Great Plains Accounting for DOS_ Windows or Mac Versus Microsoft Dynamics GP version 2010 by gyvwpsjkko


									?If your organization is running GPA for DOS, Windows or Mac 9.5, 9.2 or earlier
version as your Corporate ERP application, at this time, June 2010 Microsoft
Business Solutions and its Partners offer you discounted upgrade to Dynamics GP
current version 2010 (also known as version 11.0), or 10.0, assuming that you will
commit to pay annual enhancement fee for at least three years. As the campaign
signals: Microsoft are offering at the moment 75% discount to customers who
upgrade from GPA to Dynamics GP. The one condition is that they sign an agreement
that they will enroll in a 3 year Enhancement program

1. Why should I migrate from GPA to Dynamics GP? Well, we assume that you are
very pragmatic, if you are still on the Great Plains Accounting, as DOS and archaic
Windows versions were retired for Microsoft Business Solutions support in 2001, the
same is Mac. GPA is Great accounting and ERP application, however it reflects the
ERP standards of its epoch, earlier 1990th and late 1980th. GPA is based on Btrieve
technology as its database platform, and you have issues moving to 64 bit Windows
Server, as Pervasive SQL 2000, successor of Btrieve doesn't support 64 bit Windows
for GPA archaic code. GPA for Mac is based on Ctree technology and this application
is also discontinued by Great Plains Software and Microsoft Business Solutions for
further support in earlier 2000th

2. GPA versus Dynamics GP functionality. Microsoft Dynamics GP went long
evolution path since earlier 2000th, where Great Plains Accounting was still in
support till 2010. GP now has native modules, supporting Non-for-Profit, Analytical
Accounting, Grant Management, Discrete Manufacturing, MRP Purchase
Configurator, Field Service, plus available integration with Microsoft CRM

3. Will GPA support be available in the future? Well the answer is yes and partially
no. Support is no longer available directly from Microsoft Business Solutions,
successor of Great Plains Software, however support is still available through
Dynamics GP Partners and ISV still committed to Great Plains Accounting platform.
According to Andrew Karasev, GPA consultant, we have to refer to old GPA
knowledge base articles, there is no track for new knowledge development and

4. If you feel that your ERP budget is too tight for upgrade from GPA to Microsoft
Dynamics GP and you just need GPA support. This is OK, feel free to call our office,
1-866-528-0577, 1-630-961-5918 or email us

Andrew Karasev, Alba Spectrum 1-866-528-0577,
Informational portal Andrew is Dynamics GP Certified Master and specializes in
challenging customizations, data conversions, integrations, reporting

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