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					Breast Cancer Help                                                                                  FALL 2005
                                                                                                     ISSUE 10

Organic Weed Control Studied
                                                                                          Insıde      This Issue
                                                                                          Long Island Cancer Help
                                                                                          and Wellness Center 2
                                                                                          Fire Island Artist Brings
                                                                                          Charm to Cancer Fight 3
                                                                                          Legislative Update            4
                                                                                          Thermography Studied
                                                                                          For Use in Detection 5
                                                                                          Special Effects Gives
LEFT TO RIGHT: Tamson Yeh, Cornell Cooperative Extension; Babylon Town Councilman         Cut to Cancer Fight 6
Wayne Horsley; Alex Fezza, Senior Vice President, Breast Cancer Help, Inc.; Linden-
hurst Village Deputy Mayor Carol Tanner and Trustee Michael Lavorata; Tom Williams,       Survivors Honored at
Executive Director, Cornell Cooperative Extension; Lorraine Pace, Co-President of
Breast Cancer Help, Inc. with granddaughters Victoria Pace and Emma Pace; County
                                                                                          2004 Annual Gala 7
Legislator David Bishop; and Lynda Distler, Executive Director of Breast Cancer Help.
                                                                                          In The Community 8-11
  In the Spring of 2005, Breast Cancer      control area, which was not treated with
Help, Inc. joined with Cornell Coopera-     either natural substances or chemicals.
tive Extension Suffolk County and the       During the course of the study, compar-       Accomplishments 12-13
Village of Lindenhurst to kick-off an en-   isons were made and the results will be
vironmentally-friendly weed manage-         made available for the purpose of en-         Ride for a Friend           14
ment study.                                 couraging government entities and other
  The demonstration proj-                                   property owners to use
ect continued through          ‘Our organization            non-toxic, natural alterna-
                                                                                          How You Can Help            16
September on Village-        has long-supported             tives to chemical agents.
maintained property along                                     “As our name suggests,
the right-of-way for the     efforts at identifying         our organization has long-
Babylon branch of the         potential environ-            supported efforts at iden-
                                                                                          BREAST CANCER HELP, INC.
                                                                                          A non-profit 501c(3) corporation
Long Island Rail Road.                                      tifying potential environ-
  The project involved the
                              mental factors in             mental factors in the fight
                                                                                                Mailing Address
                                                                                          400 Montauk Hwy., Suite 100
use of all natural products    the fight against            against breast cancer and      West Islip, New York 11795
in side-by-side compar-       breast cancer and             other cancers on Long Is-
isons with a low-toxicity                                   land. This project is a                631-661-7223
chemical product used          other cancers on             continuation in those ef-
currently by the Village,        Long Island.’              forts. We are optimistic               631-661-6678
as well as many other mu-                                   and hopeful that the re-
nicipalities across Long
                                 Lorraine Pace,             sults of the demonstration              Online
Island. There was also a           co-founder                    CONTINUED ON PAGE 15
Long Island Cancer Help and Wellness Center

Life Lesson: Healthy Lifestyle Includes
                                           Wellness Center Learns Reiki
                                             BELOW: Maureen Dowd, a licensed
                                           acupuncturist and Reiki master,
                                           spoke at the Long Island Cancer Help
                                           & Wellness Center on April 20. Dowd,
                                           who is unrelated to the columnist for
                                           The New York Times of the same
                                           name, gave a presentation titled “The
                                           Benefits of Reiki” and spoke about
                                           the practice, its history, theory and
                                           use as a holistic therapy.

Lecture: New Directions In                                                                    Water Quality Discussed
                                                                                                ABOVE: Adrienne Esposito, executive
Women’s Health Care                                                                           director of the Citizens Campaign for
  ABOVE: Doris R. Weisman, a nurse                                                            the Environment, discussed water
practitioner specializing in Inpatient                                                        quality and its effect on Long Island,
Gynecology/Cytology at Stony Brook                                                            at the Long Island Cancer Help Well-
University Hospital, is thanked after                                                         ness Center this past Spring.
her presentation entitled “The New
Directions in Women’s Health Care,”
at Breast Cancer Help’s Long Island
Cancer Help and Wellness Center.
                                                                                                         ONGOING PROGRAMS
                                                                                                Cancer Patient Survivor Support
                                                                                                Group – Meets 7-8 p.m. on Thurs-
                                           Benefits of Meditation and                           days. Next meeting: October 27.
                                           Aromatherapy Discussed                               Massage Therapy – Meets 6 p.m. on
                                             BELOW: Drusilla Burrough and                       Wednesdays. Next meeting: Octo-
                                           Michele Scotto Rosenblatt discussed                  ber 12. Call for reservations.
                                           meditation and aromatherapy at the
                                                                                                Art Therapy – Meets 6:30-8:30 p.m.
                                           Long Island Cancer Help and Well-
                                                                                                on Tuesdays. Next meeting: Octo-
                                           ness Center on March 16. Both tech-                  ber 11. Call for reservations.
                                           niques can be used in reducing
                                           stress, maintaining general wellness                 Yoga – Meets from 4-5:15 p.m. and
                                           and in assisting individuals who are                 from 6-7:15 p.m. on Mondays. Next
                                           in treatment for various diseases.                   meetings October 17 and October 24.
                                             Meditation is one of the proven al-                       Schedule subject to change.
                                           ternative therapies, often utilized as
                                                                                                  Groups meet at the Long Island
                                           a method to lower blood pressure.
                                                                                                Cancer Help and Wellness Center,
                                                                                                Linenhurst Village Rainbow Center
Bazyte Speaks About Sugar                                                                        293 Buffalo Avenue, Lindenhurst
  ABOVE: Jolanta Bazyte, a Holistic
Health Counselor, spoke about “the
sugar blues” during a lecture last                                                              ON THE WEB: UPDATED SCHEDULE
spring at the Long Island Cancer Help                                                             Go online to the Breast Cancer
& Wellness Center. Bazyte spoke in                                                              Help website (www.breastcancer-
detail about the role of sugar in diet                                                 for an updated sched-
and the effect of sugar on the body,                                                            ule of programs and events.
mind, emotion and overall well-being.

