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					Common Cations and Anions
Now that we have learned the names of the most common elements, we are ready to learn
the names and charges of some common cations (ions with positive charges) and anions.

Quiz on____________________________(date) – You are responsible for the
following cations with a charge of 1+ and the ions below with a charge of 2+, as well
as knowing which cations have which charge.

ATOMIC             NAME                       FORMULA
1+                 Hydrogen ion               H+
                   Lithium ion                Li+
                   Sodium ion                 Na+
                   Potassium ion              K+
                   Cesium ion                 Cs+
                   Silver ion                 Ag+
                   Ammonium ion               NH4+
                   Copper (I) or cuprous      Cu+

ATOMIC             NAME                              FORMULA
2+                 Magnesium                         Mg2+
                   Calcium                           Ca2+
                   Strontium ion                     Sr2+
                   Barium ion                        Ba2+
                   Zinc ion                          Zn2+
                   Cadmium ion                       Cd2+
                   Cobalt (II) or cobaltous ion      Co2+
                   Copper (II) or cupric ion         Cu2+
                   Iron (II) or ferrous ion          Fe2+
                   Manganese (II) or                 Mn2+
                   manganous ion
                   Mercury (I) or dimercury ion      Hg 22+
                   Nickel (II) or nickelous ion      Ni 2+
                   Lead (II) or plumbous ion         Pb 2+
                   Tin (II) or stannous ion          Sn2+

Quiz on____________________________(date) – You are responsible for knowing
all of the above cations and their charges plus cations with a charge of 3+ and
anions with a charge of 1-.

ATOMIC             NAME                           FORMULA
3+                 Aluminum ion                   Al3+
                   Chromium (III) or              Cr3+
                   chromic ion
                   Iron (III) or ferric ion       Fe3+
ATOMIC            NAME                          FORMULA
1-                Hydride ion                   H-
                  Fluoride ion                  F-
                  Chloride ion                  Cl-
                  Bromide ion                   Br-
                  Iodide ion                    I-
                  Cyanide ion                   CN-
                  Hydroxide ion                 OH-
                  Acetate ion                   CH3COO-
                  Bromate                       BrO3-
                  Chlorite                      ClO2-
                  Chlorate ion                  ClO3-
                  Dihydrogen phosphate          H2PO4-
                  Hydrogen sulfate              HSO4-
                  Hypochlorite                  ClO-
                  Perchlorate ion               ClO4-
                  Nitrate ion                   NO3-
                  Nitrite                       NO2-
                  Permanganate ion              MnO4-

Quiz on____________________________(date) – you are responsible for knowing all
of the cations and anions you have learned thus far along with their charges, plus
the following anions with a 2- and 3- charge:

ATOMIC            NAME                          FORMULA
2-                Oxide ion                     O2-
                  Peroxide ion                  O22-
                  Sulfide ion                   S2-
                  Carbonate ion                 CO32-
                  Chromate ion                  CrO42-
                  Dichromate ion                Cr2O72-
                  Hydrogen Phosphate            HPO42-
                  Sulfate ion                   SO42-

ATOMIC            NAME                          FORMULA
3-                Nitride ion                   N3-
                  Arsenate                      AsO43-
                  Phosphate ion                 PO43-