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					?It is said that there's a cutthroat element to business. We've all heard the saying "It's
every man for himself," right? We all know it's supposedly a dog eat dog world. We've
heard the expressions, those clichés, those tired old adages. Lame though they appear
for being so hackneyed, there is sometimes a grain of truth in them.
It is not merely in terms of business-related competitors that this fierceness of
approach shows itself. There is in fact still a good deal of rather ill-advised thoughts
towards the two chief divisions of the franchising industry.
     In opposing corners sit the blue collar franchise businesses and the white collar
franchises. Conventionally franchise was always seen as the realm of the blue collars.
For anyone who is unclear about the origins of the phrase this is a rough guide: Blue
collar workers were mainly working class and the jobs they did were physical or in
production lines, very often unskilled work was depicted as blue collar. White collar,
contrastingly, described those with superior credentials, often such people were
involved in the administrative side of businesses that employed a large blue collar

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     These days we acknowledge that the edges are somewhat indistinct but the
terminology, though thought outmoded by some, is still popularly in use. On the
whole, a blue collar franchise is one that involves the manufacture of something,
physical labour, or a hands-on approach to an unskilled trade.
     There is a recent increase in white collar franchises, and they prove to work
exceptionally well, even if there's still a small percentage of the populace who
mistakenly suppose they wouldn't personally be suitable to do white collar work. This
is largely to do with pre-conditioning, often individuals from blue collar backgrounds
feel they don't have the necessary skills to break the mold and venture into work
environs unfamiliar to them. In fact white collar work, most particularly consultancy
type businesses are appropriate for all types of people, hailing from a diversity of
     It can't be assumed that blue collar work would suit one and all, so with regard to
adaptability white collar franchises are apt for a wider variety of prospective
     So, which company looks to be the top white collar franchise? Online exploration
shows that WSI was named the world's very first white collar franchise. The
corporation has been nominated No 1 in its field for seven years so they're obviously
world class. Their franchisees, who hail from all backgrounds globally, are capable of
doing well regardless of previous experience as complete tuition and support is given
during the franchise holder's career.

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    WSI's Internet Marketing Consultants take pleasure in personal and professional
autonomy by making use of the company's six-phased development plan (this plan
has ensured the success of thousands of businesses of all sizes worldwide.) WSI's
solutions are designed to get results! These processes radically enhance returns, cut
costs and boost output. Also, since the company's services are so efficient, even
franchise holders with no prior experience discover that they rapidly enjoy the
benefits too.

Official WSI Consultants put into practice the company's pioneering technologies,
know-how, guidance and support to supply commissioned Internet solutions to
business customers - all of the technological work is done for the franchise holder.
Most excellent of all, this business opening is obtainable for the modest
recession-friendly cost of $49,700.

It is definitely the time to hang up your old blue-collared shirt and benefit from a
profitable career as a white collar Internet consultant with WSI.
Blue versus white? No competition.