                                  Breast Cancer Help, Inc. • Fall 2005 •
                                          In The News

Diet Choices Fire Island Artist Brings
   When Breast Cancer Help
opened its Long Island Cancer Help
and Wellness Center in March of
                                          Charm To Cancer Fight
2003, its board envisioned a re-
source center with goals of increas-
ing cancer awareness to promote
early detection and providing pa-
tients and survivors with needed
support. Since then, activities and
services have focused on alterna-
tive, integrative and complementa-
ry modalities designed to meet the
psychosocial needs of cancer pa-
tients and survivors. Lectures have
explored various health and well-
ness issues including those relating
to diet, nutrition and healthy
lifestyle choices.
   On several occasions, the Long
Island Cancer Help & Wellness
Center has had the privilege of pre-
senting Barbara Chivvis, RN and
Licensed Acupuncturist whose lec-
tures have enlightened the Center’s
audiences on a myriad of subjects         Sue Muscarello of Manorville, artist Kenny Goodman, the owner of Kenny
including colon hydrotherapy,             Goodman Jewelry in Fire Island; and Lorraine Pace, co-president and co-
acupuncture, the relationship be-         founder of Breast Cancer Help, Inc. show off new silver ribbons that were de-
                                          signed by Goodman to help raise awareness and funds to battle breast cancer.
tween diet and disease, how to se-
lect and prepare healthy food and
                                            A silver charm ribbon designed by                available for purchase as a pendant,
the role a balanced pH plays in our
                                          Fire Island artist and jeweler Kenny               earrings, pin and tie tack for men.
diets and overall health. Ms.
                                          Goodman is being sold to promote                   The tie tack is especially significant
Chivvis is also the founder and for-
                                          breast cancer awareness and raise                  to Goodman, because it helps to sym-
mer director of the ABC Wellness
                                          funds to fight the deadly disease.                 bolize men’s awareness of the strug-
Center and the founder of the
                                            Goodman has pledged 18%, or                      gle of women against the disease.
School of Colon Hydrotheraphy.
                                          $6.30, from the sale of each                                   “I am pleased to have de-
She is also a Certified Colon Hy-
                                          $35.00 ribbon to Breast                                      signed this ribbon with the
drotherapy Instructor and Regis-
                                          Cancer Help.                                                 women who have visited my
tered Yoga Teacher.
                                            Recently, Breast Cancer                                    shop over the years who
   Newly elected Breast Cancer
                                          Help co-founder Lorraine                                     have fought breast cancer
Help Board Member and former
                                          Pace, a breast-cancer sur-                                   in mind. My donation of
Long Island Cancer Help & Well-
                                          vivor, helped Goodman un-                                    18% is based on the 18th let-
ness Center Executive Director
                                          veil the ribbon at his shop                                  ter of the Hebrew alphabet,
Lynda Distler recently sat down
                                          on Fire Island. The ribbon                                   “chai” meaning “to life”.
with Ms. Chivvis to discuss diet
                                          was inspired by the person-                                    The charm can be pur-
and the body’s pH balance and
                                          al fight against breast can-                                 chased by telephone (1-888-
their effect on overall health and
                                          cer that has been led by Pace and                  898-6789) or through Breast Cancer
                                          millions of other afflicted women                  Help’s website (www.breastcancer-
What role does diet play in health        across Long Island and around the         The funds raised will
and well-being?                           world. The solid metal design resem-               be used to support Breast Cancer
  Diet affects our health and well-       bles the familiar pink ribbon worn by              Help’s programs in the fight against
              CONTINUED ON PAGE 14        millions to raise awareness and is                 breast cancer.

                                 Breast Cancer Help, Inc. • Fall 2005 •
Political Update

Support Favors Law For Patients
  Suffolk County Legislator John M.                                                          women home immediately after a
Kennedy recently anounced approval                                                           mastectomy,” Alden added. “It’s a
of Sense Resolution 23 requesting                                                            decision for patients and their doc-
that the U.S. Congress enact the                                                             tors. I applaud this important effort
Breast Cancer Patient Protection Act                                                         to influence the federal government
to put critical health care decisions                                                        to get this done.”
back in the hands of the breast can-                                                            Lorraine Pace, founder and presi-
cer patients and their physicians.                                                           dent of Breast Cancer Help, Inc. of-
  The act, reintroduced in April,                   Kennedy                      Alden       fered the following praise for the ini-
would guarantee a minimum hospital                                                           tiative: “In 1997, due in large part to
stay for patients recovering from a       stay. According to the House spon-                 the diligence of breast cancer advo-
mastectomy or lymph node removal.         sor, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro                    cates like myself and other elected
  “It is simply unacceptable that         (D-Connecticut), this bipartisan bill is           officials, Governor George Pataki
breast cancer patients, especially        modeled after the carefully crafted                signed legislation into law ensuring
women, are rushed through signifi-        and widely supported legislation that              that women undergoing breast and
cant surgical procedures such as          ended "drive-through" deliveries. De-              lymph node surgeries and their doc-
mastectomies and lumpectomies on          Lauro is a survivor of ovarian cancer.             tors -- not their insurance companies
an out-patient basis,” said Kennedy.        Suffolk County Legislator Cameron                -- make decisions relating to the
  The Breast Cancer Patient Protec-       Alden, a breast cancer survivor, ex-               length of hospital stay necessary
tion Act would guarantee a minimum        pressed his total support for the reso-            after such surgeries effectively end-
hospital stay of 48 hours for a woman     lution: “This is long overdue, “ Alden             ing the practice known as drive thru
having a mastectomy, and 24 hours         said. “I compliment Legislator                     mastectomies. Since then, we the
for a woman undergoing a lymph            Kennedy on his initiative to get local             women of New York State have been
node removal. The bill does not man-      elected officials involved to petition             afforded protection from drive thru
date a 48-hour hospital stay, but sim-    Congress. There has been federal ju-               mastectomies and have had such de-
ply ensures that the patient and her      risdiction, but no passage, regarding              cisions as they relate to our health
doctor will make any decision in          this measure for years.”                           care placed in our hands and the hands
favor of a shorter or longer hospital       “It’s almost inhuman to send                     of our doctors, where it belongs.”

