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                                                For Engineers
What is a resume?
A resume is a sales brochure about you. It describes your abilities, your experience (paid and/or unpaid), and your
education. An effective resume with a targeted cover letter should get you an interview.
Is one resume good for all jobs?
Generally no. A resume should be slanted to the job you are seeking or to the industry to which you are
submitting your resume. This means that you should do some research on the organization so that you know
what kind of positions are available.
How is an engineering resume different than a liberal arts resume?
An engineering resume may include unique section headings such as:
Technical Skills          Lab Experience       Lab Skills
Engineering Experience    Research             Relevant Coursework
Academic Experience       Design Projects      Projects
An engineer often includes academic work including a list of courses and relevant project work. Engineers might
list academic experience before work experience, if they have not yet interned or worked in an engineering
environment. Computer skills and other technical skills may also be listed at the top of the resume if required by
the position.
What else do I need to know about resumes?
• Survive the scan. Resumes often get less than one minute of an employer's time
• Use bulleted items or short sentences rather than long paragraphs.
• Do not include personal data such as height, weight, age, marital status, or your photograph.
• Typically, the length should be one page.
• Use good quality paper. A white, off-white or buff-colored paper is recommended.
• Check for typos, spelling errors, and grammar usage. (Of surveyed college recruiters, 95% thought that poor
  grammar or more than one spelling error would definitely lessen interest in a candidate.)
• Include a well-written cover letter. Remember, the cover letter will act as an example of your communication
How do I email my resume?
• Online job search experts suggest emailing your resume and cover letter as one attachment.
• They also suggest copying and pasting both your cover letter and resume, in that order, into the body of your
   email. Scroll down to view the information, and make any changes, such as adding carriage returns, that may
   be necessary to make the document look more readable. You should include a short note in the beginning of
   your email message which indicates that you have both “attached” and “copied” your documents into the
   email message. This way, if an employer cannot open your attachment or is wary of viruses, the employer can
   simply scroll down to look at your credentials.

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                                  Resume Action Verbs

Administrative Skills
approved         collected        generated       operated        purchased       specified
arranged         compiled         implemented     organized       recorded        systematized
catalogued       dispatched       inspected       prepared        retrieved       tabulated
classified       executed         monitored       processed       screened        validated

Communication Skills
addressed     developed           formulated      moderated       publicized      translated
arbitrated    directed            influenced      motivated       reconciled      wrote
arranged      drafted             interpreted     negotiated      recruited
authored      edited              lectured        persuaded       spoke
corresponded  enlisted            mediated        promoted

Creative Skills
acted             developed       founded         integrated      performed
conceptualized    directed        illustrated     introduced      planned
created           established     innovated       invented        revitalized
designed          fashioned       instituted      originated      shaped

Financial Skills
administered     appraised        budgeted        developed       marketed        projected
allocated        audited          calculated      forecasted      planned         researched
analyzed         balanced         computed        managed

Helping Skills
assessed          coached         diagnosed       facilitated     referred
assisted          counseled       educated        familiarized    rehabilitated
clarified         demonstrated    expedited       guided          represented

Management Skills
administered  conducted           developed       increased       produced        scheduled
analyzed      consolidated        directed        organized       recommended     strengthened
assigned      contracted          evaluated       oversaw         reviewed        supervised
attained      coordinated         executed        planned
chaired       delegated           improved        prioritized

Research Skills
clarified       diagnosed         extracted       interpreted     organized       surveyed
collected       evaluated         identified      interviewed     reviewed        systematized
critiqued       examined          inspected       investigated    summarized

Teaching Skills
adapted           communicated    encouraged      guided          persuaded
advised           coordinated     evaluated       informed        set goals
clarified         developed       explained       initiated       stimulated
coached           enabled         facilitated     instructed

Technical Skills
assembled        computed         engineered      operated        remodeled       trained
built            designed         fabricated      overhauled      repaired        upgraded
calculated       devised          maintained      programmed      solved

