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									?Drop Shipping is a source of selling products globally. Now a days many ecommerce
sites are running. It helps to target international customers. Dropshipping shipping
companies ship the product directly to the customer. Your item can be drop shipped
both to local or international areas.

A drop shipper is a manufacturer or authorized wholesale distributor who will ship
your single item orders directly to your customers. Drop shipping works like a supply
chain management between wholesaler and customer, as drop shipping companies
shipped the item directly to he customer.

Disadvantages of Drop Shipping:
1.Relying on Shipping Company: Once you hand over the products to the drop
shipping company you completely rely on the supplier to send the products to the
customer on-time.
So you must ask the shipping company about the delivery date.
2.Fluctuation in Margins: Due to the fluctuation in wholesale pricing, profit margins
are sometimes affected.
3.Inventory Control: In a drop ship arrangement, inventory is ordered, stocked and
managed by someone else - the drop ship supplier. When you are dealing with drop
ship vendors, yet if you don't keep your records reasonably accurate, you run the risk
of offering products that aren't really available. That results in a poor buying
experience for the customer.
4.Drop Shipping Scams: Now a days, there are number of scammers out there eager to
take advantage of retailers. They are middleman, they works like wholesalers. They
are charging high for the products like retail prices. They sell products through their
websites, so be careful from those scammers.

Advantages of Drop Shipping:
1.Warehousing Costs: Wholesale Drop shipping helps to reduce the cost of
warehousing. Since you do not need to purchase a huge inventory of stocks from the
drop shipper, there's no need for warehousing costs as well.
2.Wholesale price: Drop shippers can buy in huge volumes this means they will be
able to offer you the best prices on products and shipping, usually wholesale.
3.Variety of products: Using drop shipping allows you great flexibility in terms of
product range. Promote as much or as little as you wish.
4.No inventory investment: You also don't have to worry about being left with unsold
items and keeping an updated inventory. Aside from the lower cash outlay, drop
shipping allows you to carry more merchandise from different wholesalers or drop

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