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PVC PAC Instructions - Containment Systems


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									PVC PAC INSTRUCTIONS (1of 2)

The PVC PAC is an easy to use frame with the ability to snap on
poly sheeting to enclose an area and lower the ceiling level.

                      The male portion is on the tube extrusion shown at the
bottom of this picture. The female is the piece that snaps onto the male after
the poly sheeting has been placed over it. You may find that there is not a
need to have exact female portions to each male as the hold of poly sheeting
will not require it.

                        Your PVC PAC uses standard 3/4” PVC couplers that will
have a nice tight fit for the male PVC PAC extrusion. If the fit loosens, simply
cut the portion that fits into the coupler and once again the fit will be tight.

                     Frame out you PVC PAC to fit the room as close to the
edge as possible using the male portion facing upward with the PVC couplers.

                     If you do not construct the PVC PAC at the floor level,
you may need to use a Tee at or around 6’ intervals to allow support of the
male PVC PAC extrusion. Without the Tee’s, the male will tend to bow
downward. For a more stable containment you may want to use cross
sections at or around 10’ intervals to provide stability to the middle of your
containment area.

                     With Smart Seal’s PVC PAC you can easily frame around
your heat or cooling drying device. This will allow you to achieve a better
containment with faster drying results.

                     Once your frame has been constructed you are ready to
snap on poly sheeting. You may want to cut 6” pieces of the female to snap
the poly on spreading them out every few feet. In most cases you will find
there is no need to match equal female to male portions but in some cases
you might, such as small wood floor sections.

                       Now that you have finished connecting the poly to the
PVC PAC frame, you are ready to introduce your drying source. If the frame
starts to lift, simply apply weight to the corners and this will keep your frame
at the ground level.

       Reusable, Strong and Stable, SMART SEAL’S PVC PAC
Each PVC PAC kit comes with Twenty- 8’ male and female extrusions.

    www.smartseal.cc 407-466-9189 smartseal@embarqmail.com

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