Congressman King
Promotes Awareness
  Lorraine Pace (LEFT), the co-founder of Breast
Cancer Help Inc., and Lynda Distler (RIGHT), the
former Executive Director of Breast Cancer Help,
Inc., recently discussed breast cancer issues with
Congressman Peter King.
  King who represents the 3rd district of Long Is-
land and serves as the chairman of the House Com-
mittee on Homeland Security, has long been an ad-
vocate of cancer awareness and early detection.
  Throughout his career, King has given time and
procured appropriations for the fight against
breast cancer and other cancers. He has secured
grants to further awareness and detection efforts,
including an effort in which he joined with Breast
Cancer Help to garner approval of the first ever
Breast Cancer Awareness Stamp.

                                 Breast Cancer Help, Inc. • Fall 2005 •
The Inquiring Reporter

     Thermography Under Study
     For Use In Cancer Detection
  DOIRS WEISMAN, NP, MS, a nurse practi-
  cioner at Stony Brook University Hospi-
  tal, recently interviewed Dr. Paul Fisher,
  M.D. about the development of thermog-
  raphy as a means of breast cancer detec-
  tion. Weissman specializes in Inpatient
  Gynecology and Cytology. Dr. Fisher is
  an Associate Professor of Radiology and
  Surgery at Stony Brook University Hospi-
  tal and is Chief of Breast Imaging at the
  Carol M. Baldwin Breast Care Center.

  What is a Breast Thermogram
   A Thermogram is a number of differ-
   ent tests under the title Thermogram,
   from very experimental types to one
   being advertised as available to
   women on Long Island.
                                                    process. The thermogram available
                                                    has completed step 1: it is not danger-
                                                                                                        ‘Sons of Italy’ Grant
                                                    ous, has no radiation, does not hurt. It           Helps Fund Hospital’s
  How is it performed?                              doesn't mean it works only that it does
   In general, the woman sits in front of a         no harm.
                                                                                                        Stereotactic System
   special infrared camera which will                                                                   A recent grant worth
   measure the temperature of the breast          Are there side effects?                             $10,000 from New York
   skin. The theory is a breast cancer cell        Thermography has no radiation, no                  State Sons of Italy chap-
   is warmer than a normal cell and may            compression or direct side effects.                ters has allowed Breast
   show up in the breast skin. Thermo-             The problem is if it finds something
                                                                                                      Cancer Help to continue
   grams were tested in the 70's and 80's          this may lead to many unnecessary
                                                                                                      funding a Stereotactic
   and discredited as a diagnostic tool. It        biopsies because it is not accurately
                                                                                                      Radiosurgery system at
   is now being offered as an adjunct to           diagnostic.
                                                                                                      Stony Brook University
   established diagnostic mammograms.
                                                  What type of facilities are offering                Hospital. The Sons of
  When should it be performed?                    breast thermograms?                                 Italy funds futhered
   The newer versions are experimental              Breast centers in the United States of            Breast Cancer Help’s
   and should only be performed under               America provide experimental thermo-              goal of obtaining equip-
   experimental conditions.                         grams with consent. However, private              ment to provide en-
                                                    practice radiology groups on Long Is-             hanced diagnosis and
  How does breast thermography compare              land are selling thermograms. It is               treatment.
  with currently used mammograms?                   premature to assume the validity of                 In 2001, Breast Can-
   The mammogram has been through                   the test. Insurance companies do not              cer Help donated
   every test hurdle and works very well.           pay for it because it is not a proven di-
   The thermogram is a research tool and                                                              $100,000 and procured
                                                    agnostic tool, only experimental.                 an additional $250,000
   it is premature to know if it works. It
   does not, at the present time compare          Do you see a role for breast thermogra-             for to the hospital’s De-
   with the mammogram's ability to de-            phy in early detection of breast cancer?            partment of Radiation
   tect cancer.                                    In the future there may be a role if it            Oncology to purchase
                                                   works but we are a long way - approxi-             the first two modules of
  Is breast thermography an FDA ap-                mately 5 to 10 years, from establishing            the Novalis Radio
  proved process?                                  thermography utility and place in diag-            Surgery system.
    The FDA has a 2-step approval                  nostics.

                                 Breast Cancer Help, Inc. • Fall 2005 •
In the Community

Special Effects Gives Cut to Cancer Fight
  Elaine Hayes, owner of                                                                              awareness information
Special Effects Hair Salon
                                  Owner Elaine Hayes Continues                                        about breast and other
in East Hampton, has again
dedicated part of her sum-
                                Efforts in Memory of Sister-In-Law                                    cancers and asked patrons
                                                                                                      to purchase raffle tickets
mer to raising funds for                                                                              and make donations to
breast cancer research                                                                                Breast Cancer Help.
and awareness.                                                                                          On October 2nd, the staff
  Hayes joined Lynda Dis-                                                                             of Special Effects will pro-
tler and Adriane Toscano                                                                              vide its expert salon serv-
Ballard of Breast Cancer                                                                              ices to those who attend
Help, Inc. at the salon in                                                                            the Cut-A-Thon. All pro-
July to kickoff the fund-                                                                             ceeds will benefit Breast
raising campaign for the                                                                              Cancer Help Inc. Through-
third consecutive year.                                                                               out the day, refreshments
  The effort was scheduled                                                                            will be served and prizes
to end with a Cut-a-Thon on                                                                           donated by devoted mem-
October 2nd.                                                                                          bers of the East Hampton
  Hayes became involved       In its first two years, Special Effects Hair Salon raised               merchant community will
with the fundraiser as a      over $25,000 for Breast Cancer Help. This year’s fundrais-              be raffled off.
way to honor her beloved      ing campaign and Cut-A-Thon concluded on October 2nd.                     Appointments can be
sister-in-law Sally Schuer-                                                                           made by contacting Spe-
lein, who succumbed to the     Harbor Laboratory.                  “Over the years, many of           cial Effects Hair Salon at
disease.                         “Thanks to the efforts of         our customers have faced           631-324-5996. Walk-ins are
  Over the past two years,     our hard working staff who          this dreaded disease. We           also welcome.
Special Effects has raised     will be coming to work on           are holding this campaign            Those unable to attend
over $25,000 on behalf of      their day off, we will be           and Cut-A-Thon in their            the Cut-A-Thon can send
Breast Cancer Help, Inc.       able to raise funds to sup-         memory.”                           donations to: Special Ef-
  In April, Breast Cancer      port such an important or-            Between the launch of            fects, 1 Osborne Lane,
Help, Inc. and Special Ef-     ganization in the fight             the effort and its October         East Hampton, NY 11937.
fects presented a check        against breast cancer on            conclusion, Special Effects        Checks should be made to:
for $20,000 to Cold Spring     Long Island,” Hayes said.           provided customers with            Breast Cancer Help, Inc.

