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					AXIS P1311 Network Camera

        Support Training

   AXIS P1311 Network Camera

               High-performance video surveillance
                     with H.264 compression

   > Features
   > Front/back/under
   > Technical specifications
   > Image: Focusing, min illumination
   > Streaming
         – Streaming types
         – Limitations

   > Performance, bandwidth usage
   > Accessories
  AXIS P1311 – Features

  > Superior image quality
        – Progressive scan sensor
        – Min illumination 0.6 lux, max 30.000lux (full daylight, not direct sun)

  > Multiple video streams
        – Handling of multiple differently configured video streams in H.264, Motion
          JPEG as well as MPEG-4 Part 2

  > Two-way audio
  > Intelligent capabilities for improving surveillance solution
        – Motion detection, active tampering alarm, audio alarm, one input and one
          output port

  > Power over Ethernet
  > Local storage on the SD card
  > Advanced security and network management
 AXIS P1311 Front

   > Metal casing, zink                                 Status
         – Stand the same like on the AXIS              indicator     Built-in
           221/223M                                     placement     microphone

   > Status indicator
         – Can be used for focusing without looking
           in Live View (see the Installation Guide)

   > Built-In microphone

                                                       Focus puller
 AXIS P1311 Image

   > 4mm, F1.2 lens, fixed iris
   > ¼” CMOS sensor, progressive scan
   > Resolutions up to 640x480
         – 4CIF available via VAPIX

   > Rotation 00 and 1800
   > Mirroring in the future firmware
   > A number of camera settings like brightness, sharpness, contrast
     including exposure zones, exposure priority
         – A fixed exposure time possible to set by specifying the same min and max
           shutter in Exposure priority camera settings
 AXIS P1311 – Back
                                                                                 SD card slot
                                                            Audio in and
   > Built-in slot for SD/SDHC card enables                 out
     local storage of up to 32 GB
   > Power over Ethernet (PoE) class 1
               – Up to 3.84W power
               – Measured power consumption 2.8W
   > Back focus adjustment                                                       Network/PoE
               – Might be needed if lens is changed or if    Back focus
                 not satisfied with focus achieved using     screw (slot grip)
                 focus puller
   > Two-way audio
               – Listening in on an area and
                 communicating with visitors or intruders
                 remotely (one operation at a time i.e.
                 Half duplex or Simplex)
               – AAC 8/16kHz, G.711, G.726 8kHz
               – Audio alarm in firmware
 AXIS P1311 Audio In/Out specification

   > Audio In:
          – 3.5mm jack for mic/line in, Max 90mVpp for microphone / Max 6.2Vpp for line signal
          – Input impedance: Max 7 kohm

   > Audio Out:
          – 3.5mm jack, Max 2.8Vpp.
          – Output impedance: Max 70 ohm

   > Mic/line in connector:
          – Tip: Signal/Bias, Ring: Bias, Sleeve: Ground

   > External electret microphone power the camera provides:
          – 1.3V – 2.6V (DC)

   > SNR (input and output) >40dB
   > microphone spec:
          – Sensitivity: -36dB +-2dB (0dB=1V/Pa, 1kHz)
          – Max input (SPL): 100dB
    AXIS P1311 – Underside

button                                                                   Power and

I/O terminal

Power in

     > Powering with PS-K or 8-20VDC, max 2.8W, separate terminal block for
     power in to the camera
     > One input (pin3)/one output (pin4)
     > 3.3V power out on pin 2 (not power in!) for powering other equipment
   AXIS P1311 – Accessories

   > Camera operating temperature: -100 to 550 C
   > Choice of housings
        > AXIS T92A Housing
        > VT Verso Housing
        > VT Vandal-resistant Housing
   > Illumination
        > AXIS T90A white LED illuminators
   > AXIS Camera Station for recording
 AXIS P1311 performance and bandwidth

