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									?Preparing a GSA proposal is a complex task, requiring a significant investment in
time and company resources that can take you away from managing your business.
Frequently, because of the paperwork complexity and terminology associated with
preparing a GSA proposal, many companies spend months working on a proposal and
never finish. GSA Access Groups services eliminate this problem and allow you to
quickly complete your proposal. Working with a GSA Access Group specialist, you
quickly prepare your GSA proposal in weeks instead of months.

GSA Schedule Contracts benefit companies wishing to sell to the federal government,
as well as federal customers wishing to purchase goods and services, by simplifying
the transaction and providing federal customers with the means to make purchases

In obtaining a GSA Schedule Contract, the General Services Administration will
conduct a thorough review of a companys competencies and commercial sales
practices. After negotiating discounted rates for government buyers and establishing a
GSA Schedule price list, GSA will award a GSA Schedule Contract Number. When
ordering under a GSA Schedule Contract, government buyers are not required to: seek
full and open competition, synopsize requirements (unless the buyer is using
Recovery Act funds for a purchase of $25,000 or more), or make a determination of
fair and reasonable pricing. GSA has essentially completed this work on behalf of
government buyers in awarding the GSA Contract.

Once awarded, a GSA Schedule Contract is valid for an initial five-year period with
three five-year extension options. To maintain efficiency and profitability, it is
important that a GSA Schedule Contract be kept up-to-date with current compliancy
regulations, as well as a companys current pricing and offerings.

GSA Access Group can get you engaged with the government directly or through a
Prime Vendor. Regardless of the channel, having a GSA Schedule is a major asset.

As part of our services, we have developed a streamlined process that allows us to
provide our services at a highly competitive rate. Dont get tangled up in the red tape.
Cut through it with the help of GSA Access Group.

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