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Sample Resume Headings

                                            Tamara Decenzo
Current Address                                                                                  Permanent Address
Tufts University                                                                                    28 Parker Street
321 South Hall                                                                                   Dayton, OH 10008
Medford, MA 02155                                                                                   (403) 564-1876
(617) 627-1001                                                                  

                                       TAMARA DECENZO
       Tufts University • 321 South Hall • Medford, MA 02155 • (617) 627-1001 •

                                        Tamara Decenzo
          Tufts University • 321 South Hall • Medford, MA 02155 • (617) 627-1001
   28 Parker Street • Dayton, OH 10008 • (403) 564-1876 •

Tamara Decenzo
Tufts University   321 South Hall   Medford, MA 02155      (617) 627-1001

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                                  Web site (only if it is professional sounding)
Current/School Address                                                                    Home Address
City, State, Zip                                                                          City, State, Zip
Phone with area code                                                                      Phone with area code

JOB OBJECTIVE (optional)
    • A statement of what you want to do and the level at which you want to do it. Include the type of
       industry, the level of responsibility, and your area of interest (i.e. A position as an electrical engineer
       in a semiconductor company)
    • An objective can provide focus by helping you determine what to include on your resume. Make sure
       that everything on your resume supports your objective.
    • If you have an objective, make it clear and specific. It is better NOT to have an objective than
          to have one such as "To obtain a challenging position which will allow me to use and
          contribute my education and job experience."

    • List school, city and state, degree and major. Include honors and awards and study abroad institutions.
    • List your GPA if it will help you get an interview. We suggest listing it if it is above 3.0/4.0.
    • List courses especially if they are relevant to the job or internship in which you are interested.

    • List organization, title, city and state, and dates.
    • Use this section to market yourself. If something will help sell you, put it on, otherwise leave it off. A
       resume is not a job application – you don’t have to account for everything you have ever done.
    • Use action verbs when describing your experience. Use words like managed, facilitated, created, and
       researched. (See packet for a list of verbs.) Try to stay away from expressions like, “Responsibilities
       included ...”
    • Don’t use long paragraphs.
    • Think in terms of accomplishments from your previous experiences; don’t merely describe tasks.
    • Include internships, volunteer work and academic or extracurricular projects. This information can
       also be included in a separate section.
    • Don’t use “I”, “my” or other personal pronouns. Save these for the cover letter.

    • Include computer, technical, or language skills. Use a format that allows employers to get a sense of
       your varied skills quickly.

ACTIVITIES (optional)
    • You may also use titles such as “VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE,” “HONORS AND AWARDS,”
    • List college activities and student organizations. Include leadership roles and special events. May also
       list professional affiliations.

INTERESTS (optional)
    • Optionally list your interests such at sports, travel, and hobbies. Be fairly specific and only list them if
       you think they will help market you.

    • Do not put “References available on request.” At the bottom of your resume. Have a separate
      reference sheet available. (See packet for sample.)

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                                    Mark Schenkel
                  Tufts University • 123 Hill Hall • Medford, MA 02155 • (555) 112-1234
                     17 King Road • Charleton, NJ 08022 •

  Tufts University, Medford, MA
  Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemical Engineering, expected graduation in May XXXX
  Cumulative GPA: 3.67, Dean’s List

 Biomechanics and Materials in Medicine, Gourmet Engineering, Chemistry/Physical Chemistry, Biology,
 Materials Science, Thermodynamics and Process Calculations, Health Care in America

 Alexander’s Twin Pharmacy, Trenton, NJ
 Pharmacy Technician and Graphic Designer, September XXXX -present
 • Developed website for infertility medication information
 • Designed specialty sales brochures and created labels for compounded medications
 • Filled prescriptions and compounded medications

 Office of New Jersey State Representative Gary Guear, Hamilton, NJ
 Intern and Speech Writer, February-April XXXX
 • Researched and wrote speeches for Representative Guear to give on House floor and at press conferences
 • Organized and managed the Cell Phones for Seniors Program

