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					?As the term itself suggests, a group discussion (GD) is a discussion, but most people
misconstrue it to be a debate. They akin it to a wrestling match and try to score points
over the other participants. Consequently, one finds a 'market' situation in most
GDs.Flexibility - On one side you have to be open to what others are talking on a
topic. But on the other side you cannot keep dribbling with the stand you have taken.
At the onset think which side of the fence you want to sit on and then take a side of
the debate and stick to it.But one thing is certain, the persons forming a group do
share their information, views, ideas, and opinions with others. And the others too, in
turn, do the same; they cannot be just mute listeners. Some propose something while
others refute it. Some give a new piece of information and others benefit from the
same.The discussion method I want to share has four levels to it -- each matching the
natural way our brain thinks when we're involved in a discussion. Ive also included
some example questions which access different intelligence modalities.

Knowledge: Your ability to state convincing and viable solutions for the topic or case
study will determine how good you are in applying what you have learned till now.
The panel ranks the ability to use your knowledge in real life situations rather
highly.Being soft spoken does not imply you are weak. To be confident make use of
facts and figures to prove your statement or opinion. The GD panel is highly educated
and experienced and will know whether your figures are in an accurate range. You
dont have to know the exact number but if your answer is close they will take a
positive note.If you keep these few tips in mind, you surely will crack the face to face
group discussion in a more apt way. Also, once you appear in a G.D you might feel a
bit nervous. But, do not let that stress you out, relax, take a deep breathe, feel
confident and take it on! If you believe in yourself and have a basic knowledge of the
topic, you can easily bring out your view point in front of every one else.

A group discussion is essentially an arrangement wherein a group of individuals
(generally applicants to professional degree courses or certain job profiles) are made
to sit in a group (usually of ten to twenty) and asked to share their opinions on a
certain topic of discussion and use rationale to conclude at the end.Using these 3
quick steps will greatly enhance your ability to make a convincing impression on the
Group Discussion Panel, and help you get that prize seat for the MBA institute of your

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