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					Ohio University Off-Campus Living

       in this section:
        when to look and
        where to look page
        what to ask your
        landlord       page
        how to choose those
        roommates page

         the move
        Welcome to the Office of Off-Campus Living’s
        comprehensive guide to surviving post-residence hall
        life. Our “Survival Guide” begins with the first stage of
        the off-campus process, the period Before the Move. “You
        mean I have to think about this stuff off-campus stuff
        ahead of time?” you might be asking yourself. Yes. In order
                                        to make the transition
 “You mean I have to thInk              from residence hall life
                                        to off-campus living as
about thIs stuff off-campus             smooth and painless as
   stuff ahead of tIme?”                possible, a great deal
                                        of thought must go
                                        into the planning and
        preparation. In this first section of the guide, aspiring
        Athenian residents will find helpful tips about when
        and where to locate an off-campus residence among
        other important factors to consider.
 02        pre-move in

                          When to look                       that you’ll have to do some
                               You just entered your         investigation on your own
 a little something
                          sophomore year, and now            (unless you have an older sib
  i’ve learned from
 living off-campus:       it’s time to start thinking like   willing to pass his or her lease
 picking   a   property                                      down...)
                          a junior. Because spaces are
                          limited in Athens, housing             Your best bet is to start
                          goes fast. It would be a wise      with that good old-fashioned
                          decision to begin your rental      Google trying key phrases
                          search the summer prior to         like:
                          your sophomore, so you can             “Athens, Ohio rentals”
    kristin lees          have the pick of the litter, so        “Athens, Ohio housing”
    class of ‘11
  “make a lIst of         to speak. If you’re not able to        “Athens, Ohio apart-
 thIngs You can’t         come to Athens, fall quarter is    ments”
 lIve wIthout. It
  makes choosIng          the best time to start looking.        From there, you’ll start
    much easIer.”              Most people start signing     finding sites of various rental
                          leases the first few weeks of      companies or aggragate sites
                          fall quarter. While this may       with housing information.
                          be a good idea for people in       After that, it’s pretty much
                          large groups or people look-       up to you to begin contacting
krystin gehrich
     class of ‘11         ing for a specific house, don’t    landlords.
 “I’m glad I took         let this discourage you if you         It would be beneficial to
   tIme to get to
   know mY land-          haven’t found that dream           you to CALL them because
     lords before         house yet. Houses and apart-       you’ll have a difficult time
       sIgnIng mY
  lease...I got a         ments are available through-       reaching them by e-mail.
  good vIbe from          out the year, and although         When you call, make sure you
    them and theY
 lIved up to It!.”        the selection will be slimmer,     ask to schedule a time to see
                          you’ll still be able to find a     the available property because
                          place to live!                     they typically discourage
                                                             knocking on doors randomly.
                          Where to look

  tom lombardi               After two years on one          asking your furture
   class of ‘10                                              landlord questions
                          of three Greens on cam-
   “don’t settle                                                Don’t be afraid to ask
     for the fIrst        pus, finding a place
  place You look.                                            your landlord for clarification
                          to live off campus can be an
      check out a                                            on ANYTHING no matter
 few optIons and          overwhelming task. The truth
  then make Your                                             how big or small it may seem.
                          is that there isn’t one website
        decIsIon.”                                           Before you sign a lease, be
                          or source to help you find the
                                                             prepared with a list of ques-
                          right place for you meaning
                                                             tions to ask your prospective
                                                                     03         pre-move in

                                                                a little something
                                                                to help you know
                                                                where you want to
                                                                live off the greens

palmer street        mill street       steWart street       high street          court street

Although Palmer     Since most of      Stewart             You’ll have some     There may not
has the reputa-     these houses       connects on-        hills to climb to    be many visible
tion for the        have consid-       campus and          get here, but        parties in these
craziest fest in    erable sized       off-campus. On      you’ll be close to   apartments, but
May, don’t ex-      lawns, they        weekends there      campus and to        there are always
pect that to be     usually throw      will be lots of     parties especial-    parties at the
the only crazy      parties that       traffic as people   ly if you live on    bars...and you’ll
weekend. Pre-       spill into each    head to parties.    the south end.       hear them.
pare yourself for   other especially                                            Prime location,
continuous par-     around the “T”                                              but be prepared
ties and noise      with Palmer.                                                to pay for it.

  grosvenor          Walker and             shafer         courtyard and           north
                       broWn                                the commons           congress

                                                                                Not only will you
                                                                                have the ben-
                                                                                efit of a slient
This street is      These streets      Just a short        If you’ve always     neighborhood,
split with half     are very           walk down Union     wanted hun-          you can also live
Athens resi-        student-friendly   Street, Shafer      dreds of neigh-      on one of the
dents and half      with about 70%     provides a quiet    bors but not in      prettier streets
OU students.        students and       atmosphere still    the dorms, this      in Athens. There
Although it’s       30% Athens         near campus         is the place to      will be a big hill
close to Court,     residents.         (and Hungry         live.                to climb on the
the houses          Residents are      Howie’s Pizza).                          way back from
don’t begin until   accepting of                                                class, but the
mid-way down        their student                                               location is well
the street which    neighbors.                                                  worth it.
keeps it quiet.
04       pre-move in