Staff, family and friends of Special Effects Hair Salon lo-        LEFT TO RIGHT: Nancy Braun and Elaine Hayes of Special
cated in East Hampton, including (IN THE FRONT, CENTER)            Effects Hair Salon; Lynda Distler, Lorraine Pace and Dotti
Elaine Hayes, owner of Special Effects Hair Salon and (IN          Survilla of Breast Cancer Help; Jeffrey Picarello, Direc-
THE BACKGROUND) Lynda Distler, and Lorraine Pace of                tor of Public Affairs, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory;
Breast Cancer Help, Inc.                                           Alex Fezza and John Pace, Esq. of Breast Cancer Help.

                                 Breast Cancer Help, Inc. • Fall 2005 •
Lorraine Pace, Co-President of Breast Cancer Help stands with breast cancer                Richard and Donna Cirincione, the
survivors as they are honored during Breast Cancer Help’s 2004 Annual Gala.                Co-Chairpersons of the 2004 Gala.

Survivors Recognized at Annual Gala
                                            September 9, 2004
                                            Survivors of breast cancer were among
                                         the guests of honor at Breast Cancer Help’s
                                         annual gala — held on September 9, 2004
                                         at the Watermill catering hall in Smithtown.
                                            The gala featured a cocktail hour, din-
                                         ner and dancing. The oldies band Risky
                                         Business provided musical entertainment.
                                            James O’Donnell received the 2nd An-
                                         nual Harry Ballard Humanitarian Award.
                                         The late Ballard was a long-time support-
                                         er of Breast Cancer Help and founder of
Father Tom Arnao accepts the Ballard     its successful Clothing Bin program.               Janet Rogers and her husband Tom
Award on behalf of James O’Donnell.         Reverend Thomas V. Arnao, the co-               enjoy a dance at the Annual Gala.
                                         president of Breast Cancer Help, accept-
                                         ed the award on behalf of O’Donnell.

                                         Francine Berger with Lorraine Pace.
Lillian Morales, Linda Dunn and Dr.      Francine has since lost her gallant                Lynda Distler (left), former Executive
Allen Meek at the gala.                  fight against breast cancer.                       Director, with husband Bob Distler.

                                Breast Cancer Help, Inc. • Fall 2005 •
In the Community

Senators Trunzo, Johnson                   the amount of $15,000. The grant fol-              against breast cancer. He supported
                                           lows an earlier effort by Trunzo to                the breast cancer mapping project
Procure Grant Money                        provide a $250,000 to be used for half             and has helped elicit funding for past
  New York State Senators Caesar           of lease payments for the digital                  programs run by Breast Cancer Help.
Trunzo and Owen Johnson each pro-          mammography system at Stony Brook                  Both the Trunzo and Johnson grant
cured grants to help fund Breast Can-      University Hospital. Johnson (BELOW                were designated to fund awareness
cer Help services and programs, last       RIGHT WITH PACE AND DISTLER) pro-                  and support programs at Breast Can-
October. Trunzo (BELOW LEFT WITH           cured a $25,000 grant. Johnson has                 cer Help’s Long Island Cancer Help
PACE AND DISTLER) secured a grant in       been a long-time champion of the fight             and Wellness Center in Lindenhurst.

  Local Businesses, Organizations Support Clothing Bin Program
                                              BELOW: Lynda Distler thanks Sal
                                            Petrozzino, CEO and President of
                                            Worldwide Capital Mortgage in Bay
                                            Shore for his firm’s participation in
                                            the Clothing Bin program. Visit the
                                            for a list of clothing bin locations.

                                                                                              ABOVE: Employees at Lee Myles
                                                                                            auto repair shop in Bohemia were
    ABOVE: Karen Clemens, parent                                                            honored for their participation in
  member of COMPACT, Jon Roth-                                                              the clothing bin program, which of-
  feld, Principal of William Rall Ele-                                                      fers a simple way for residents to
  mentary School; Lorraine Pace, Co-                                                        join the fight against breast cancer.
  President of Breast Cancer Help,
  Inc.; and Lynda Distler, former Ex-
  ecutive Director of Breast Cancer
  Help. Stand in front of a Breast Can-
  cer Help Clothing Bin at the school
  on Wellwood Avenue in Lindenhurst,
  last September. Pace and Distler            RIGHT: Lorraine Pace (right) and
  thanked Clemens, Rothfeld and the         Babylon Supervisor Steve Bellone,
  school, for their participation in the    who has supported the Clothing Bin
  Clothing Recycling Program.               donation program.

 8                                Breast Cancer Help, Inc. • Fall 2005 •
In the Community

Curves of Sayville Contributes
to Fight Against Breast Cancer
  ABOVE: Donna Grunder and Krys-
tine Brennan of Curves of Sayville
present Lorraine Pace and Lynda
Distler of Breast Cancer Help, Inc.
with a check for $1,900 raised with a
Chinese Auction held in conjunction
with Breast Cancer Awareness
Month, last October.

