The Trustees of Samlesbury Hall are delighted to welcome you to by pengtt


									    The Trustees of Samlesbury Hall are delighted to
 welcome you to our catalogue auction of antiques,
                     collectables and
 furniture. Our objective is to restore the reputation of
Samlesbury Hall as an important venue for the sale of
                  antiques in Lancashire.
    With this in mind we have also restored the ever
                    Southworth Sales.
However, the public will have the same opportunity as
before to acquire popular collectables by retail in the
 Stanley Room the Ascroft Hall and along the ‘Bridge’

 Quality antiques will be offered for sale in our gavel
 auction which, will be on view in the Long Gallery,
       Chapel Gallery and Southworth room.

                Buyers Premium 11.75%

    Payment by Credit/ Debit card-Cash-Cheques
          (Cheques supported by card)

 High quality refreshments will be available throughout
                      the sale day.
If you have any items you may be thinking of selling, or
if you know someone who would be interested please
      contact us on 01254 812229 or 01254 812010
1    Silver spoons/tongs, Sheffield
2    Silver tea knives Sheffield
3    Large round silver frame
4    Silver cigarette case, Birmingham 1925
5    Two sets of six bean spoons
6    Silver ‘apostle’ spoon , tongs and ‘moat’ spoon
7    Silver cruet set and mustard
8    Two shell salt spoons ‘William Chauner?’
9    Silver cigarette box, silver cigarette case & one other.
10   Selection of pin boxes, animals etc.
11   Two silver spoons, Robert Hinnell & Elizabeth Jackson Oldfield
12   Two napkin rings
13   Silver inkwell
14    Small silver tankard
15   Early pincushion Birmingham
16   Walker & Hall silver teaspoons and tongs
17   Child’s silver knife and fork
18   Silver Harlequin condiment set (three pieces)
19   Five piece gentleman’s set
20   Horn box
21   Three spoons and tongs
22   Christening bowl and spoon in box
23   Silver photo frame
24   Boxed silver tea knives
25   Silver card case ‘chinese’ style
26   Early Georgian ladle
27   Two spoons (one with amber)
28    Silver tea pot E J & W Barnard 1847, London
29    Silver sugar bowl Barnard, London
30    Silver coffee/water pot, Deakin, Sheffield
31    Five silver spoons
32    Six items of silver cutlery
33    Two set of Mappin & Webb cake forks
34    Box of ‘bright cut’ spoons
35    Box of animal silver & enamel spoons, ‘Birmingham’
36    Collection of thirteen spoons, tongs etc
37    Teapot, E E J & W Barnard, 1835
38    Silver tray approx 40oz
39    Tea pot, jug and sugar bowl, Birmingham
40    Silver/tortoiseshell four piece brush set
41    Rectangular photograph frame
42    Pair Bateman mustard spoons, Exeter 1854
43    Three Chester cups
44    ‘Liberty’ silver and enamel napkin ring
45    Knife, fork and spoon set, Barnard 1881
46    Four silver topped bottles
47    Three silver rimmed vases
48    Silver chain mail bag
49    Chester vesta, silver/tortoiseshell dish and snuff box
50    Small silver cup on stand and silver bookmark

76     9ctgold Chester gent’s red stone ring
77     Silver charm bracelet
78     Mourning brooch
79     Gent’s garnet ring
80     Diamond ring
81     Box of jewellery, silver/gold
82     Gold cigarette case
83     Charles Horner Brooch
84     Charles Horner gold tie pin and four gold hat pins
85     Platinum zircon ring
86     9ct gold chain bracelet
87     Large diamond ring
88     Diamond eternity ring
89     Large sapphire and diamond ring
90     18 ct sapphire and diamond eternity band
91     Aquamarine dress ring
92     18ct five stone diamond ring
93     18ct sapphire and diamond square ring
94     Platinum wedding ring
95     Gold/diamond band
96     Square diamond platinum ring
97     15ct gold bracelet with sovereign
98      Gold plated bangle
99      Diamond and sapphire ring
100     Box of three buckles
101   Mother of pearl card case
102   9ct gold cigar cutter
103   Mother of pearl card case
104   Coin bracelet
105   Charm bracelet
106   A pair of Charles Horner hat pins