 Villanova Summer Research Institute, Villanova, PA
 Researcher, June XXXX
 • Performed epidemiological and population biology research on HIV and Malaria co-infection
 • Gained extensive experience in computer visualization and data analysis
 • Created PowerPoint presentations to convey the research results

 Massachusetts Water Watch Volunteer, XXXX
   • Educate the community about the Mystic Valley River System’s water problems and test the water for
 International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineers Class Representative, XXXX
 Chemical Engineers’ Society Member, XXXX
 Tufts Dance Collective Member, XXXX

CAD, AutoCAD, VBA, JMP In (statistical analysis program), Microsoft Office, Mass Spectroscopy, SDS-
PAGE, Gas Chromatography, UV-Vis, Cell Culture, HPLC, and Gene Cloning

                       Career Services, Dowling Hall, 7th Floor, Medford, MA 02155
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                                                                                                                   Amy Righter.
                                                                                                25 Resume Road | Sudbury, MA 01776
                                                                                               (508) 596-5555 |
Tufts University | W307 Metcalf Hall | Medford, MA 02155
  Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and Mathematics, expected May, 20xx
          Majors: Chemical Engineering, Mathematics
  GPA: 3.2 | HONORS: Dean’s List

    Biotechnology Engineering, Organic Chemistry, Intro to Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry/Physical Chemistry, Cells &
    Organisms, Structure & Strength of Materials, Applications of Mathematics & Software to Chemical Engineering (MATLAB),
    Fluid Mechanics, Thermodynamics & Process Calculations, Computer Engineering/Graphics, Quantum Mechanics, Real Analysis,
    Calculus-Based Physics, Intro to Electrical Systems, Linear Algebra, Calculus/Multivariable Calculus, Differential Equations

Tufts University Math Department | Medford, MA | 9/07-Present
    • Assist the professors of numerous calculus classes, and graded the students’ homework assignments

Gibbons Middle School | Westborough, MA | 11/05-Present
Substitute teacher for science, English, ESL, Spanish, and music classes
    • Translated science and english study material for spanish/portuguese students still learning the english language

Lincoln-Sudbury Regional and Westborough Public Schools | Boston Area, MA | 9/03-Present
Math Tutor for AB/BC Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Multivariable Calculus, Algebra II, Algebra I, Pre-Algebra, SAT I/IC/IIC, and ACT

Tufts Student Resources | Medford, MA | 1/07-Present
    • Took a lead role in operating “The Rez,” a non-profit, student-run organization on Tufts University campus
    • Trained new workers in using equipment and in interacting with customers

Alpha Omicron Pi Leader’s Council | Medford, MA | 1/06-5/07
Vice President of Education and Chapter Relations Representative
    • Managed educational sessions, forums, and events for AOII members to attend at Tufts University and around Boston Area
    • Organized calendar of events for the AOII National Board

Natick Mall | Framingham, MA | 6/05-08/06
Express Sales Associate – leading sales associate in opening credit card accounts

Fundraising America | Medford, MA | 2/07-3/07
  • Organized & headed a tribute fundraising event to help raise over $7,000, enabling the participation of 100students in the
     “American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Out of the Darkness Overnight Walk” in New York City

Tufts University Pre-Medical Society | Medford, MA | 5/07-Present
    • Edited application essays for students of Tufts University applying to medical school

Children’s Hospital Boston – Miles for Miracles | Boston, MA | 10/05-4/06
    • Ran the 2006 Boston Marathon, raising over $500 for Children’s Hospital in Boston

Towns of Washington and Quincy | Quincy, MA | 5/06-5/07
   • Sang in Community Sing with other community adults and the Washington-Quincy Regional High School Concert Choir

    Tufts Math Society | Representing Tufts University in the 2007 PUTNAM Competition, a nation-wide math competition
    Society of Women Engineers (SWE) | Active in advertising and building a community among the engineering women at Tufts
    President’s Marathon Challenge | 2nd-time Marathon Participant with Tufts University’s President Bacow
    Tufts Burlesque Troupe (TBT) & Tufts Dance Collective (TDC) | Leading Soloist & Choreographer
    American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) | Member

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                                          Emily Pacini
Present Address                                                                Permanent Address
Tufts University                                                                 8 Monterey Lane
South Hall 313                                                             Framingham, MA 01701
Medford, MA 02155                                                                  (781) 555-1212
(617) 627-7564

Objective:            Full time position in computer engineering working on system integration.

