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					?For those people who are always trying to preserve and protect their privacy can
always turn to the internet for a fast and free fix. This is where they can get a piece of
the action for free. They use free proxies on the net but may risk something more.

Using free proxy servers is not without risks. There are over a thousand proxy servers
that seem to be ready for use since their administrators have been mis-configured their
servers and are unaware that their servers have been tainted or contaminated by
outside influence. This is the danger of free proxies. They are on the net and for free
but may have been influenced by other sources.

Not all the free servers are there to protect you. On the contrary, some of these free
proxy servers are designed to steal information from a casual user. In cases where
legit servers have been hacked, they are used to pry into other member's accounts and
let the information be accessed.

Some experts cite that why would a proxy server be let for free when it actually costs
a lot more money to protect one person? Who is the person that can afford to
subsidize over a million proxy users?

Somehow it doesn't make sense.

So where can you get a free proxy server that really works? The answer is you can't
rely on a 100 percent reliable one. Chances are that somewhere along the line your
identity gets compromised and you are left exposed. Using a free proxy server means
using a poorly designed one. It may process your request at a high speed but in reality,
proxy servers are really slow since there are safeguards that whole sites have to go
through. When you think how a lot of people do this you begin to wonder if it really
does work or is it just hype.

If you want to risk yourself by using free server proxies, go ahead but there are
actually ways that are not so expensive to protect yourself and your privacy. You can
opt to use paid encryption services that are really hard to beat but they can only be
used on specific tasks like email correspondence. Some legit services do offer
anonymity but at a price. It all depends if you want to pay for it.

You should decide whether your need for using a free proxy server is for fun or for
serious work. If it is for serious work then you should not leave things to chance. So
where can you go to get free proxy servers? The internet but you risk exposing
yourself to fraud and theft.

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