                       landlord such as:               individuals occupying a space
                           “Is this a joint lease or   must comply with the City
 a little something
                       an individual lease?” A joint   Code.
  i’ve learned from
 living off-campus:
                       lease means that if your
                                                       hoW to choose a
picking roommates      roommates don’t shell out       roommate

                       money, you’re all responsible       Choosing the right room-
                       for the lack of payment.        mate can make or break your
                           “What is your subleas-      college experience. This is
                       ing policy?” This refers to     not a joke. That person that
                       whether or not you need to      lived down the hall and was
   alyssa rice         go through your landlord be-    really fun to go out with and
   class of ‘10
 “before   movIng      fore subleasing a room. (See    hang out with can become
   In wIth some-       “Living In” page 12).           a nightmare to live with, so
     one, look at
  theIr bedroom            “Do you allow pets?         here are some tips to consider
  now. If It Is a      If not, are there payment       when considering your new
   mess, chances
are that Is what       options available if we have    roommates:
      Your whole       one?” Most landlords don’t
     house could                                       1.) If his or her room smells
    look lIke. If      allow pets for cleanliness
    theY lIve In a     reasons, but sometimes you      bad now, that could be the
mess now, don’t                                        scent of your home later.
 expect anYthIng       may be able to negotiate a
   to change for       pet deposit and keep Fido       Whether it’s the trash or the
      next Year!”                                      individual, the habits will
                           “When are we allowed        most likely remain. If you
                       to move in and move out?”       don’t care about a mess, don’t
                       Make sure you know if your      live with someone who does
                       lease is June to June, August   and vise-versa.
                       to August or September to
    ty komjati                                         2.) “I’ll get the next one,” he
   class of ‘10        June. Leases may not always
                                                       or she says 17 burritos later.
 “pIck  people to
                       state specifically.
   lIve wIth who                                       This kid will never pay you
   won’t get You           “Which utilities are we
                                                       back, so don’t expect that
    Into trouble,
                       responsible for paying? Do
     but look for                                      he or she will pay rent or
   ones who wIll       you pay any?”
                                                       utilites on time. Sure, money
provIde You wIth
                           “How much is the secu-
    storIes for a                                      management is an annoying
 few Years down        rity deposit, and under what
                                                       part of living off-campus
      the road..”
                       conditions wouldn’t we get it
                                                       especially when you just
                                                       want to be carefree, but it’s
                           “What is the maximum
                                                       absolutely vital. Your credit
                       occupancy?” The amount of
                                                                                  05   pre-move in

 Ways to be aWesome
 and live peacefully
01 02 03 04 05
                 ASSIGN CHORES. Each week allocate a different chore to
                 be completed during that week. Dishes, mopping, vaccuuming,
                 cleaning the bathroom, cleaning the refrigerator.

                 TOILET PAPER AND PAPER TOWEL DUTY. Set a rota-
                 tion schedule and a specific quantity for the TP and PTs. Make
                 sure you know when to buy. Create a chart if need be.

                 SHARE YOUR SHOWER TIME. Take short showers and
                 save some warm water for everyone else. This typically works
                 out, but it only takes one time to make someone angry.

                                  FIX THE TEMPERATURE. Agree on a set
                                  temperature for the cold and warm months.
                                  Do not change it. Do not touch it.

                 FOOD SHARING. It’s easy to share condiments like butter,
                 ketchup, mayo, dressings. Other than that, buy your own food
                 and mark it as yours.

 can be affected by a lazy or                 and one of your closest pals
 broke roommate, so keep it                   is more of recluse on a
 in mind.                                     Saturday evening, do him or
                                              her a favor, and don’t live
 3.) If you don’t like the                    together. Find someone or
 boyfriend, girlfriend or                     some people with the same
 friends of a potential room-                 inner-party animal passion
 mate, chances are rooming                    you have, and weekends will
 with that person won’t be as                 be carefree without the loom-
 enjoyable, and your annoy-                   ing “mom” figure awaiting
 ance with them will turn to                  your 2 a.m. return.
 annoyance with your room-                        Know what matters to you
 mate. These people will be in                in terms of a living situa-
 your house ALL the time, but                 tion, and go with your gut.
 if you’re into the communal                  Be wary of living with best
 living, life’ll be a synch.                  friends because if things turn
                                              sour, you could lose more
 4.) If you don’t like doing
                                              than just a roomie!
 laundry, definitely choose a
 roommate of similar stature.                 Where to store
                                              your stuff

 5.) If you like a good party,                   Res-hall days are gone
                                              and it’s time to pack up and
06   pre-move in

                   move off the Green and            greatest investment, and now
                   into a real house. If you’ve      it’s being stored in the closest
                   scored yourself a sweet job       garbage dump in pieces. Not
                   back home and can’t move in       to worry! Moving into a new
                   until August, where are you       place can be very expensive
                   going to put that futon you       especially if your apartment
                   bought two short years ago        or house is not furnished,
                   or what about that street sign    and it can be difficult to find
                   you “found” on the side of        furniture that won’t break
                   the road? Your car’s packed       the bank (or break). Here are
                   to the brim, but it’s just too    some suggestions of where
                   soon to say goodbye to all of     to start your furniture search:
                   your stuff. What’s a kid to do?
                                                        Sofa & Matress Outlet
                       Luckily for students there
                                                        606 E State Street
                   are several storage sites in
                   Athens to drop your stuff
                   off and forget about it over
                   summer time. You can check           New-To-You Shoppe
                   out some of these places:            90 Columbus Road
                      AA Athens Self Storage
                      606 E State Street                Reuse Thrift Store
                      740.593.7774                      100 Columbus Road
                      Affordable Mini Storage
                      80 E State Street

