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					?Windows 7 is a very different creature from its predecessors. Re-engineered from the
ground up, it's highly optimized for speed and has superior graphics. Some
applications do not run or don't run well on Windows 7 because of internal changes in

This is the same for registry cleaners. While there is a wide selection of registry
cleaner software available in the market, how many of these function well on
Windows 7? As you may already know, the Windows registry is the heart of the
Windows operating system. Break it, and Windows will malfunction or perform badly.
In many cases, the system may crash, resulting in data loss.

It is important to ensure that the registry functions properly and optimally, that's why
people use registry cleaners. A registry cleaner software scans the registry to look for
errors and then fixes the problems that it finds. It's also essential to ensure that the
registry cleaner that you use works well in Windows 7 and can handle the internal
registry changes that Windows 7 brings with it and requires.

It's also important that the cleaner is able to backup the current registry so that, if
required, the registry can be restored again. This provides the user with ease-of-mind
and a fail-safe measure.

It can be hard to evaluate which registry cleaner is good because if the one being
tested is not compatible with Windows 7, the testing process may result in a system
that doesn't function correctly anymore. When testing, I cloned the operating system
onto an external hard disk so that it's ready to be restored should the need arise. As a
result of the tests, I've recommended a tool called Perfect Optimizer to my office for

A good registry cleaner will help keep your Windows system in good shape and
performing optimally. If you are unsure which registry cleaner to use, you can take a
look at these reviews of registry cleaners. You can also read about .

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