                                          Curves’ Marathon Benefits                          WBLI’s Steve and Maria Help
                                          Breast Cancer Help Causes                          Long Islanders ‘Think Pink’
                                            Breast Cancer Help, Inc. and local                 BELOW: Lorraine Pace and Lynda Dis-
                                          area Curves locations joined together              tler of Breast Cancer Help are flanked
                                          on New Years’ Day 2005 to launch an                by Steve Harper and Maria Garcia, co-
                                          innovative fundraising and wellness                hosts of the morning show on 106.1
                                          program: a six-week weight and inch                WBLI-FM. Pace and Distler thank
Hollywood Salon Shares a                  loss marathon.                                     Harper and Garcia while accepting a
                                            From January 1 through February                  check in the amount of $1,438.67, rep-
Cut With Breast Cancer Help               11, members of at least 14 Long Is-                resenting the funds raised through the
  ABOVE: Lorraine Pace and Lynda                                                             Morning Show’s Think Pink program.
                                          land area Curves locations participat-
Distler of Breast Cancer Help and
                                          ed in a weight/inch loss marathon
Maryann Saccocio, owner of Holly-
                                          where members received pledges
wood Salon and Day Spa in Miller          and raised funds based on the
Place and staff celebrate their ef-       amount of weight and/or inches they
forts to raise funds to fight breast      lost during the six-week period.
cancer, last October. In conjunction        During the time period, members
with Breast Cancer Awareness              were also provided with information
Month, Hollywood Salon raised over        about breast cancer awareness and
$3,000. The salon hosted a Cut-A-         early detection information.
Thon that included makeovers from           In the two years that the weight/
Academy Award-winning make-up             inch loss program has been held,
artist John Caglione, Jr.                 over $30,000 has been raised.

                                 Breast Cancer Help, Inc. • Fall 2005 •                             9
In the Community

North Fork Check
  ABOVE: Joseph Roberto, the Divi-
sional Senior Vice President at North
Fork Bank and Sandy Buttacy, the
Lindenhurst Branch Manager, pres-
ent a check in the amount of
$3,639.65 to Lorraine Pace and Lynda
Distler of Breast Cancer Help, earli-
er this year. The check represented
funds raised through the sale of do-
nation cards to North Fork Bank cus-
tomers during Breast Cancer Aware-
                                                                                             Breast Cancer Help Issues
ness Month.                                                                                  Support for Levy’s Call to
                                                                                             Expedite State Health Study
Wholesalers Support Effort                                                                     Breast Cancer Help’s Lynda Distler;
  BELOW: Members of the Long Island                                                          Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy;
Plumbing and Heating Wholesalers                                                             Legislator Brian Foley and members
Association present a check in the                                                           of the County Cancer Awareness Task
amount of $1,000 to members of                                                               Force stand together during a press
Breast Cancer Help, Inc. Included in                                                         conference on February 9 and ask the
the photo are Robert Reeves, Trea-                                                           New York State Department of Health
surer and Past President of the Asso-                                                        to expedite the release of its findings
ciation and of Clinton A. Hommel,          Legislator Mystal Thanked                         on breast cancer clusters in the
Inc. Plumbing & Heating Supply. Pic-       For Funding Cancer Fight                          Coram, Mount Sinai and Port Jeffer-
tured (SECOND FROM LEFT) is Ken Lind-        ABOVE: Lorraine Pace and Lynda Dis-             son areas of Suffolk County. Distler
say, President of the Association, also                                                      and Breast Cancer Help co-president
                                           tler of Breast Cancer Help thank Suf-
of Babylon Plumbing Supply, Inc.
                                           folk County Legislator Elie Mystal for            Lorraine Pace serve as members of
From right: Alex Fezza and Lorraine
                                           his efforts at securing a grant in the            the Task Force.
Pace of Breast Cancer Help.
                                           amount of $500.00 to fund programs at
                                           Breast Cancer Help’s Long Island Can-
                                           cer Help and Wellness Center.

                                           Game Farm Raises Funds
                                             RIGHT: Melinda and Diane Novak,
                                           the co-owners of the Long Island
                                           Game Farm, present a check for $739
                                           to Lynda Distler, of Breast Cancer
                                           Help. The check represented the
                                           funds raised during the Game Farm’s
                                           2004 Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

                                  Breast Cancer Help, Inc. • Fall 2005 •
In the Community

Self Image Hair Salon Tallies Ladies Workout Express                                         World Tile and Floors Direct
Cut-A-Thon Fundraising Effort Contributes for Mother’s Day                                   Contributes Nearly, $3,000
  ABOVE: Tom Urraro, the owner of           BELOW: Representatives of Breast
Self Image Hair Salon in Amityville;      Cancer Help accepted a $655 dona-                  to Breast Cancer Help
Jamie Hogan, the manager; and the         tion from local area Ladies Workout                  ABOVE: Lynda Distler accepts a
staff, present a check in the amount      Express franchises. Members from                   donation check from representatives
of $5,105 to Adriane Toscano Ballard      the Medford, West Islip, Smithtown,                of World Tile and Floors Direct Inc.,
and Lynda Distler of Breast Cancer        Bayport and Hauppauge locations                    which raised $2,979.33 in contribu-
Help. The check represents funds          participated by providing awareness                tions for Breast Cancer Help and the
raised during Self Image’s 2004 Tri-      information, while selling donation                fight against breast cancer. The
angle of Love Fundraiser in the Fight     cards and t-shirts to raise funds.                 funds were raised from August to
Against Breast Cancer.                      The fundraiser ended with a check                October 2004, in conjunction with
                                          presentation on May 6, in time for                 Breast Cancer Awareness Month,
                                          Mother’s Day. As part of the effort,               which is October. During the three
                                          participating members made the                     months, World Tile donated 50 cents
                                          Mother’s Day Pledge, “I pledge with                from each yard of carpeting sold at
                                          Ladies to Workout and Express my                   its local area locations: Riverhead,
                                          commitment to fight breast cancer.”                Smithtown and Copiague.

DiBenedetto Foundation
Funds Breast Cancer Fight
  Russ DiBenedetto and Claudia
DiBenedetto, representatives of the
DiBenedetto Family Foundation,
present a $5,000 check to Lorraine
Pace, John Pace and Alex Fezza of
Breast Cancer Help, last February.
The donation helped fund Breast Can-
cer Help’s programs and services.

