Government Surplus Sales and Auction

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					?Every year federal, state, and local government agencies find themselves with
surplus goods that they no longer need. To get rid of this excess stuff they offer it at
government surplus sales and auctions at big discounts. These sales and auctions are
full of the same items you'll find at any retail store with the only difference being

These surplus auction sales can be a great place to find office supplies for new and
growing businesses. You can also find household items that you can use around the
house. These sales can also be a good place to buy surplus items at a big discount that
can then be sold at a profit on auctions sites like eBay.

All government surplus auctions and sales are free to the general public. As long as
you are 18 years of age or older and have a valid drivers license. You will of course
need money as well if you wish to purchase or bid on anything.

So why does the government have all this surplus it needs to get rid of ever year? The
simple answer is that all these government agencies, from federal to local, buy
billions of dollars worth of equipment, supplies, and sundries every year. This leaves
these agencies with lots of older, slightly used, goods that still have a useful life
outside of government use. Buy selling these items at surplus sales or auctions the
government is able recover some of the cost and save the American taxpayer some

If you are wondering what you can find at one of these surplus sales the answer is just
about everything. Cars, trucks, vans, and other modes of transportation can be had at
highly discounted prices. Small business owner can find great deals on office
furniture and supplies which can help keep operating expenses low.

One of the best ways to find government surplus sales and auctions is by using an
internet auction website. These sites provide updated lists of times, locations, and the
items that will be offered for sale. In some cases you can make purchases and bids
right from your computer. It doesn't get much easier to save money then that.

To learn more about saving money at government surplus sales and auctions please
Click Here for Free Government Auctions.