                      Athens Mid Town Storage
                      339 W State Street

                      Athens Mini Storage
                      2010 E State Street

                   Where to find used

                      So after two years, turns
                   out that futon wasn’t the
      in this section:
       documenting house
       conditions   page
       paying those bills,
       bills, bills   page
       top 10 commonly for-
       gotten items page

      it’s finally here- the day you’ve been waiting for
      ever since you found out Ohio University students
      are required to spend their first two years on-campus:
      Move-in Day! This section of the Survival Guide can
      save you some serious money. Inside you’ll find a move-in
                                     checklist detailing how
                                     to document all previous
                                     damage to your property.
 “...the day you’ve                  You’ll also learn about
                                     setting up utilities and
been Waiting for...”                 tackling the issue of
                                     bill payment between
                                     roommates. And to help
      you avoid spending money on shipping and handling
      from back home, this section contains a useful list of
      commonly forgotten items.
08           moving in

                            the inspector With the            going to have a video camera.
                            gadgets in your home
                                                              Luckily, the Off-Campus
                                When you sign your lease,
 a little something
                                                              Living staff will come in and
  i’ve learned from         you paid a little something
 living off-campus:
                                                              videotape that hole in the
  i          i’d   had...
                            called a security desposit at
                                                              wall (among other things).
                            the price of somewhere in
                                                              They will document the
                            the neighborhood of $300. If
                                                              condition of your rental, and
                            you want to see this money
                                                              you will have a DVD record-
                            again, you become respon-
                                                              ing immediately available that
                            sible for the condition of
                                                              you can keep as evidence if
greg silverman              your house immediately. Fix-
   class of ‘11
                                                              you later have a deposit or
                            ing that hole in the wall from
      “...a good                                              damage dispute with your
   set of tools.
                            previous renters could be
                                                              property manager.
        I needed            coming out of your security
  screwdrIvers,                                                   If you choose to docu-
   a hammer and
                            deposit when you move out;
                                                              ment the property yourself,
    other thIngs            therefore it is imperative that
       earlY and                                              do not pause the tape because
                            you document the condition
                                                              it may look as if it has been
                            of your house before you
                                                              edited. When you’re done,
                            move anything in.
                                                              write letters to your land-
                                “How do I do this,” you
                                                              lord requesting they fix any
                            ask? Well, friends we are
                                                              problems. Keep a record of
molly loughead              lucky enough to live in an
   class of ‘10                                               the letter!
 “I wIsh I’d had            era of ample technology,
  the dImensIons
                            so you have a few options.
     of mY room.
      gettIng mY            First, you can take pictures
  bed In was the
                            of literally every square              MOVE-IN
trIckIest thIng.”
                            inch of your house and save            CHECKLIST
                            them for move-out time. If             Adopted from
                            you’re planning on taking still        the OSU and
                            pictures, you must be able to          Student Hous-
                            prove the dates these photos           ing Legal Clinic,
                            were taken. Holding up the             this bad boy
katie burkhart
   class of ‘10                                                    form will assist
                            daily newspaper in your pic-
  “I wIsh I had                                                    you with all of
                            ture is one way to do this.
                                                                   your inspection
   there are so                 Secondly, you can video            needs. Turn
manY thIngs that
     need them.”
                            tape the inspection. Not               to page 11 to
                            everyone’s a video produc-             CHECK it out.
                            tion major, so not everyone is
                                                                                                  09          moving in

ultilities: not just
another dice roll

    Bills=gross! Now that
you’re moving off campus,                                           EXTRA BLANKETS: You never know who’ll be

                                    01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10
                                                                    crashing on your couch OR how cold it gets in the
do you really have to pay                                           winter. Better to save on bills by stocking up with your
                                                                    most cuddly blanket!
utilities? The sad result is yes,
you will probably have to pay
for them. Your utilities will                                       CURTAINS/BLINDS: Life’s a peep show, friends.
                                                                    If you’re not into it either cover up or cover those
consist of cable/internet,                                          windows.
electricity, gas and water/
trash. If you want more of                                          PILLOWS: You’ll need them for the between-class
                                                                    naps, and sometimes you’ll drop couch-style before
a heads up on what prices                                           you can make it to the bedroom. Have extras handy
                                                                    for a comfortable snooze.
may look like, here are some
phone numbers:
                                                                                   DECK OF CARDS: These things
                                                                                   get ruined before you can even set the
   cable:                                                                          rules for “Kings.” Have some extras.
   Time Warner
   1.800.617.4311                                                   COFFEE MAKER:Because The Front Room isn’t
                                                                    open at 3 a.m. when you’re pulling that all-nighter.