                                 Breast Cancer Help, Inc. • Fall 2005 •

Breast Cancer Help, Inc. Accomplishments
I–Originated the ever-expanding breast        ends the practice of drive-through mas-
cancer mapping project in 1992. This          tectomies by ensuring that HMOs and in-
original mapping project spearheaded          surance companies offer hospital cover-
the breast cancer environmental move-         age to mastectomy patients until each pa-
ment.                                         tient and her physician have determined
                                              they are ready for discharge. The law
I–Helped more than 25 breast cancer           also mandates insurers to cover mastec-
coalitions form and map locally, nationally   tomy patients choosing reconstructive
and abroad, including minority coalitions     surgery.
at Sisters for Sisters with Beth El AME
Church in Copiague and another in Coram.      I–Spearheaded the first-ever Breast Can-
These included the Marin County Breast        cer Awareness Stamp through the efforts            Governor Pataki signs a bill to provide
Cancer Watch in 1995 with Chris Mason,        of Congressman Peter King, former Sen-             matching funds for ‘Give a Gift to Breast
Francine Levien and Dr. Roger Grimson.        ator Alfonse D’Amato and Congressman               Cancer’ Income Tax Check-off program.
                                              Mike Forbes.
                                              I–Supported the second Breast Cancer               and supporting the subsequent legisla-
                                              Research Stamp, which donates funds to             tion, introduced by NYS Assemblyman
                                              breast cancer research.                            Steve Englebright, authorizing the state
                                                                                                 to provide a dollar-for-dollar match for
                                              I–Initiated the move to update and ex-             each contribution made to the Breast
                                              pand the NYS Breast Cancer Registry                Cancer Research and Education Fund.
                                              and to require, through the efforts of
                                              NYS Senator Kemp Hannon, hospital reg-             I–Advocated the establishment of a toll-
                                              istrar certification for medical records           free hotline for the latest clinical trials
                                              to ensure the completeness and accuracy            for breast cancer and other life-threaten-
                                              of the Breast Cancer Registry. These ef-           ing diseases.
                                              forts helped the NYS Cancer Registry re-           I–Testified at hearings on the environ-
Lorraine Pace at Beth El AME Church,
                                              ceive the top ranking gold certificate             ment and its link to breast cancer and pe-
helping to form Sisters for Sisters.
                                              from the North American Association of             titioning the CDC to explore the breast
                                              Central Cancer Registries. For more in-            cancer epidemic on Long Island and help-
I–The mapping project also led to the         formation on the zip code registries go to         ing to launch the five-year Long Island
first rally in Suffolk on the steps of the                            Breast Cancer Study.
H. Lee Dennison Building in 1993. This
resulted in the formation of Suffolk          I–Lead the movement, along with then               I–Supported passage of the NYS Adop-
County Breast Health Partnership, of          Breast Cancer Help Vice President,                 tion law, introduced by NYS Assembly-
which Lorraine Pace is a charter mem-         Diane Nannery, to create the “Give a Gift          man Robert Sweeney, allowing breast
ber.                                          to Breast Cancer” check-off on the NYS             cancer patients to adopt children.
                                              income tax form, enabling taxpayers to
I–Through the West Islip Breast Cancer        make a contribution to the NYS Breast              I–Obtained $80,000 in 1994 from NYS
Coalition, initiated a breast cancer cen-     Cancer Research and Education Fund,                Assemblyman Paul Harenberg to im-
ters at Good Samaritan Hospital and an-                                                          prove prostate and breast cancer care in
other at Stony Brook University Hospital                                                         the Dept. of Radiation Oncology at Stony
through Breast Cancer Help, Inc.                                                                 Brook University Hospital.
I–Initiated the Walk for Beauty in a                                                             I–Initiated the NYS breast/testicular ed-
Beautiful Place held annually in Stony                                                           ucation law, introduced by NYS Senator
Brook, resulting in the Unique Boutique.                                                         Ken LaValle.
I–Initiated the move to establish the toll-                                                      I–Successfully supported DOD surplus
free Cancer HELPLINE at Stony Brook                                                              funds for breast cancer research.
University Hospital and Medical Center.
                                                                                                 I–Supported passage of the NYS Neigh-
I–Supporting the petition resulting in                                                           borhood Notification law that requires 48-
President Clinton’s full commitment to a                                                         hour notice to immediate neighbors be-
National Action Plan to fight breast can-                                                        fore the spraying of any pesticide. Sup-
cer and a $250 million increase in federal                                                       porting the bill to create the NYS Pesti-
funding for breast cancer research.           Former Senator Alfonse D’Amato with                cide Registry signed into law by Governor
                                              Lorraine Pace at the dedication of the             Pataki and supporting the Suffolk law that
I–Helped change federal regulations to        D’Amato Federal Courthouse. Pace’s                 bans pesticide use on new golf courses.
provide insurance coverage for stem-cell      brother-in-law, Anthony Pace, was an
infusion therapy for federal employees.       early supporter of D’Amato’s 1980 cam-             I–Helped form the Carol M. Baldwin
                                              paign for Senate.                                  Breast Cancer Research Fund with Joan
I–Supported passage of the NYS law that