Education:            Tufts University, Medford, MA
                      Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering, May XXXX
                      Minor: Philosophy
                      GPA 3.75, Dean’s List all semesters

Computer Skills:      Platforms: Windows, Unix, Macintosh
                      Software: MS Office, PowerPoint, AutoCAD 14, Sigma Plot
                      Languages: C, C++, Basic, HTML, JavaScript, Perl, Motif, CGI

Relevant              •   Data structures in C++
Coursework:           •   Multimedia Programming in HTML, JavaScript, Perl. and CGI
                      •   Object Oriented Programming in C++ and Motif
                      •   Discrete Math
                      •   Differential Equations

Experience:           Tufts University EECS Department, Medford, MA
                      Teaching Assistant (September XXXX -Present)
                      • Grade homework for Introduction to C Programming
                      • Teach computer laboratories for beginning programming students
                      • Hold office hours to provide individual assistance with class projects

                      NZ Applied Technology, Woburn, MA
                      Laboratory Research Assistant (May-August XXXX)
                      • Grew thin ferroelectric films of varying composition on crystal substrates
                      • Tested materials for Electro-optic properties using a 632.8nm He-Ne laser
                      • Processed and analyzed information and prepared report for publication
                      • Programmed Visual BASIC modules for data analysis

                      Circuit City, Framingham, MA
                      Customer Service Associate (August XXXX -Present)
                      • Handle complaints as an intermediary between customers and management
                      • Process Credit Applications

Activities:           •   Unix Systems Administrator
                      •   Avid tennis player
                      •   Member of the Institution of Industrial Electronics Engineering

Publication:          •   Structural and Electro- Optic Properties in Lead Magnesium
                          Niobate Titanate Thin Films, submitted for publication to the Journal
                          of Applied Physics in December XXXX

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George Fine
Current: Tufts University • 201 Carmichael Hall • Medford, MA 02155 • Cell: (908) 767-4352
Permanent: 10 Hills Avenue • Ridgedale, NJ 98908 •

Objective                       An internship working in development, design, implementation or monitoring of
                                alternative stormwater and/or wastewater treatment projects.

Education                       Tufts University, Medford, MA
                                Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering, May XXXX
                                GPA: 3.2
                                Relevant coursework: Environment and Technology; Applied Mechanics-
                                Statics; Calculus; Chemical Principles
                                Ridgedale High School, Ridgedale, NJ, June xxxx
                                National Honor Society, President

Experience                      Earthwatch, Medford, MA, Jan.-May XXXX
                                • Coordinated logistics for campus environmental awareness events
                                • Videotaped campus speakers for use on website

                                WBZ-TV Boston, Boston, MA, May-Aug. XXXX
                                • Contributed to project entitled, “Super Construction/Reengineering”
                                • Observed newsroom activities, including the writing and editing of stories
                                • Reviewed page layout under supervision of head engineer
                                South Shore Music Circus, Quincy, MA, Sept. XXXX -April XXXX
                                Secretary and Waiter
                                • Provided telephone and administrative support to staff and consumers
                                • Assisted with food service, organized orders to ensure a fast delivery
                                Joe’s Restaurant, Ridgedale, NJ, Sept. XXXX -Aug. XXXX
                                • Adapted to individual personalities to assure customer satisfaction
                                • Interacted with owner and staff to produce quality team work

Computer Skills                 Microsoft Office, C++

Activities                      Engineer Without Borders, Sept. XXXX -Present
                                Ridgedale High School Yearbook Committee, Jan.-June XXXX
                                Ridgedale High School Math Society and Competitive Member, Sept.-Dec. XXXX
                                Ridgedale Community Services Volunteer, XXXX