151      Six ‘classic’ style door plates
152    EPNS evening bag
153    Four early brass candlesticks
154    Fish knives and forks in green case
155    Deco EPNS tureen with glass liner
156    Sheffield plate candelabra
157    Brass candelabra
158    Pewter measure
159      Small Limoges patch box
160      Three pieces silver plated ware, 2 bowls + 1 box
161      Box of cutlery
162      EPNS small bag
163      Copper skillet
164      Copper gallon jug
165      Copper squat gallon jug
166      Early corkscrew, James Healley
167      Three piece tea set
168      Brass spill vase, Boston USA
169      Silver (coloured) crystal lamp
170    Box of butter knives and box of jam spoons
171      Pair of pewter candlesticks, measure and quench
172      A coaster from ‘White Star Line Olympia’
173      Pewter jug and two pewter plates
174   Silver plated galleried, oblong tray
175   Silver plated candle-snuffer and stand
176   Ceramic tray with metal surround
177   Brass coal helmet
178   EPNS oblong tray
179   Complete ‘Kings’ EPNS cutlery set
180   Three EPNS entrée dishes
181   Selection of six pieces of pewter
182   Brass doorknocker and brass doorstop
183   Brass drainer


193    Two oriental dolls and a pug toy
194    Rag doll
195    Model of ‘The Campante’
196    Stamp album
197    Solitaire set
198    ‘The Castle’ printing set
199    Wax doll
200   ‘Simon Halbig’ doll
201    Violin, coffin case
202    Violin, leatherette case
203    Collection of fifteen Dinky toys
204    Five money boxes
205    Musical car
206    Hornby train set
207     Meccano set
208    Table bowls game
209    Rose and satin wood chessboard

214    Early Scottish dirk
215    Two WWI badges and RFC badge
216    French sword WWI
217    French sword WWI
218    War Medals
219    French Sword
220    Two military regimental horns

 221   Early green dump
 222   Maling table lamp
 223   Victorian green inkwell
 224   Two pieces of Carlton Ware and Shorter dish
 225   Royal Worcester cake plate and knife
 226   Carlton Ware cruet set
 227   Lladro ‘Posy Girl’
 228   Carlton Ware dish and strainer
 229   Clarice Cliff pot
 230   Three pieces Carlton Ware (green plate, yellow plate, green leaf)
 232   Lladro ‘Girl with Gaggle of Geese’
 233   Unterweiss Bach figure
 234    Large family group (German)
235   Three Imari dishes
236   Lladro ‘Saturday’s Child’
237   Lladro pair of angels
238   Three pieces Italian Spode
239   Royal Doulton vase nouveau style
240   Two piece Royal Doulton series ware
241   Burleigh ware tazza dish
243   Lladro ‘Girl with Goose’
244   Royal Doulton blue & white jug
245   Two Crown Derby plates
246   Pair blue & white oriental flasks
247   Blue & white oriental bowl
248   Pair blue & white oriental vases
250   Lladro ‘Girl with Goose and Dog’
251   Blue and white ginger jar
252   Blue and white vases, large, medium and small
253   Lalique style pin dish
254   Crown Derby tea set
255   Paragon ‘Pompadour’ coffee set
256   Moorcroft vase
257   Hancock mug ‘Antique’ Design

258   Pair Austrian vases
259   Royal Doulton dog
260   Lladro small dog
261   Two Whitefriers glass vases
262   Shorter Ware dish & two pieces Carlton Ware
263   Glass strawberry dish and stand
264   Royal Doulton ‘Wizard’
265   Royal Doulton ‘The Cup of Tea’ figure
266   Royal Doulton ‘Shore Leave’ figure
267   Moorcroft vase
268   Royal Doulton ‘Margaret’ figure
269   Mason Mandalay jug and three bowls
270   Victorian jardinère
271   Oriental armorial ginger jar
272   Large ‘Bretby’ pug dog
273   Charlotte Rhead dish
274   Five Corona Ware meat dishes, two sauce tureens,
      ladles and two tureens
275   Cauldon cheese dish AF, 5 saucers, tea bowl and
       coffee pot
276   Pair Doulton ‘art nouveau’ style vases
277         Doulton ‘Winthrop’ dinner and tea service
278   Victorian cranberry oil lamp
279   Victorian oil lamp
280    Plain white ‘modern’ Limoges dinner service, approx
      100 pieces
281   1920’s ‘art deco’ part dinner service
282   Stilton tazza
283    Pair of blue and white reading lamps
284   Two Suzie Cooper tureens and meat plate
285    Beswick ‘Hunca Munca’ figure
286    Children’s willow pattern tea set
287    Royal Doulton white woman figure
288    Royal Doulton ‘Gentleman’ pig
289    Royal Doulton ‘Lady’ pig
290    Royal Doulton ‘Lido’ lady
291    Royal Doulton ‘Hello Daddy’ figure
292    Russian giraffe figurines
293    Royal Worcester ‘The Regency’ figure
294    Royal Doulton ‘Heidi’ figure
295    Royal Doulton ‘Ninette’ figure
296    Pair of lions
297    Beswick ‘shell’ vase
298    Bretby vase ‘aesthetic’ style
299    Pair of Bretby ‘aesthetic’ plates
300    Large Bretby charger
301    Pair of blue and white vases AF
302    Royal Worcester urn
303    Bretby ‘aesthetic’ plaque
304   Moorcroft vase AF
305   Small Moorcroft vase
306   Medium Moorcroft vase
307   Caithness Manta Ray paperweight
308   ‘Bird of Paradise’ Carlton Ware
309   Royal Doulton figure ‘Churchill’
310   Beswick pig
311   Royal Doulton ‘Balloon Man’
312   Royal Doulton ‘Tawny Owl’
313   Royal Doulton ‘Balloon Lady’
314   Royal Doulton ‘Lifeboat Man’
315   Royal Doulton ‘Woman’s Royal Navy Service’
316   Royal Doulton ‘Town Veterinary’
317   Royal Doulton ‘Snowy Owl’
318   Beswick ‘Dalmation’
319   Beswick ‘Jack Russell’
320   Beswick ‘Sheepdog’
321   Susie Cooper teapot

