Green is IN_ by gyvwpsjkko


									?"Three-quarters of Americans, the world's largest polluters, plan to be more
environmentally responsible in 2008 by reducing household energy or recycling
more." - Reuters, December 17, 2007

Green is IN! Green living that is! I am not talking about a color trend that will hit the
fashion palate this year, but the growing number of Americans becoming
environmentally concerned.

The government has started out campaigns against global warming, car companies
followed by producing hybrid cars or that uses biofuels, and cleaning brand
manufacturers that produces safe, nontoxic and biodegradable products; which means
none of the harsh chemicals found in most households that can harm us, the animals
and the environment.

The growing government's campaign for a green environment has started, followed by
the "green" living campaign by vegetarians, and now, the "green" cleaning process.

Being "green" is being natural. Safe to say, that anything that is bio-, natural, organic,
and has no adverse effects to the environment is regarded as GREEN. The more we
become an advocate to protect the world we live-in, the better it is for us in the future.

Green cleaning is a new-fangled expression for using safe products and services for
home and the environment. It is the use of ingredients, which are non-toxic and
natural. Per se, it does not include any pint of chlorine, petroleum or any other
synthetic or toxic chemicals.

There are many products available in the market, which uses the word "green" in their
packaging or "non-toxic," but still contain harsh chemicals. Even if they are in small
concentration, it is still a chemical. So look out for it if you're planning to clean your
place using bio-based products.

There are so many ways to clean your home using green products. For example, if
your glass windows are stained by dirt, use kitchen vinegar to swipe it. Or you can use
baking powder (a universal cleaner for me), dilute it in water and use it to mop stone
flooring or cleaning your sinks.

In some cases, some people especially in urban areas (cities) usually do not have the
time to clean their houses. Cleaning using natural products can take preparation or if
you don't have the right tools at the moment, the more you get timid. People on-the-go
normally hire house cleaning services as a resort.

There are many cleaning services around that can provide to residential or commercial
customers. These commercial cleaning services use natural products to clean homes
or buildings. One thing that I liked when I am hiring a home cleaning service is that
after they work on my place, it does not smell like chlorine. Some cleaning service
companies uses Essential Oils to leave a lasting aroma.

Sooner or later, cleaning companies will follow the lead that green-cleaning products
has made.


To know more about house cleaning or commercial cleaning using natural, "green"
products. Click this link for more information.

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