                                                                    COOKING UTENSILS: If you have three spatulas,
   American Electric Power                                          your roommates will melt at least two of them. Stock
                                                                    up and maybe throw in a wooden spoon or two.

   gas:                                                             GRILL: Come warm weather, there’s no finer cuisine
                                                                    than that cooked atop a firey grill. Better to have a fire
   Columbia Gas of Ohio                                             outside than inside, but be sure to keep an extin-
   1.800.344.4077                                                   guisher handy.

                                                                    VACUUM CLEANER: If you elect to have a nearly
                                                                    dust-free environment, you’ll want one of these. Just
   Utilities Building                                               be sure to empty the dust container or it will self-
                                                                    EXTRA SILVER WARE: Have extras.
The next dilemma when                                               Sometimes it’s easier than doing the
                                                                    dishes. It’ll be more convenient.
paying your bills is determ-
ing who’s name to put it
under and different payment                                         STRAINER: When the “I’m-cooking-every-night”
                                                                    phase of your life ends three weeks into school, you’ll
options. Two options are the                                        want one of these when meals consist of pasta and
10   moving in

                        joint account:
                     Each roommate signs
                 up for the same joint bank
                 account, and you would each
                 be responsible for putting in
                 a set amount of money each
                 month. It is an easy process
                 and and easy way to pay your
                 bills collectively.

                       split the bills:

                     Each roommate takes one
                 bill until all four utilities have
                 been covered. When the mail-
                 man brings that sad delivery
                 once a month, each room-
                 mate will be responsible for
                 taking the bill and dividing
                 the payment by the number
                 of roommates and collect-
                 ing that quantity from each
                 person to pay the bill. For ex-
                 ample if there are six people
                 living in one house, and the
                 cable bill is $132, then each
                 roommie will pay $22 (132/6
                 = 22. See, even when you
                 thought you’d never have to
                 take another math class, life
                 comes and throws some your
                     Make sure you call and
                 register for these utilities in
                 advance to moving in or else
                 you could be stuck either
                 freezing or sweating and us-
                 ing snail mail and reading the
                                           11     moving in

Use this space to record how you and your
roommates will pay bills. Record what bills you
will have, who will pay them, and how much each
person will owe.
12   moving in
13   moving in
       in this section:
        how to party    page
        your legal rights
        how to sublease page

        after successfully moving in to your new off-campus
        home, we’re sure you’ll be ready to put it to some good
        use. This section of the Survival Guide provides you
        with all the necessary information on how to do so in a
        safe and legal manner. Advice on proper party protocol
        will help make sure you and your friends enjoy your
        festivities without uninvited guests putting a damper
        on the weekends. Inside, we answer your questions about
                                       sub-leasing. This guide
                                       will also explain Athens’
                                       recycling policy and tips
   “Welcome to life in                 to keep your residence
athens, off-campus style!”             energy efficient. And
                                       just to make sure your
                                       transition to off-campus
                                       life goes smoothly, we’ve
        added information about parking, transportation,
        laundry facility listings and local veterinarians.
        Welcome to life in Athens, off-campus style!
15         living in

                       come on feel the noise:           live music, voices, screeches,
                       hoW to party
                                                         speakers. If any of these
                           You know you want the
 a little something
                                                         noises can be heard from
  i’ve learned from    bass bumping so the kids can
 living off-campus:
                                                         50 feet away or more or it
  roommate rants       keep dancing, but the truth
                                                         exceeds 85 decibles, you’re
                       is, you can actually get fined
                                                         on the fast track to getting a
                       for a noise violation if you’re
                       party’s too loud. Normally,
                                                             And what constitutes
                       someone would have to file
                                                         85 decibiles? Prepare to be
                       a complaint for the police to
                                                         frightened. Take your cell
   luke abaffy         show up, and don’t think just
   class of ‘10
                                                         phone and turn it’s volume all
                       because you live in a heav-
   “IdIscovered                                          the way up. Let it ring right
     that mY ex-
                       ily student-populated area
                                                         by your ear. That’s it!
       roommate        that you’re on the safe side.
   was usIng mY                                              Still confused? You’re in
                       When kids have to study,
                                                         luck. The Off-Campus office
       bY boobY-       they aren’t going to want
    trappIng the                                         has decible readers! Swing by
  brush, thIs Is
                       to hear people screaming
                                                         Bromley Hall to test out one
whY he Is mY ex-       “Chug, chug, chug” followed
     roommate.”                                          of these guys.
                       by “WOOOOOOOO!” at
                                                             Because a noise viola-
                       2 a.m. on a weekday. Try
                                                         tion is a considered a minor
                       speaking to your neighbors
                                                         misdemeanor, the fine can
                       if you’re having a party and
                                                         cost as much as $150 plus
                       provide a phone number to
greg silverman                                           possible community service.
   class of ‘10        call them if they think the
                                                         If you’re going to scream and
“mY  roommates’
                       noise is getting to loud. If
                                                         complain, we suggest that we
  method of de-        you can’t hear it ring or can’t
IcIng the porch                                          keep it to 65 decibels. Keep it
                       feel it vibrating because the
    steps In the                                         down and keep on partying.
  wInter was to        bass is bumping that hard,
   pour lIghter
  fluId on them
                       you’re probably in the range      party protocol
   and set them        of getting a violation.               If you’re hosting a party
   on fIre. thIs
was just one of
                           What constitutes a viola-     to the “festing” degree, there
 manY IncIdents        tion? Well, for starters, noise   are some precautions to take
    fIre and the
                       is restricted from 10 p.m.        so that the night ends in bed
aforementIoned         to 7 a.m. Sunday through          and not in jail. (If you’re
                       Thursday and from 12 a.m.         thinking of having a smaller
                       to 7 a.m. Friday and Satur-       get-together, some of these
                       day. Noise can be considered      suggestions may still come in
                       all of the following: radios,     handy especially if uninvited
                                                                   16   living in