322   Clarice Cliff bowl
323   Biscuit barrel
324   Grimswade teaset
325   Royal Doulton figures :Noddy, Big Ears, Tessy Bear and Mr Plod
326   Selection of glass (nine pieces)
327   Set of six Maling sundae dishes
328   Capi Di Monte cup and saucer
329   ‘Moonlight Rose’ dinner and tea set
330   Royal Crown Derby coffee pot
331   Staffordshire ‘cottage’ money box
332   ‘Servre style’ cup and saucer
333   Losol vase
334   ‘Chelsea’ style figure
335   Four bottle condiment set with EPNS stand
336   Cut glass perfume bottle
337   Two hand painted plates
338   Large Royal Doulton ‘Magnella’ bowl
339   Large ‘Piano Baby’ figure
340   Early Chinese box AF & blue & white dish
341   Imperial Exhibition cup 1909
342   Shelly ‘drip’ bowl
343   Treacle glaze Toby jug AF
344   Wedgwood blue & white dish and leaf dish
345    Two early eastern blue and white vases
346   Children’s part tea set
347   Twelve pieces of kitchen green ‘Bristol’ ware
348   Two pieces of Bohemian glass
349   Pink Shelley ‘deco style’ tea service
350   Moorcroft ‘Forest’ vase
351   Moorcroft bowl AF
352   Moorcroft bowl (small)
353   Whitefriers? Claret jug
354   Bennett dessert set
355   Worcester ‘blushware’ bowl
356   Royal Doulton hunting mug
357   Crown Derby plate

358 Crown Derby plate
359 White basket bowl
360    Small Herbach piano baby
361    Pair of piano babies
362    Pair of baby figures
363    Moorcroft oval ‘Blue Peony’ dish
364    Moorcroft quill vase
365    Moorcroft 9inch gold vase
366    Moorcroft ‘Honeysuckle’ vase
367    Small white Moorcroft vase
368    Moorcroft ‘Mackintosh’ decoration vase
369    Four Minton style bird plates
370    Beswick horse
371    Susie Cooper coffee set
372    Oriental vase and stand
373    Wedgwood part dinner service
374    Royal Doulton ‘Brambly Hedge’ beaker, two plates and cup
       and saucer
375    Royal Doulton ‘Bunnykin’ clock
376    Two Majolica plates
377    Murano glass vase
378     ‘Majolica’style bread dish
379    Oriental ginger pot
380    Ruby glass basket
381   ‘Country Lane’ tea and dinner service
382    Two early plates AF
383    Six finger bowls and glasses
384    Pair Victorian decanters
385    Pair glass salts and three oil bottles
386    Collection of six glass birds and weights
387    Three blue & white dishes & one Newall?
388    Selection of early ‘Indian Tree’, 14 pieces
389    Greek key red/white wine glasses, 49 pieces
390    Queen Victoria plaque

