
Dr. Muhammad Hanif,      11:300 am–12:00 pm    Recent exceptional Flood 2010; a Climate change impact?
Mr. Muhammad Riaz,       12:00 pm–12:30 pm     Climate Change in Pakistan in General and Special in Costal
        PMD                                    Areas / Northern areas.
Dr. Sachie Panawala      12:30 pm–01:00 pm     Science and Technology approach to Climate Change
      Sri Lanka                                Adaptation in Sri Lanka.

Mr. Muhammad Adnan,      01:00 pm–01:30 pm     Prediction of Monsoon Rainfall over the Monsoon Dominated
       GCISC                                   Region of Pakistan.

                       01:30 pm–02:30 pm ––––––– Lunch & Prayer Break

                              Technical Session Two: (02:30 pm–04:00 pm)
                                 Session Chair: Mr. Girma, World Food Programme
                                     Session Rapporteur: Mr. Hazrat Mir, PMD

       Speakers                      Time                                  Paper Title
  Zamir Ahmed Soomro         02:30 pm–03:00 pm      Water Conservation Techniques in Agriculture.
 Mr. Muhammad Akram,         03:00 pm–03:30 pm      Management of Drought through Water Resources
        PCRWR                                       Management.
 Mr. Furrukh Bashir, PMD     03:30 pm–04:00 pm      Variability in Snow Cover In Northern Pakistan and Impact
                                                    of Climate Change on It.

  Mr. Aftab Ahmad Khan,      04:00 pm-0430 pm       Prospect of Evapotranspiration and Net Irrigation
          GCISC                                     Requirements of Wheat Crop under Changing Climate in
                                                    Selected Agro-climatic Zones of Pakistan.

                           Sight Seeing / Dinner     (Departure: 07:00 pm ……)

                                   Day–2; Tuesday, March 22, 2011

                              Technical Session Three: (09:00 am–11:00 am)
                               Session Chair: Mr. Arif Mahmood, Director General, PMD
                                    Session Rapporteur: Dr. Muhammad Hanif, PMD

      Speakers                      Time                                   Paper Title
  Mr. M. Munir Sheikh       09:00 am–09:30 am      Increasing Trends of Climate Extremes and Desertification:
         GCISC                                     Linkage to Global Warming.

   Mr. M. Arif Goheer       09:30 am–10:00 am      Vulnerability of Cereal Crops Production to Climate Change in
          GCISC                                    Pakistan.
Engr. Faheem Iqbal, NUST    10:00 am–10:30 am      Analysis of soils for zero-tillage wheat sowing and its impact
                                                   on climate change.
  Dr. Ghulam Rasul,         10:30 am–11:00 am      An Analysis of Knowledge Gaps in Climate Change Research.

   Naveed Mustafa,          11:00 am–11:30 am      Impact of Climate Change on water & agriculture.

                                         11:30 am ––––––– TEA

                              Technical Session Four: (12:00 pm – 1:30 pm)
                               Session Chair: Dr. Shaheena, HoD, Meteorology, COMSATS
                                       Session Rapporteur: Mr. Zahid Rafi, PMD

Mr. Shahzada Adnan, PMD 12:00 pm –12:30 pm         Sensitivity of Evapo-transpiration to Global Warming in Humid
                                                   Regions of Pakistan.
Mr. Hazrat Mir, PMD         12:30 pm–01:00 pm      Flood Forecasting Mechanism.
Mr. Maida Zahid, PMD        01:00 pm–01:30 pm      Changing trends of heat waves in Pakistan.
       Dr. Bashir,           01:30 pm -02:00 pm    Climate change adaptation strategies.

                             02:00 pm–03:00 pm ––––––– Lunch & Prayer Break

                              Technical Session Five: (03:00 pm–04:00 pm)
                               Session Chair: Dr. Sachie Panawala, Sri Lanka
                              Session Rapporteur: Jan Muhammad Khan, PMD

       Speakers                       Time                                    Paper Title
 Mr. A.R. Tabrez, NIO       03:00 pm–03:30 pm         Sea Level Variations and Geo-morphological Change in the
                                                      Indus Delta

Mr. Dildar H. Kazmi,        03:30 pm–04:00 pm         Impact of Climate Change in Agricultural Plains of Punjab

                       Discussion and Recommendations - 04:00 pm

(Panel )               1. Mr. Arif Mahmood, Director General, PMD

                       2. Mr. Hazrat Mir, Chief Meteorologist

                       3. Dr. Ghulam Rasul, Chief Meteorologist, PMD

                       4. Mr. M. Munir Sheikh, GCISC

                               Dinner           (Departure: 07:30 pm ……)

                                  Day–3; Wednesday, March 23, 2011
                                      Excursion Trip to Bhurban, Murree

                           Activity                                           Timings
                                   Departure                          09:30 am

                                      Arrival                         11:30 am

        Sight Seeing / Lunch at Pearl Continental Hotel, Bhuran       11:30 –03:00 pm

                            Departure to Islamabad                    03:00 pm


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