                                     Breast Cancer Help, Inc. • Fall 2005 •
Hudson, Dr. Michael Maffetone, Dr. Allen                                                         in 2003 by Governor Pataki requiring clin-
Meek, serving as Treasurer, and John                                                             ical breast exams by a physician when a
Pace performing the legal work, pro bono.                                                        mammography is performed.
Initiated the naming of the Carol M. Bald-
                                                                                                 I–In 2003, introduced Doctor Jack Kovach
win Breast Care Center at Stony Brook.
                                                                                                 to Babylon Town Supervisor Steve Bel-
I–In 2001, contributed $100,000 and pro-                                                         lone, Babylon Town Councilman Wayne
cured an additional $250,000 through the                                                         Horsley, and Connie Davis, Human Rights,
help of Suffolk County Executive Robert                                                          Town of Babylon, which launched the start
Gaffney and Legislator Cameron Alden to                                                          of the WITNESS Project through Beth El
allow Stony Brook University Hospital to                                                         AME Church to provide early detection
purchase the first two of three modules       County Legislator Cameron Alden and                and support to African American women
for the Novalis Radio Surgery system.         County Executive Robert Gaffney pres-              with breast cancer. Supported the first
                                              ent Dr. Allen Meek a check for $ 250,000           WITNESS Walk held on May 1, 2004.
I–Beginning in 2001, guaranteed a 63-         towards the purchase of the second of
month lease for the GE Digital Mammog-        three Novalis Radiosurgery systems.                I–With the help of the Sons of Italy,
                                                                                                 raised $25,000 for breast cancer research
                                              raphy System and began making lease                at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory in
                                              payments exceeding $7,000 per month.               Cold Spring Harbor.
                                              I–In March of 2003, opened the Long Is-            I–In 2005, teamed with the Sons of Italy
                                              land Cancer Help and Wellness Center in            to donate $10,000 to Stony Brook Univer-
                                              Lindenhurst to provide increased aware-            sity Hospital, allowing the purchase of a
                                              ness and promote early detection, while            frameless head immobilizer to be used
                                              providing cancer patients and survivors            with stereotactic radiotherapy.
                                              with support.
                                                                                                 I–Launched a “Cut-A-Thon” fundraising
                                              I–Contributed half of the funds to pur-            campaign with Special Effects Hair Salon
                                              chase a new CADstream MRI reader for               of East Hampton, raising over $25,000 in
                                              Stony Brook University Hospital.                   two years, including $20,000 for the Cold
                                                                                                 Spring Harbor Laboratory.
Pictured (left - right) are NYS Senator       I–Procured $5 million for the L.I. Cancer
Dean Skelos; NYS Assemblyman Harvey           Center at Stony Brook through former               I–Launched a study of organic pesticide
Weisenberg; Lorraine Pace; NYS Assem-         U.S. Congressman Michael Forbes.                   and herbicide usage in the Village of Lin-
blyman Robert Sweeney; NYS Senator                                                               denhurst, in conjunction with the Village
                                              I–Successfully obtained $1 million with
Owen Johnson; Governor Pataki; and Geri                                                          and Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suf-
                                              the assistance of former U.S. Congress-
Barish of 1 in 9. Pataki is seen handing                                                         folk County. The study, launched in the
                                              man Felix Grucci for the Long Island
Pace a pen used to sign legislation requir-                                                      Summer of 2005, compared the use of po-
                                              Cancer Database Project at Stony Brook
ing that physicians perform a breast ex-                                                         tentially harmful chemical weed and pest
                                              University Hospital.
amination when a woman receives a                                                                killers and those composed of relatively be-
mammography.                                  I–Supporting legislation signed into law           nign organic materials.

                                   WITNESS Project                     National Cancer Institute           National Cancer Institute
     Resources                      (631) 444-7789                      (800) 4-CANCER 
  LONG ISLAND COMMUNITY            Hewlett House                       National Cancer Institute           State University at Stony
                                   (516) 374-3190                      Information Services                Brook Cancer Registry
  Breast Cancer Help’s Long
                                         (800) 4-CANCER
  Island Cancer Help and
  Wellness Center
  Lindenhurst Village Rainbow
                                   SPECIAL NEEDS BOUTIQUES             Susan G. Komen
                                                                       Breast Cancer Foundation            OTHER GOOD CONNECTIONS
  Center                           Jodee Post-Mastectomy                (800) 462-9273
  (631) 226-1772 or 661-7223       Fashions Catalogue                                                      Breast Cancer Action       (800) 932-4115                     UCLA Breast Center                  San Francisco (415) 243-9301
  New York State                                                       (800) 825-2144
                                   Tender Loving Care Catalog          Breast Cancer Fund
  Breast Cancer Hotline            American Cancer Society                                                 (415) 543-2979
  Stony Brook University
                                   (800) 850-9445                      Y-ME Hotline
  (800) 877-8077
                                          (800) 221-2141        Marin Breast Cancer Watch
                                                                                                           (415) 458-3200
  Suffolk County Department                                             Spanish - (800) 986-9595
  of Health Services               Unique Boutique                                                         Women’s Environment and
                                    631-751-2244                       Women's Health Partnership
  (631) 853-3013                                                       (Cancer Society)                    Development Organizatio
                                                                                                           New York, NY (212) 973-0325
  Carol M. Baldwin                 ORGANIZATIONS/WEB SITES              (631) 436-5262
  Breast Care Center               American Cancer Society             New York Cancer Mapping             BREAST CANCER NEWS
  (631) 444-4550                    (800) 227-2345    