guests start making their way     undercover officer or liquor
in.) Here are some things you     control agent into your
might consider before the         house. Also, you can prevent
party begins:                     a over-occupancy, which can
                                  become a fire hazard.
   use orange fencing

   it’s not just for construc-            post signs

tion sites. Corral those guests       These signs only benefit
by lining your yard but leave a   you if you are not serving
couple of feet between your       people under 21. They
yard and the side walk. It will   attract police and do not pro-
help steer away unwanted          tect you from punishment,
guests and police officers.       fines or jailtime.
Purchse it at the Tractor Sup-
ply Co. or Lowe’s.

     make guest lists

     If you create and enforce
it, you establish that your
party is private, VIP if you
will. Police will need a war-
rant or your permission to
enter. Also, uninvited guests
are more likely to cause da-
mange to property.


   Be your own bouncer.
Monitor your guest list. Use
wristbands or stamps to help
regulate guests. If a guest is
not one, don’t be afraid to
confront them. Remember
you have the right to ask
guests to leave. Do not let
uninvited guests in. If you
practice this method, you’ll
be less likely to allow an
17   living in

                                                   answering questions, running
                 get up, stand up for
                 your legal rights                 away, giving explanations,
                    When the police burst          excuses or stories. Save your
                 onto the scene, it’s important    defense for the court room.
                 that you know your legal
                                                   4.) DO NOT plead guilty. Be-
                 rights and know how to
                                                   fore making a plea, call your
                 enforce them. It is up to you
                                                   lawyer to discuss your case.
                 to stand up for these rights.
                 If you are approached by
                                                   5.) Do not stand on sidewalks
                 the police or an undercover
                                                   or streets with open contain-
                 agent, remember the follow-
                                                   ers of alcohol. Stay on the
                 ing tips:
                 1.) If asked for an ID, give
                                                   6.) The officer may be angry
                 them your name, address and
                                                   or threatening, but he can-
                 a library card or student ID--
                                                   not hurt you. So, throwing
                 anything that will identify you
                                                   a punch at him is probably
                 without your social security
                                                   a bad idea. As an FYI, an
                 number or age. Unless you
                                                   officer’s horse is also con-
                 are under arrest, you are not
                                                   sidered an officer, so don’t
                 required to give your driver’s
                                                   punch it either. If you want
                 license or social security
                                                   to pet it, ask permission first.
                                                   7.) Ask if you are under ar-
                 2.) Stay with friends and
                                                   rest or in custody. If not, ask
                 ask them to witness your
                                                   if you have the right to leave.
                 conversation with the officer.
                                                   Remember that you must
                 If an officer asks for you or
                                                   give consent before being
                 your friends’ age, advise the
                 officer that you would like to
                 speak with an attorney before
                                                      Being arrested does not
                 answering questions.
                                                   mean you will be convicted.
                 3.) Be polite and show            Follow these simple rules..
                 respect but be firm. Badit-
                 tudes will get you no where.      crime time

                 Remember you have the right          In the two years that most
                 to remain silent. Use it. Do      college students live off-
                 not incriminate yourself by       campus, it is likely that every
                                                                       18          living in

student will know at least one
person who’s fallen victim
to thievery. Burglary contin-
ues to be one of the most
common crimes committed
in Athens. According to the
Athens Police Department,
they receive reports of thefts
daily with 20 to 30 thefts a
week. This means your bike,
Ugg Boots, cameras, comput-
ers, DVD players and maybe
even some furniture are at
    So what can you do to        locks to prevent an easy break     of thumb is to block off the
prevent this? Front door and     in. If at all possible, ask your   stairs and lock all bedroom
first floor windows are the      landlord to install dead bolt      doors. (And if you don’t want
most common entrances, so        locks in addition to the other     people stealing your food,
make sure they have working      kinds.                             either eat it all or relocate it
                                     Several burglaries or thefts   from the fridge and pantry).
                                 occur in cars. Even when           The bottom line is: lock up
                                 your car is parked in what         everything you own when
                                 may seem like a safe area or       you’re out of the house or
     DON’T                       driveway, make sure you hit        having a party.
     HAVE A
     LAWYER?                     the lock button.                       If you have something
                                     If you are going to be         stolen from your home, it’s
     Think again.
     For a small fee             gone for a few days and no         imperative that you report it
     tacked onto                 roommates are around, ask a        even if you don’t think the
     your tuition,               neighbor to keep an eye on         case will be solved. Although
     you have a full-            your home. Also, leaving a         break ins are difficult to
     fledged, full-              light or the television on can     solve, they should still be re-
     time attorney               also scare people away.            ported for insurance reasons
     on your side.                   Another prime time for         and the change of retrieving
     Check the                   crime is during a party. In        what you lost. Rente’s insur-
     Center for                  addition to making sure the        ance is always a good idea.
     Student Legal               house is following protocol
     Services.                   for a party, make sure your
                                 stuff is safe, too! A good rule
  19         living in

a little something
to help you know
what to sort and
what to toss

   aluminum           cardboard              plastics              glass               tin

