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									?Being successful means growing revenues, and this is where marketing comes into
play. There are all kinds of marketing techniques being touted today ranging from
traditional forms like direct mail and print advertising to brand new tactics like using
Web 2.0 avenues (e.g., YouTube, MySpace).For many small businesses.
, and a number of larger concerns, one approach that applies no matter what content is
used is "guerilla marketing," a term that has been part of the commercial lexicon for
over two decades, since Jay Conrad Levinson's book of same name hit the bookstores.

For start up or small businesses, marketing can be a "damned if you do, damned if
you don't" proposition. Pouring money into marketing can blow the budget, but some
kind of conversation with the market is needed. The key is finding smart ways to
promote the business that are free, cheap, or promise a huge return on investment.
This is where guerilla marketing comes in. It is an option that has proven quite
successful for numerous industries. With this marketing solution, you use your time,
information, energy, and creativity in lieu of money.

Tired of the high cost of traditional methods, Levinson introduced the concept of
guerilla marketing as a better way to get the word out about a particular business.
Unlike standard marketing, guerilla marketing offers a lower cost form of advertising
with powerful results. One component of this approach is focusing on a specific niche
market rather than trying to sell to everyone. This type of focus allows you to refine
the business more effectively.

Guerilla marketing is essentially about using good, old-fashioned common sense in a
creative coloring-outside-the-lines way. In other words, it's about using
unconventional methods for promoting your company, as well as using every source
of publicity, some that you might not have considered before. Here are some
interesting examples:

1. A pizza store discount coupon that looks like a UPS delivery slip.

2. A consultant who gives prospects a free quart of ice cream when they leave his
office, then calls them with a special offer when he has calculated they've arrived at
home (can't let that ice cream melt!).

3. A consultant's business card that folds out into a bookmark; it includes the usual
information, along with a list of her services as well useful resources for her

4. A dry cleaner who doesn't give out discount coupons; instead, he effectively
sidesteps competitors by sending a personal letters to each customer, giving a credit to
their account.

Actually, many guerillas have realized the value of writing a short note and mailing it
off with business card attached; the note can range from just touching base to outright
asking for business. Although guerilla marketing was originally designed for the
smaller business, larger firms, even those in the Fortune 500 space, use the strategies
as well, which is a sure sign that the approach works. Incorporate this strategy by
applying some creativity spiced by a little nonconformity, and you can grow your
business with great success without spending a fortune.

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