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									?With technology use rising daily throughout the world, it is only reasonable that
consumers look for a way to be ecologically careful with the computer elements that
they possess. There have been studies on this particular type of thought, called Green
IT. According to this philosophy, you can pay special attention to four specific phases
of computer use.

Green IT in Design
When a computer or other technological piece of equipment is designed, careful
thought should be put into making sure that these items are friendly to the
environment. Creating cooling devices or power supplies that will not take as much
from the electricity, or using items straight from nature are ways that Green IT can be

Green IT in Manufacture
As a piece of technology travels down the factory belt, Green IT should also take
place. Using natural means to create a piece of equipment, or reducing the amount of
power supply is very helpful. The goal is to create these pieces of machinery without
adversely affecting the environment.

Green IT in Use
Green IT can be something that is quite beneficial when using a computer, but the
user will not to be aware of what he can do to help the environment. He must choose
technology that does not detract from nature and use it carefully. Using a computer for
a period of time, but turning it off when you are finished is very beneficial to the
environment. Making wise decisions in the type of printer that you choose, the
amount of ink or paper that it uses, and the types of extra equipment that you need to
complete your tasks is very important.

Green IT in Removal
This aspect of Green IT is probably the one that is most often debated and focused on.
All four of these items are important, but the one with the visible impact involves
getting rid of your technology. When you are finished with whatever piece of
equipment you have, you should not simply throw it away. There are various types of
chemicals and devices that need to be specially discarded. Take your machine to a
company that specializes in the removal of computer equipment, or donate it to a
facility that wants to use old and used computers. Making wise decisions will
positively help the environment.

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