                         Career Services, Dowling Hall, 7th Floor, Medford, MA 02155
                                   617.627.3299 ·
                                  Maura T. Brooker
    Tufts University • Hill Hall • Medford, MA 02155 • 617-555-1212 (cell) •

   Tufts University, Medford, MA
   Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering expected May XXXX
   Minor: English Literature
   GPA: 3.6/4.0
   Dean’s List, Henry J. Leir Memorial Scholarship

    University College London, London, England
    Concentration: Electrical Engineering, Fall XXXX -Spring XXXX

         Programming Languages: Assembly, C++, Visual Basic, Avenue
         Software: Matlab, AutoCad, Arcview
         Language: Fluent in Spanish

Relevant Coursework
       Microprocessors, Data Structures, Feedback Control Systems, Digital Signal
       Processing, Fields and Waves, Communication Systems

Academic Experience
   Nerd Girls Solar Car Project                                            Sept. XXXX -Present
   • Design microprocessor for instrumentation panel indicating fuel consumption, speed, rpm’s,
      and distance traveled

    Robotics Academy- Search and Rescue Robots                            Sept. XXXX –May XXXX
    • Developed microprocessor controls for robots working together to find a location
    • Collaborated with child development and mechanical engineering students to create robots to
       use as teaching materials for K-12 engineering education

   Minimax Corporation                                                                     St. Paul, MN
    Intern- ScadaCam Development Department                                            June-Aug. XXXX
    •    Solely responsible for moving microprocessor controls from a prototype version to a
         completed set of controls which will be installed in Arizona and Brazil in the next year
    •    Updated embedded 6811 code driving a remotely controlled camera by adding resting pulse
         width modulation and slow speed positional smoothing interrupts, position query, stop
         command, temperature averaging, and communications protocol

    Jumpstart                                                                           Boston, MA
    Americorps Member                                                              Sept.-May XXXX
    •    Led classroom activities and curriculum planning meetings with a team of ten peers
    •    Developed innovative ways to communicate with Cantonese and Spanish speaking children

    Maier Engineering Inc.                                                                   St. Paul, MN
    Intern – Geographic Information Systems Department                                    June-Aug. XXXX
    •    Prepared GIS maps for electric utility clients using Arcview
    •    Reorganized server filing system by streamlining folder naming conventions for greater ease
         in project management
    •    Redesigned CAD spec sheets fixing errors caused by multiple authorship

        IEEE, SWE, Mountain Club, Tufts Chorale, Spirit of Color dance troupe,
        Math tutor for low achieving fifth grade students

        Canoeing, Spicy Food, Theater, Reading, Travel
                    Career Services, Dowling Hall, 7th Floor, Medford, MA 02155
                              617.627.3299 ·
                                                 Ray Lesard
Present Address:                                                                                       Permanent Address:
Tufts University                                                                                       Park Avenue
321 West Hall                                                                                          New Haven, CT 00098
Medford, MA 02155                                                                                      Home: (203) 735-5135
409 876-0987

EDUCATION             Tufts University, Medford, MA
                      Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering/Biomedical Engineering, May XXXX
                      Minor: English
                      GPA 3.53, Dean’s List every semester

COMPUTER              Software: Microsoft Office XP, AutoCAD (3D modeling and design), MS Excel,
SKILLS                MS PowerPoint, MS Word, Scanning, Writing/Creating CDs
                      Programming Languages: Visual Basic, C++, Very High Speed Integrated Circuit Hardware
                      Description Language (VHDL), Register Transfer Language (RTL), Machine Assembly Language
                      with the Motorola 68HC11 and 68HC12 Microprocessor Chips

RELEVANT              Courses: Electromagnetic field and wave theory (with lab), Math of Linear Systems (vector
COURSES AND           spaces, orthogonality, Fourier transforms, convolution, etc.), Microprocessor Architecture and Its
PROJECTS              Applications (with lab), Introduction to Analog/Digital Electronics (with lab), Biomedical
                      Engineering I