391   Two Carlton Ware mugs with lids & jam pot
392   Six cranberry custard cups
393   Five cut glass tumblers
394   Belleek vase AF
395   Copenhagen ‘pug’ dog
396   Three pieces of blue and white
397   Two pieces of green Wedgwood
398   Large Noritake bowl
399   Royal Doulton oil lamp
400    Royal Worcester dish and flan dish
401    Two glass jugs
402    Royal Doulton ‘Gypsies’ bowl, two plates and bud vase
403    Two Royal Doulton jugs
404    Three ‘Mary Gregory’ vases AF
405    Pair of ‘Mary Gregory’ jugs
406    Beswick horse
407    Child’s dinner dish
408    Two Derby ‘Bloor’1785 William Billingsley? AF
409    Two white three section hors d’oeuvre dishes with gold handles
410    Two early blue & white shell dishes and one blue & white relish dish
411    Nine early tea bowls and ten saucers plus one blue & white saucer
412    Imari cup and saucer plus one blue & white tea bowl and saucer
413   ‘Majolica style’ green and brown dish
414    Selection of oriental, 4 cups, 1 bowl, 4 saucers and a tea pot
415    Two teapots Derby ‘Bloor’ and Blue & white teapot, 1810
416    Small jug and leaf dish
417    Brownfield tea pot
418    Wedgwood puce plate
419    Devon ware tea set and large jug
420    Terra Cotta pottery, three tea pots, bowl and saucer
421    Arab Tobacco Jar

438  Large album of cigarette cards, sport, science, animals
    and many more
439 Two albums of postcards
440 Album of Theatrical postcards and autograph book
441 ‘Montgomery Massingbird’ family military and domestic abums from
    1900’s provenance the housekeeper of 30 years
442 ‘The World in 2030’ by the Earl of Birkenhead
443 1865 original recipe book
444 ‘The Rose and The Ring’ and ‘Princess Charlotte’
445 Album and envelope of postcards
446 Two scrapbooks of transport postcards
447 Five map books and one war book
448 Charts and RAF book

449    ‘A British Cavalier ‘ by A D McCormick RA
450    Large painting, ‘Wandering Minstrel’ by A D McCormick RA
451    Pair of H A Lintor camel pictures
452    Pair of Winder watercolours
453    Pair of Birkett Foster prints
454    Framed sampler
455    ‘Laughing Shallow and Dreamy Pool’ by G. M de L’Aubinière
456    Pair Jennings’ oils under glass
457    Framed Morden map of Westmorland
458    Framed Kitchen map of Wiltshire
459    Framed Kitchen map of Westmorland
460    Framed Morden map of Lancaster
461    Framed Kitchen map of East Riding
462    Ivory portrait
463    M Johnson street scene painting
464    Pair Michael Mousey pictures
465    Pastoral scene by RCG
466    Large pastoral oil by David Payne
467    Lake scene, oil by Keury?
468    Pair of silhouettes
469    Miniature oval portrait, Ada Williams
470    St Paul’s etching by Charles Dickens
471    Lord Phillip Wharton oil
472   ’ William and Mary’ oil AF
473    Early sampler
474    Lake scene in oil by Tom Holland
475    Print of a pastel by Derek Mynott
476    ‘Fieldworkers’ painting by Anderson Haque
477 Oil scene of chickens, 1880 by Italian artist?
478 ‘The Most Noble, The Marchioness of Stafford’ by E U Eddis and one
    other print
479 Still life oil ‘Roses’
480 Saxon /Kip framed map
481 Lioness and cub picture by Samaraseera
482 Print of Mansfield College
483 Pair of Roland Steed Lake District watercolours
484 Miniature portrait


494   Pair of blue Chinese rugs
495   Long patterned runner
496   Red patterned rug
497   Salmon pink patterned rug
498   Large blue patterned rug
499   Small brown patterned rug


501   Ivory figure
502   Book of mixed cigarette cards
503   Collection of pastry cutters
504   Box bowls measures
505   Box ebony glove stretchers and boothook
506   Large collection consisting of five boxes of well presented boothooks
507   Old lock
508   Butter churn
509   Cigarette packet ‘early silks’
510   Blue and white toilet and mahogany seat
511   Victoria concertina in box
512   Wooden dough lift
513   Oval tea caddy
514   Tea caddy
515   Mink muff in box
516   Writing slope
517 Brass cornered writing slope
518 Arts & crafts smokers cabinet

