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					 Educating the Ideal:
A Humanist Approach

     Moral Education
      Secondary 5
• Education is key to developing ideal citizens.
• School is the environment where this
  development takes place. From after-school
  activities to course content, everything we learn
  in schools helps to “form” us into a citizen of the
• The ideal citizen takes a “moral point of view” -
  one equal member amongst a community. As in
• Family nurtures your morals, while school
  nurtures the social. These 2 work hand in hand in
  creating an ideal citizen.
    Project: design your school
• Task: Design a school you feel would make an
  ideal citizen. Use as many Humanist beliefs in
  your design as possible.
• Instructions:
   – In teams of 2, use your journal entry #5 to design your
     school. You must implement every aspect of a normal
     school into your school. This will be presented to the
     class upon completion.
   – Follow the categories closely, and make sure it is well
     throughout and you are able to answer question about
     your school.
1. Subjects: What core subjects would be
   taught, and what complementary subjects
   would be taught.
2. Extra-curricular: What kind of activities
   would be offered outside of the class I.e.
   clubs, sports, students life, carnivals,
   festivals etc…
3. Pedagogical approach: How would we teach our
   students? How would any given day unfold?
4. Teacher’s role: What would be the teachers role
   in your school besides the obvious.
5. Student’s role: What is the students role?
6. Discipline and rules: What are they?
7. School services: What else should the school
   offer as services to their students in helping in the
   development of the student.
8. Bell schedule, lunch menu, recess, period length,
   and all other details …
          Assemble Project
1. Write a paragraph for each category 100
   to 150 words. Give good details.
2. Must buy a big cardboard at school store
   (50 cent).
3. Draw a picture of your school in center of
   board and then paste your paragraphs all
   around your IDEAL SCHOOL.
4. Present to class: who says what.