 Rinse and place    Flatten and           Remove caps         Now accepting      Rinse and place
 in separate        place in boxes,       and rinse:          clear, brown and   in separate gro-
 sacks: beverage    bags or tied          number 1 and 2      green glass.       cery bags: soup
 cans, foil, pie    bundles brown         plastics only in-   Rinse, remove      cans, cat/dog
 pans.              corrugated only.      clude: milk jugs,   caps and sepa-     food cans. La-
                                          pop, sham-          rate by color.     bels do not need
                                          poo, detergent                         to be removed.

  mixed office       mixed paper           paper board          neWspaper          magazines

 Letterhead, copy   NON-GLOSSY            Remove plastic      Stack neatly and   Stack neatly and
 paper, notebook    colored paper or      inserts and         don’t mix with     place magazines
 paper and other    envelopes with        flatten: Cereal     other paper.       and catalogs in
 WHITE NON-         or without those      boxes, cracker                         grocery sacks.
 GLOSSY office      little plastic win-   boxes, pop and
 paper.             down thingies.        beer cases, egg
                                          cartons, paper
                                          towel rolls.
20   living in

                 passing parking                          yelloW curbs

                    It’s no secret that parking       Yellow curbs mean no
                 in Athens is the proverbial       stopping, standing or park-
                 pain in the tuckus, and no        ing. This includes areas need
                 matter what you do, you           ATMS, Chubb Hall, Alden
                 always ended up with a ticket.    Library, etc. If you decide to
                 It’s true, based on your loca-    park on a yellow curb to get
                 tion, parking rules and regula-   money out of the ATM, you
                 tions can vary to an immense      should probably withdraw
                 degree. Here are some quick       some extra dough to pay for
                 guidlines on the puzzle that is   the citation you’re going to be
                 Athens parking.                   getting.

                     24-hour parking               doWntoWn restrictions

                    No parking is to exceed            Parking is restricted
                 24 hours in the same location     between 4 a.m. and 6 a.m.
                 on ANY city street. You must      where signs and meter
                 move your vehicle every 24        stickers are posted on the fol-
                 hours or it may be cited or       lowing streets: Court Street,
                 towed.                            South Congress, East and
                                                   West Union, West State and
                      2-hour parking               West Washinton. But, 6 p.m.
                    The majority of parking        to 4 a.m., you’re in the green,
                 meters have a two-hour limit.     and Sundays are free to boot!
                 After the two-hour limit, you
                 must move your vehicle to            If you are so unlucky
                 a non-adjoining space. You        to have received a parking
                 CANNOT refill your meter.         violation, you can visit www.
                 We know this sucks.     
                                                   athens or call 1-800-984-5973
                  parking on sideWalks             to pay it. If you’re not tech-
                    You can be parked in your      savvy, you can walk it up to
                 own driveway, but if the back     APD or place it in a yellow
                 end of your car crosses onto      courtesy box located on vari-
                 the sidewalk, you are liable      ous meters.
                 for a citation.
                                                                      21          living in

smokin’                          vinced that having a smoke        home before you light up.
   Beep....Beep...beep beep      detector is necessary, then       3.) Keep the fire small.
beep beep beep beep. Al-         just remember it’s the law.
                                                                   4.) Do not use gas or any
though this sound is annoy-      There is a code in the city of
                                                                   other liquid to enhance the
ing, it could save your life.    Athens requiring function-
Each year over 1700 fires        ing smoke detectors in every
occur in collegiate housing.     common living area in your        5.) Make sure the fire is
There are simple and quick       home.                             extinguished when the party
steps to be taken that will                                        ends, and you head uptown
help you avoid being part of     all fired up!
                                                                   to the bars.
this statistic.                      When warmer weather
                                                                      Tiki torches may keep the
   First is to test your smoke   is around the corner, out
                                                                   bugs away, but they may also
detector at least once a         come the parties and out
                                                                   start fires if used incorrectly.
month. If the unit beeps, no     come the bon fires. Resident
                                                                   Party lights and spotlights
worries, your batteries are      partiers are known to burn a
                                                                   can overheat and start fires if
good. If it’s silent, you may    sacrificial couch or two, but
                                                                   they are kept on for too long.
need to replace the batteries.   what Athens residents do not
                                                                   So, hey Strobe Light Kid,
Contact your landlord, and he    know is that it is illegal to
                                                                   turn it off. It’s not that sweet
or she may replace it for you.   kindle a fire within 90 feet of
   Next, another step to         any building. Remember to
                                                                      Remember that you are
avoid house fire is to be cau-   follow these safety tips:
                                                                   responsible for any injury or
tious of the hazards in your                                       damage that is caused in your
                                 1.) Sit on the couch. Don’t
home. These may include                                            home no matter who does it,
                                 burn it.
candles, appliances and any-                                       so keep these tips in mind to
thing you’re cooking with.       2.) Measure 90 feet from your     keep your guests safe.
   If you still aren’t con-
                                                                        22          living in

                                                                     unit with shade, and it will
                                                                     consume less energy. Also,
                                                                     you’ll just brighten the place
                                                                     up with some flora!
                                                                     5.) Wash your clothes in cold
                                                                     water whenever you can.
                                                                     Heating water accounts for
                                                                     90% of the electricity that a
                                                                     washing machine uses. Using
                                                                     cold water and washing only
                                                                     full loads, you can save over
                                                                     $400 a year.

