contract template consultantservices by TaniaPeneva


									Date Organization contact information Consultant contact information This is a confirmation of services discussed in a conversation held on date between names. The services agreed upon include (specify type of service, date of service, site of service, hours of service - include pre-service meetings/interviews in-person or by phone, and written report if requested.) The fee for this service is $. This service is partially funded through a grant from the Arizona Commission on the Arts. Upon completing Commission paperwork in a timely fashion, applicant organization will receive a check from the Commission toward payment of consultant fee. Payment of consultant is required payment within (one month) of the service performed. Per discussion, the primary objective of the service is: state. Please provide the consultant with the following documents in preparation for the consultancy by date. (Might include copies of the most recent grant applications to the Commission, current board list with assignments, current staff list with assignments, current and previous financial statements, sample promotional materials, strategic plan, service-specific documents such as a copy of the current marketing plan, business plan, outreach/educational plan, fundraising plan, audience survey, board/volunteer development strategy etc.) The consultant will provide (board survey, retreat agenda, other relevant materials) by date. If agreed upon -- the consultant will interview -names by phone/in person on -date. Clarify who is responsible for informing interviewees. If agreed upon -- consultant’s report will include …., an action plan etc. On the day of the service the organization will provide (eg flip chart and markers, water, seating, name tags, pens, laptop.) The above is agreeable to both parties.

Signature and date and name of consultant Signature and date and name and title of organization representative. This template has not been designed by a legal team. Before using it you may want to review with a legal professional. Feel free to tailor to your needs.



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