Granite and Marble Countertops

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					?Granite or marble countertops are among the most coveted kitchen work surfaces,
lending a rich, upscale look to your kitchen. Both materials are beautifully elegant,
and if you are considering either marble or granite for your kitchen, there are some
things you should consider before making a final decision.

Marble & Granites staff can help you make the right choice, whether it is an elegant
marble, a striking travertine, slate or onyx, or durable granite, which offers beauty
without the risk of scratching or staining. The best stone for the job depends entirely
on the project you are looking to complete. And when it comes to color, the staff can
guide you toward a choice that will complement your flooring, paint colors or
cabinetry, based on samples you can bring into the store.

Like marble, granite should be sealed regularly with a product that is approved for use
on granite. This will help protect the surface from nicks, scratches and chips. The
general recommendation is to seal a granite kitchen countertop once each year; a
granite countertop in the bathroom probably wont require sealing as frequently since
the countertop is not used as vigorously as a countertop in the kitchen.

Granite is one of the hardest stones available on the earth and is found across various
countries and continents. Another value proposition held by granite is its color which
adds on or matches to the standard of aesthetic elegance as desired by designers. It's
not a hidden fact that granite is the ultimate choice for kitchen counter tops, bathroom
vanity counters and has also made its way into the floorings, fireplaces and many
other such applications.

Granite is another popular natural stone. Granite is a composite of fused elements;
including quartz, mica and feldspar, all of which affect its color. Granite slabs provide
an incredibly hard surface, far surpassing that of marble. Making it as tough and
durable and versatile as it is beautiful. The most common residential use is for granite
counter tops; whether a granite tile counter or granite slab; both in the kitchen and
bathroom. Granite flooring is also popular. Granite is naturally resilient to heat; it
resists scratching and moisture. Each piece of granite is singular and unique. Once
polished, granite maintains its high sheen. Granite care is less of an ordeal than many
other types of natural stone. The durability and longevity of granite make it a great
investment for homeowners. Every bit as durable and appropriate for use outdoors as
it is inside; granite endures temperature extremes and resists wear. Despite its
durability and resistance to water, food spills should be wiped up immediately.
Granite care is less of an ordeal than many other types of natural stone. Use a soft,
clean cloth and mild cleanser made especially for granite

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