                                                                     6.) Shades and drapes and
energy conservation                2.) If you’re not using it, un-
                                                                     blinds, oh my! Hang white
We’re trying to live in a green    plug it. Hey guys, even when
                                                                     windown shades, drapes
world these days, folks, and       you’re computer is plugged
                                                                     or blinds to reflect the hot
college kids are living without    in, it’s still using energy. To
                                                                     summer sun away. Make sure
much green in their wal-           make life easier, plug every-
                                                                     in the morning that the east
lets. Luckily enough, living a     thing into a power strip and
                                                                     facing window blinds, and in
sustainable lifestyle isn’t only   turn it off when you’re not
                                   using these things.               the afternoon, the west-facing
great for the environment but
                                                                     window blinds are closed!
great for your bank account.
                                   3.) Use that ceiling fan. When    This will keep you house nice
Here are some ideas to
                                   the party’s a-flowin’ and         and cool!
reduce your carbon footprint
                                   a-goin,’ heat’s on the rise in
and save money:                                                      7.) Buy a window insulator
                                   the household. Don’t crank
1.) Switch to CFLs. What are                                         kit for the winter. These can
                                   up that AC, just turn on your
CFLs? They are compact flu-                                          be purchased for $5 to $10,
                                   fan. It can make a room six
orescent lightbulbs. In other                                        and they include three to five
                                   to seven degrees cooler in a
words, they’re the swirly kind                                       sheets that afix to a window’s
                                   flash. Use it 12 hours a day
not the normal kind, and                                             interior. This can trap drafty
                                   for $10 or less.
even though they cost more,                                          windows from bringing in the
they use 75% less energy than      4.) Pick out some plants. If      freezin’ breeze.
a regular bulb and last up to      you’re lucky enough to have
8 years. This can save $65 to                                        8.) If cold, buy that Snuggie
                                   an AC unit, put a plant next
$100 a year.                                                         you’ve always wanted.
                                   to it. This will provide the
 23        living in
                                                             all aware, rules don’t always
                       animal house
                                                             apply on a college campus.
                            The spring has sprung; the
                                                             Although it may be written
 a little something
  i’ve learned from
                       weather is warm, and all you
 living off-campus:
                                                             in your contract, you may be
                       want to do is play outside.
       safety first                                          able to negotiate with your
                       You’ve asked your room-
                                                             landlord. The key is to TALK
                       mates countless times to go
                                                             to him/her. If you don’t,
                       play Frisbee or lay out on
                                                             you could be fined per each
                       the beach at Stroud’s, but no
                                                             month you have the dog or
                       one’s willing to fulfill the little
                                                             evicted. Any kind of proof
                       bit of camaraderie you feel
krystin gehrich                                              that you have that your pet
    class of ‘11       like you’re missing. Your next
     “If You have                                            will not disrupt the nature of
                       step? Find a pet.
  staIrs, salt or                                            the house or the neighbor-
    shovel them.            Yup, pets sure are cute,
   everYone who                                              hood will help. This could be
                       and no one will ever be so
      lIves In mY                                            anything from reference let-
 house has wIped       happy to see you as that
   out on ours.”
                                                             ters from friends and family
                       tail-wagging, tongue-draped-
                                                             or even a previous landlord if
                       over-jaw dog. But, the truth
                                                             it applies. If you have an obe-
                       is, that innocent, big-eyed
                                                             dience school certificate for a
                       purveyor of companionship
                                                             dog, that could be good..
                       could become your only ally
     katy young        in a house full of animal             2.) Talking to your room-
    class of ‘10
     “check  Your      animosity.                            mates first. If one roommate
 smoke detectors            People will say that own-        does not want to have an
       as soon as
     You move In.      ing an animal requires a hefty        animal because of allergies
      also, know       dose of responsibility, and           or just general distaste for
  where Your fIre
    extInguIshers      as much as we don’t want to           cute things, then it may be
             are.”     believe it, it’s true. So before      better not to get one. Why,
                       you rush out and pick up a            you ask? Well, when you and
                       puppy, here are a few things          any roommates are not in
                       to consider:                          the house to take care of the
molly loughead                                               dog, all anti-pet roommates
   class of ‘10        1.) Your lease. A lot of
                                                             will not take care of it. So,
     “I realIzed       landlords on campus include
       I need to                                             you end up with poop on the
      remember to
                       clauses that prohibit pets.
                                                             floor and some roommates
   lock mY doors       Naturally, landlords want to
    and wIndows,                                             who are now mad at you and
  especIallY when
                       blame pets for damage and
                                                             your innocent animal.
     I went home       disturbance, but as we’re
    over breaks.”
                                 24   living in

3.) Dividing responsibilities
up immediately. Choose who
will feed it, who will walk it
and when and who will take it
out. Roommates who did not
want the animal should not
be held accountable for it.