                      Bose Speaker Design Project, First Place Design
                      • Participated in speaker building contest judged by Bose Corporation and Tufts EE faculty
                      • Designed, as part of team, winning speaker based on loudness, clarity and range of frequencies
                      • Used materials including wood, construction paper, plastic, rubber, magnets, and copper wire
                      • Consulted with an electrical engineer

WORK EXPERIENCE Stevenson Lumber Co., Stevenson, CT                                    June-August XXXX, XXXX
                Yard Helper/Delivery Truck Driver
                • Began as a yard helper and promoted to delivery truck driver based on performance and

                      River Restaurant, Derby, CT                                                    May-August XXXX
                      Waiter/Bar Back
                      • Interacted with wait staff and bartenders to produce quality teamwork and open communication
                          during peak business hours
                      • Demonstrated adaptability to high pressure environment with strict time constraints

VOLUNTEER             Kid’s Day, Tufts University                                    Spring XXXX
ACTIVITIES            Toys for Tots, Tufts University                                Fall XXXX
                      Big Brother/Big Sister, Boston, MA                             Fall XXXX
                      No Homer’s Club, Dodge Ball Benefit Game, Tufts Univ.          Spring XXXX

ATHLETICS             Tufts University Varsity Football                             Fall XXXX -Present
                      • Preseason All-American Third Team                           XXXX
                      • NESCAC All-Academic Team                                    XXXX
                      • All-East Region Second Team                                 XXXX
                      • All NESCAC First Team Special Teams                         XXXX
                      • All NESCAC Second Team Defensive Back                       XXXX
                      • Tufts University Most Valuable Defensive Back               XXXX
                      • Tufts University Most Valuable Special Teams Player         XXXX
                      Tufts University Varsity Track                                Present
                      Recreational: snowboarding, skiing, hiking, basketball, golf, and swimming

                          Career Services, Dowling Hall, 7th Floor, Medford, MA 02155
                                    617.627.3299 ·
                                      JARRET W. MOORE
                       100 Citris Street, Apartment 2 • Somerville, MA • 02144 •( 617) 555-4444

Education:      Tufts University, Medford, MA
                        Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, expected May XXXX
                        Minor in Engineering Management

Honors:         Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholar
                Balfour Scholar

Experience:     Gilbane Building Company                                 New Haven, CT
                Engineering Clerk/Intern                                 June-August XXXX
                • Assisted project engineers and program managers who represented the City of New Haven
                    during the building of public schools

                Tufts University Admissions                               Medford, MA
                Telescope Coordinator                                     January -December XXXX
                • Coordinated a large 2–3 day program encouraging visiting prospective students to apply and
                    enroll at Tufts

                Tufts University Development                                Medford, MA
                Donations Specialist                                        October XXXX-December XXXX
                • Contacted alumni and friends of Tufts about contributing donations for Telefund project

                Unilever Home and Personal Care-North America               Clinton, CT
                Transportation Coordinator                                  May-August XXXX
                • Arranged the shipping of Unilever products, resolved product transportation issues, and
                    contributed as an active member of a high performance work team

                Vector Marketing Corporation                              Hamden, CT
                Sales Representative                                      May-July XXXX
                • Sold cutlery and scheduled sales appointments by networking

Professional    American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), Student Member, XXXX -Present
Affiliations:   National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE), Student Member , XXXX -Present
                Boston Society of Civil Engineers Section (BSCES), Student Member, XXXX -Present

Leadership:     Senior Class Representative, Black Men’s Group, September XXXX -May XXXX
                President, Black Men’s Group, September XXXX -May XXXX

Community       Red Cross Blood Donor, September XXXX
Service:        Habitat for Humanity, August XXXX

Computer Skills: Microsoft Office
                 Visual Basic Analysis (VBA)
                 AutoCAD and MathCAD
                 Geotechnical engineering programs: Stress and BCAF
                 Structural engineering program: Visual Analysis
                 Programming language: C++