                                     Breast Cancer Help, Inc. • Fall 2005 •
 Healthy Food Choices
Can Help Reduce Risks
 being and unbalanced diets can play a role in dis-
 ease and chronic illness. The proliferation of fast
 food, processed food and foods that are high in fat,
 salt and characterized as acidic can have long
 term, detrimental effects on an individual’s health.
Explain what is meant by “characterized as acidic”?              Nearly 300 motorcyclists made the trek from Bald Hill in
 To promote healing in the body, we need to create               Farmingville to Lindenhurst, raising over $8,000.
 an alkaline environment. All ingested substances
 and all situations we experience that affect the
 body, leave either an alkaline or acid ash residue
 in the body. The core cause of disease in the body
                                                                ‘Ride For a Friend’
                                                                 Inaugural Motorcycle Run Supports
 is too much tissue acid waste build-up.
What are the detrimental effects?                                  Efforts of Breast Cancer Help, Inc.
 Waste acids that are not eliminated are reabsorbed                Nearly 300 motorcyclists         this fun and exciting
 from the colon into the liver and put back into gen-            rode from Farmingville to          event,” Lorraine Pace, co-
 eral circulation. This is then deposited into the               Lindenhurst to help sup-           president of Breast Cancer
 body’s tissues. It is the level of these acid tissue            port the efforts of Breast         Help, Inc. said. “What bet-
 residues that determines our sickness or our                    Cancer Help, Inc., this            ter way is there to come to-
 health. The alkaline reserves in the body provide               summer.                            gether, show support, and
 energy whereas the acid build-up depletes the                     Breast Cancer Help               raise funds in the fight
 body’s ability to energize its systems. Polluted air            raised over $8,000 at the          against breast cancer.”
 and water, inorganically grown fruits and vegeta-               first annual “Ride for a             Riders were greeted at
 bles, all meats and dairy products are acid-form-               Friend” motorcycle run,            Babylon Town Hall with
 ing and throw off your body’s natural pH balance.               which was held on June 26.         live music, food, refresh-
 An acid/alkaline imbalance towards too much acid-                 The run commenced at             ments, entertainment, ven-
 ity allows yeast, viruses, rogue cancer cells and               the Brookhaven Amphithe-           dors, contest raffles and
 numerous parasites to thrive. Acidity can also ex-              ater on South Bicycle Path         door prizes.
 acerbate conditions such as cancer, chronic fatigue,            in Farmingville at 11 a.m.           Riders held a candle-
 AIDS, arthritis, osteoporosis and allergies. Fur-               and concluded about an             lighting ceremony at the
 ther, your body is constantly calling on your stored            hour later at Babylon              reflection pond at Babylon
 reserves of alkaline minerals; sodium, calcium,                 Town Hall on Sunrise               Town Hall to honor and re-
 potassium and magnesium. Over time a severe                     Highway in Lindenhurst.            member those affected by
 mineral deficiency is created if one continues to                 “Hundreds of motorcycle          breast cancer.
 consume highly acid-forming foods.                              riders, their families, and          Each rider donated $15
What dietary choices can we make to improve health?              their friends joined us for        to Breast Cancer Help,
 An 80:20 diet helps eliminate acid waste residue                                                   Inc. Each ride-along pas-
 and simultaneously helps build our alkaline re-                                                    senger contributed $10.
 serve. Eighty percent of your foods should be alka-                                                  The event would not
 line producing and twenty percent should be acid                                                   have been successful with-
 forming. Eating this way will build the great alka-                                                out the support of the or-
 line reserve in the body which is our body’s bank                                                  ganizing committee and
 account for greater health. It is primarily fruits                                                 the sponsors, including
 and vegetables that are alkaline forming foods and                                                 major sponsors: South Bay
 animal and grain products that are high acid form-                                                 Diner, Full Throttle Maga-
 ing foods. Current research shows that an increase                                                 zine, Chateau Le Mar, All
 in consumption of fresh, organic fruits and vegeta-                                                Town Collision, O.J.
                                                                 Some motorcycle riders
 bles leads to greater health and less risk of disease.                                             Medtech, Snapple,
                                                                 paired up to raise money
                                                                                                    Brookhaven Amphitheater,
                                                                 for Breast Cancer Help.
                                                                                                    and the Town of Babylon.

                               Breast Cancer Help, Inc. • Fall 2005 •
Cover Story

Organic Weed Control Methods Are Studied
CONTINUED FROM PAGE 1                                                                                nell Cooperative Extension
will encourage others to                                                                             at the project kickoff.
seek environmentally                                                                                   Like many other munici-
friendly alternatives in                                                                             palities on Long Island,
weed-control. On Long Is-                                                                            the Village of Lindenhurst
land, we love to maintain                                                                            is responsible for main-
our lawns and property.                                                                              taining property adjacent
But we have a responsibili-                                                                          to roads and relies on low-
ty to our children and fu-                                                                           toxicity chemicals to pro-
ture generations to do so                                                                            vide weed control.
in an environmentally-                                                                                 “We are always working
friendly way,” said Lor-                                                                             to ensure that our actions
raine Pace, Co-President of                                                                          as a municipal govern-
Breast Cancer Help, Inc.                                                                             ment are accomplished in
  The project is the prod-                                                                           a way that is going to have
uct of research and work                                                                             a positive impact on the
conducted by Cornell Co-                                                                             quality of life of our resi-
operative Extension of                                                                               dents,” Village of Linden-
Suffolk County with a goal                                                                           hurst Mayor Tom Brennan
to reduce pesticide use                                                                              said at the announcement
countywide.                                                                                          of the weed-control study.
  Cornell Cooperative Ex-                                                                              “If we can accomplish
tension of Suffolk County                                                                            the same objectives in an
is a non-profit educational                                                                          environmentally-friendly
agency dedicated to                                                                                  way, then it is our obliga-
strengthening families and                                                                           tion to the community and
communities, enhancing                                                                               its environment to imple-
                              LEFT TO RIGHT: Lorraine Pace, Co-Founder of Breast Can-
and protecting the envi-      cer Help; Owen Johnson, member of the New York State                   ment effective alterna-
ronment, and fostering        Senate and Lynda Distler, Executive Director of Breast                 tives. We eagerly await the
countywide economic de-       Cancer Help watch as Tamson Yeh, of Cornell Coopera-                   results of the study and
velopment. Affiliated with    tive Extension prepares an organic weed treatment.                     look forward to working
Cornell University, Cornell                                                                          with Breast Cancer Help
Cooperative Extension of      tension include Agricul-            can we show the public             and Cornell Cooperative
Suffolk County is part of     ture, Marine, 4-H Youth             that there are effective en-       Extension on this worth-
the state and national ex-    Development, and Family             vironmentally-friendly al-         while project.”
tension system that in-       and Consumer Sciences.              ternatives to many of the            The demonstration proj-
cludes the land-grant uni-      “We are pleased to join           chemically based products          ect took place between
versities and the U.S. De-    with Breast Cancer Help             used today in weed control,        South Delaware Avenue
partment of Agriculture.      and the Village to launch           pest-control and fertiliza-        and Park Avenue along the
The program areas of the      this project. Only through          tion,” said Tom Williams,          Long Island Rail Road right
Cornell Cooperative Ex-       awareness and education             Executive Director of Cor-         of way in Lindenhurst.

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