Green Cleaning Grow Your Client Base With Eco Friendly Cleaning by gyvwpsjkko


									?When bidding on contracts highlight the environmental dangers of most
conventional products. Without intimidating prospects remind them that many larger
companies are coming under the consumer radar these days for their impact on the
environment. Now would be a great time for them to go 'green' in at least some
aspects of their business.

Rediscover? That's right. We've been cleaning house for decades without the help of
laboratory chemicals. It's only in the last few decades that science (and advertising)
has convinced us to do things differently. Using natural products are safer for your
family because they don't release the same toxic fumes that lead to indoor pollution,
poor air quality and damage to the respiratory system.

These companies are known to remove all items from the floors prior to vacuuming,
to prevent the energy waste of leaving a vacuum run while pulling items out of the
way. Additionally, by frequently emptying the bag or tube will ensure maximum
suction without using increased energy to do so.

Green cleaners can remove calcium, mineral stains, soap scum, grease, and other dirt
from tile and grout. These products break down the hydrocarbon bonds within dirt,
thus making their removal easier. Green cleaning chemicals can be applied by hand or
used with a steam cleaner to clean tiles. These do not harm skin and are safe to use.

EcoFresh offers a natural green cleaning opportunity for entrepreneurs. The company
is based out of Dallas, Texas, and has been working on their goal of safer cleaning
products sense the 1970s. With the help of the Green movement the product is now
getting the attention it desires. The company is now recruiting for Reps to present
their products to the general public for sales.

As more and more people are getting aware of the problems the environment is facing,
there is an increase in demand in products that do not harm the environment. Today,
consumers want to purchase products that have green labels, energy ratings and also
certification that show the impact the products have on the environment. Due to this
demand of green products, more companies are trying to fulfill this demand, and one
area that is often neglected is green chemicals for cleaning.

The bottom line is that you do not need to eliminate a perfectly good carpet just
because it has a foul odor, nor do you have to spend hefty sums of money for
professional services to continually maintain your business's carpets. By using the
right cleaning chemicals with the right rug carpet cleaners, even the most stubborn
odors can be removed.

Cleaning professionals need to strongly implement some type of "Green" effort in
their business for many reasons. Obviously its highly important for the sustainability
of mother earth, though that aside your business needs to begin or increase your shift
towards green cleaning. Over 50% of businesses and over 60% of homeowners in the
U.S. make purchases based on whether the product or service is "green". Other studies
have shown that over 70% of consumers are demanding better environmental
practices from the individuals they spend their money with. Commercial cleaning
companies, janitorial companies, maid services and residential cleaning services need
to adapt to these demands in order to maintain and increase future revenues.

Getting rid of old harmful chemicals, found in everyday household cleaning products,
will surely improve the air quality of your home. No harmful elements in the air you
breath at home has a positive effect on the health of all its inhabitants.

Any family can benefit from green cleaning. When you clean green, you do not use
any harmful chemicals or abrasive products in the cleaning process. Imagine the
benefits of having bleach quality clean floors without having to have the harmful
toxins contained in bleach in your home. Of course, when you consider green
cleaning supplies, you also need to consider the benefits to the overall environment.
These supplies are non-toxic, but they are also environmentally safe.

If you hope to reduce your damage to the environment, green cleaning products
should be the answer. That is the one thing they all claim to be; environmentally
friendly. But, those products still have an impact so don't throw them around without
a care. It is still best to minimise the quantities you use. Even orange oil can be used
as a pesticide. So that naturally orange scented toilet cleaner can be killing helpful
bacteria in the sewage system after you flush. Safer for the environment does not
mean no impact for the environment.

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