Interests:      Basketball, football, rugby, and baseball; movies and television (comedy and drama); music (“Hip
                Hop” and “R&B”); environmental conservation; and supporting positive social change

                      Career Services, Dowling Hall, 7th Floor, Medford, MA 02155
                                617.627.3299 ·
                                           Drew A. Masterson
                                     100 Winston St., Medford, MA 02155
                                               (617) 555-1987

Tufts University Medford, MA
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineer, expected graduation May, XXXX
University of Canterbury, New Zealand
Study Abroad Program, Spring xxxx

Keynote, AutoCAD, Lab View, Microsoft Office, ClarisWorks
Programmed iMic, the Musical Instrument Value Calculator
Constructed Power Point presentation to present iMic to Tufts personnel

Tufts University, Microhardness Indentation Testing, Medford, MA
Undergraduate Researcher, February-May xxxx
    • Prepared and performed Knoop and Vickers Test on samples of Epoxy and C. fornicata snail shell

Tufts University Senior Design Competition, Medford, MA
Testing Technician, December xxxx
    • Volunteered to test the senior design project of Jonathan Remer, Mechanical Engineer
    • Designed and implemented tests to check quality and usability of Litter Suspension System

Mechanical Engineering Project Work, Medford, MA
Assistant, September-November xxxx
    • Machined parts for and assembled Air Motor; designed Lab View program to test efficiency of Air Motor
    • Designed and constructed a violin
    • Constructed Piezo Film and pressure sensors to collect data from African drums
    • Used data and sensors to create a dummy drum to play multiple parts at once

Tufts University Center for Engineering Educational Outreach, Medford, MA
Undergraduate Fellow/LEGO Camp Counselor, June-August xxxx
    • Guided individual project construction and introduction to Engineering Design Process
    • Curriculum development and prototyping for World’s Smallest Steamboat

B’nai B’rith Beber Camp, Mukwonago, WI
Camp Counselor, June-August xxxx
   • Organized three day and one day camping trips for 20 campers aged 12-16
   • Promoted a safe and enjoyable environment for all campers

FIRST Robotics Competition, xxxx
    • US National Championships, Epcot Center, Florida
Patent Application for “Wind-Propelled Skateboard”, xxxx
    • Co-invented and co-built prototypes

Tufts University Robotics Academy, member xxxx
Race Across Campus, 2nd Place, xxxx

                         Career Services, Dowling Hall, 7th Floor, Medford, MA 02155
                                   617.627.3299 ·
Example Reference Sheet
                                       Kevin Egbert
                                         23 Avon Street
                                      Medford, MA 02155
                                         (617) 628-9899

Mr. George Manager
Marketing Director
Ad Company
540 Lexington St.
Waltham, MA 02542

Ms. Carla Prof
Assistant Professor
Department of Economics
Tufts University
Medford, MA 02155

Ms. Gale Super
Training Supervisor
XYZ Company
49 Brattle St
Cambridge, MA 02138
Ms. Super was my direct supervisor at Ad Company in 2001.

Important Tips:
  • Always ask the person if they will be willing to provide a positive reference for you
     before you list them as a reference. Provide them with a resume and background on the
     experience or the situation you shared so they can speak intelligently about you - let them
     know where you are applying.
  • Use no more than four references.
  • Have at least two employment-related references. If using faculty, make sure he/she is
     someone who knows you and not just a teacher of a favorite class.
  • Use the same color/quality of paper for the reference sheet as you do for your resume.
  • Put your name at the top of the page in case it gets separated from your resume.
  • When you do use a reference that is not clearly related to jobs and education listed on
     your resume, identify that person with a short phrase.
  • For many jobs, references will give a verbal recommendation in a telephone call. Written
     recommendations will be asked for as “letters of recommendation.”
  • Always contact your references whenever you think they will be called and describe the
     position for which you are being considered

                   Career Services, Dowling Hall, 7th Floor, Medford, MA 02155
                             617.627.3299 ·

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