   > Up to 30 fps in Motion JPEG, MPEG-4 and H.264
   > MPEG-4/H.264 – 1 stream in full frame rate/resolution
   > Motion JPEG – 2 individually configured streams in full frame
   > More streams in either compression if identical and if full frame rate/full
     resolution is not a requirement
   > Performance/bitrate measurments on Inside
         – Appr. 30% less bandwidth usage on H.264 comparing to MPEG-4
         – Example: 640x480, 30 compression measured for the specific scene
             – 8280 kbps Motion JPEG, 2194 kbps MPEG-4, 1575kbps H.264
AXIS M3011 Fixed Dome Network Camera
             Support Training


   > Features
   > Form/size
   > Installation
   > Focus lock solution
   > Accessories
   > Known limitations

   > Ultra-discreet fixed dome design
   > Progressive scan, VGA
   > Multiple H.264/MPEG-4 streams
   > Easy installation
   > Power over Ethernet
   > Motion detection and active tampering alarm
   > Advanced security and network management
         – Except 802.1x
  AXIS M3011 – Compact and discreet

   > Ultra-compact and discreet fixed dome
           – 9 cm wide
           – Protruding only 3 cm from ceiling

   > Steel and plastic
   > Different color options to suit interior design
           – White (included)
           – Gold*
           – Silver*
           – Black*

*Available as accessory                                     17
  AXIS M3011 – Image&Video

  > ¼” progressive scan CMOS VGA sensor
        – Up to 640x480 resolution

  > Lens 3.0mm, F2.0, fixed iris, 660 Horizontal
    angle of view
        – M12 board lens mount

  > Multiple H.264 streams as well as
    Motion JPEG
        – Full frame rate or individually optimized streams

  > Supports MPEG-4 Part 2 for backward
  > Performance and bitrate measurments                                 18
AXIS M3011 – Quick & easy installation

   > Designed for quick & easy installation
     in drop ceilings
         1. Mount metal holder
         2. Connect cable to camera module
         3. Fit camera module to holder
         4. Snap-on magnetic cover ring (can be
            screwed in as well)

   > ”Watch fingers” stick placed on the metal
     holder as you can get a slap on your fingers
     when setting the springs in their slots if
     these are released
   > On hard ceiling metal holder can be
     screwed in instead of using springs                              19
AXIS M3011 Installation continue

 > Power over Ethernet eliminates
   need for power cables and reduces
   installation cost
        – Powering ONLY using PoE
        – PoE class 1

 > No audio, input/output
 > Focus lock changed to more durable
   like on new AXIS 209:s                         Springs
        – No need for special tool when
          moving lens bubble or unscrewing
          optical holder screws                                  Network
 > For detailed information about                                Control
   installation procedure see the            LED                 button
   Installation Guide                        indicators
                                                            Dome cover with 4
                           Plugs that can be                magnets
                           replaced with screws
  AXIS M3011 – Accessories
   > Accessories
        – Lenses
            – Tele & wide, same as 209:series
        – Optional covers (will be available in 10 packs)
            – Black
            – Silver
            – Gold

   > AXIS Camera Station for H.264 recording
     besides Motion JPEG and MPEG-4
   > One port midspan included in single
   > Plenum rating – not available
        – There are external fireplug protection covers
          to achieve this, for example:
Did you know – Some points on firmware 5.x vs. 4.x

   > Web attraction application of less importance
         – There are no HTML examples and simple layout change
              – Use AMC SDK or examples for product running firmware version 4.x
         – External video source/Sequence mode removed
         – Maximum number of users still 20 (Plain Config)
         – Stream duration parameter in Plain Config
         – Referrals in Plain Config
   > Network speed/duplex is in the Plain Config, auto negotiation should be sufficient
   > There is no general network bandwidth limitation
         – Control bit rate by using CBR or max frame size for JPEG
   > Backup/restore
         – Use ACM instead with template functionality
   > There is no Always multicast option
   > IP notification – seldomly used, removed
   > You can stream Motion JPEG over RTSP
         – rtsp://IP/axis-media/media.amp?videocodec=jpeg
   Questions & Conclusion

               Thank you!