519    Armorial box
52 0   Victorian jacket and shawl
521    Victorian corset
522    POW glove box
523    Ladies’ fan
524    Wooden three-stand mirror
525    Knobkerrie
526    Gentleman’s dressing case
527    Horrocks Miller display case
528    Pair of African? paddles
529    Writing box
530    Writing box
531    Box of pens and penknives
532    Collection of 1st day issue stamps
533    Two treen boxes with thimbles
534    Wooden box
535    Ebony and ivory backscratcher and letter opener
536    Wooden box
537    Selection of early lace
538    Wooden nutcracker
539    Two Victorian scientific medals
540    Small folding stool
541    Selection of treen
542    Indian basket and Indian shoes
543    Knitting stick and three wooden spoons
544    Mix of wooden shoes and clogs

570 Roll of wood carving tools
571 Box of wood carving and other tools
572 Three early bradawl tools
576   Ladies silver watch
577   9ct gold pocket watch
578   Herbert Wolf Manchester mantle clock
579   Ladies Bulova watch and two straps
580   Waltham and Tissot ladies watch
581   Textile calculator and three watches
582   Gold pocket watch
583   Silver pocket watch by John Gibb
584   Silver pocket watch and chain
585   Pocket barometer
586   Chateaulain watch
587   Barometer
588   Vienna wall clock
589   Grandfather clock
590   Mantle clock with French workings
591   Marble clock ‘Collie’ Paris
592   Black Marble clock
593   Victorian Vienna wall clock complete with eagle
594   Grandfather clock AF

601    Mahogany occasional table
602    Four balloon back chairs
603    Early side table
604    Davenport
605    Small serpentine occasional table
606    Victorian dressing table
607    Mahogany commode
608    Victorian mahogany sideboard
609    Oak chest of drawers
610    Early oak chest
611   ‘Country Living’ pine large corner
       unit in two sections
612    Small ‘Deco’ table
613    Early tapestry chair
614    Walnut Canterbury (altered)
615    Small repro chest on chest
616    Long footstool
617    Early carved chair
618    Early rush chair
619    Victorian mahogany chiffonier
620    Victorian mahogany tilt-top table
621    Victorian coal scuttle cabinet
622    Haberdashery cabinet
623    Mahogany dining table
624    Six dining chairs
625    Inlaid walnut Canterbury (altered)
626    Rexene chair 1914 (see label)
627    Wardrobe & dressing table
628 Edwardian oak sideboard
629 Glass fronted bookcase
630 Pair wooden plaques
631 Corner cabinet
632 Edwardian green chaise lounge
633 Victorian repro full length display corner unit
634 Overmantel mirror
635 Oval mirror
636 Pine shelf unit
637 Rectangular fruitwood mirror
638 Large mahogany card table
639 Mirror screen three sections
640 Large gilt overmantel mirror
641 Large rectangular mirror
641A Large gilt and cream mirror
642 Mahogany three tier cake stand
643 Wooden framed mirror
644 Gold chaise longue
645 Trio dressing table mirror
646 Solid oak table & four chairs
647 Silver coloured oval mirror
648 Edwardian display cabinet
649 Four Bergere chairs by ‘Simpkin’ A/F
650 Early ladder back chair A/F
651 Two oak chairs
652 Two half hooped back chairs A/F
653 Victorian Pembroke table
654 Oak drop leaf table
655 Oak cabinet with plate rack
656 Bergere ‘monks’ bench
657 Pair of copper-topped tables
658 Edwardian nest of tables
659 Small oak folding table
660 Large Victorian mahogany sideboard
660A Modern glazed dresser
661 Early oak chest of drawers, AF
662 Spinning Wheel working
663 Small tripod table
664 Small table
665 Oval dressing table mirror
666 Square dressing table mirror
667 Oak ‘Windsor’ chair
668 Settee and chair in tan leather
669 Victorian linen press and wardrobe
670   Decorated stool
671   ‘Country Living’ pine bookcase/winerack
672   Coffee table
673   Dressing table mirror
674   Large Edwardian mahogany sideboard
675   Pair of chairs, plus one other AF
676   Drum work table
677   Sutherland table
678   Light Scottish chest of drawers
679   Rectangular gilt mirror
680   Marble topped table
681   Harlequin set of four chairs
682   Oak Edwardian triple wardrobe
683   Small music cabinet
684   ‘Country Living’ pine music/TV centre
685   Early tea table
686   Large Scottish chest of drawers AF
687   Oak kitchen table (Simpson of Lancaster)
688   Oak carved desk
689   Octagonal table
690   Very large gilt mirror
691   Victorian bureau bookcase
692   Chandelier
693   Dark oak drop leaf table
694   Beige drop arm two seater settee and small stool
695   Green Edwardian chair
696   Bureau bookcase

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