4.) Going to the vet. Get
your animal checked up, and
do the neighborhood pets
a favor and get it spayed or
neutered. It’ll cost you, but
in the end, having one animal
versus 8 will be worth it.

5.) The doo-doo is a don’t. If
you have a dog that prefers
pooping in yards, you must
clean it up. If you don’t, an
unhappy community mem-
ber with a newly messy shoe
could get on your case and
get you fined.

 Athens Veterinary Clinic
 (740) 593-8544

 Kroner Animal Care Inc
 (740) 592-1982

 Milliron Clinic
 (740) 592-4282

 Airline Veterinary Clinic
 (740) 594-3040

 Abfall Veterinary Services
 (740) 797-3344
25   living in

                 ensuring it’s insured             my lease says that if some-
                     When moving into your         thing happens to my house,
                 new home, one of the last         the landlord is responsible.
                 things on your mind is what       Why do I need this?”
                 you should do if your things           While it is true that your
                 get damaged, destroyed or         landlord is responsible for
                 stolen. Luckily, this thing       your home, they are not
                 called renter’s insurance will    responsible for your personal
                 help take the burden off your     possessions. If your ceiling
                 mind to ensure that you’ll be     leaks, your landlord must fix
                 covered.                          it. If the water leaks onto
                     What is renter’s insurance?   your laptop and fries it, your
                 Although you think your           landlord is almost always
                 lease may protect you from        NOT responsible!
                 disasters of the natural or            But wait! That’s not all.
                 human variety, your lease is      Renter’s insurance covers
                 not necessarily on your side.     liabilities as well. If someone
                 Renters’ insurance can cover:     injures himself or herself on
                                                   your property, if you have in-
                    • fire and lighting            surance, you will be protected
                    • windstorm or hail            from a civil lawsuit that may
                    • weight of ice, snow or       be filed against you by the
                      sleet                        injured person.
                    • explosions                        So now, you’re thinking “I
                    • riot or civil commotion      need renter’s insurance! What
                    • damage caused by             do I do?”
                      vehicles (This does               There are few things to
                      include airplanes!)          keep in mine while looking
                    • smoke                        for renter’s insurance:
                    • vandalism or malicious
                      mischief                     1.) You gotta shop around!
                    • theft                        There are many companies
                    • falling objects              that offer policies, like All
                    • accidental discharge or      State, State Farm, Geico,
                      overflow of water from       Liberty Mutual, Esurance
                      appliances                   and many more. Do your
                    • freezing of plumbing         research.
                    You might be asking, “But
                                                                               26          living in

2.) Know your policy.                    You never know when
Know the difference between           your sweet new home will
“actual cash value (ACV)”             face a problem outside of
and “replacement cost cover-          your control. If your consider
age (RCC).” ACV only pays             these steps, you can eat, sleep
for what your property was            and entertain at your home
worth when it was damaged
or stolen. RCC covers what it
will cost to replace the items.

3.) Take inventory of all
personal property. This
means the item, its value
and its serial number. Take
pictures or video of your
home and your belongings,
and keep the receipts from
major purchases. Keep these
things in a safe a
safe that’s fireproof!

                                                     so you’re not living in athens over the sum-
                                                     mer, but you signed a 12-month lease. what
                                                     do you do? sublease!
                          What do i do?           do i have to          leave some of your if the subleaser
                          Easy! Find a sub-       Worry about           furniture there    causes any major
                                                  damage caused         or you could take  damage, and make
                          leaser! It is an eco-
                                                  by the sub-
                          nomical alternative                           it home. In an     you give the house
                          to throwing rent at                           instance where you a good cleaning
                                                  Yes. In most cases,   graduate in June,  before he or she
                          a house you’re not
                                                  the subleaser does    but your contract  moves in.
                          living in.
                                                  not have to sign a    is up in Septem-
                          hoW do i find a         new contract but      ber, you will have
                          subleaser?              work out a deal       moved your stuff
                          Well, you can post      with you. Make sure   out anyways!
                          subleasing ads          that you know who
                          in lots of places.      you’re subleasing to, my subleaser
                 is a     and you should have   is moving in.
                          great place to start.   some record of it in  What are some
                                                  written form.         things i should
                          You can also place
                          ads in The Athens
                                                  What do i do           Take note of the
                          News and The
                                                  With my furni-        condition of your
                          Post, in bathroom       ture?                 house. Document
                          stalls, on Facebook     If you’re planning    any current dam-
                          and many other          to on coming back     age, such as holes
                          possible outlets.       in the Fall, you      or marks. This may
                          Just be creative!       could choose to       come in handy
27   living in

                   with total peace of mind, and        If you’re feeling nostalgic
                 hopefully low premiums.             for the res-halls, you can
                                                     always go back there for
                 be clean: do laundry                laundry service.
                     The issue of cleaning dirty
                                                     knoW the code
                 laundary is inevitable, but some
                 of your will be lucky enough            The City of Athens Code
                 to have a washer and dryer at       Enforcement exists to help
                 home. The rest of us must find a    all who rent their housing
                 cheap, reliable laundromat close    units including students.
                 to campus. Around campus there      Housing officers inspect
                 are several different laundromats   your rental unit to make
                 to fit our needs.                   certain that living conditions
                     Well, lucky for you, we’ve      meet the Ohio code.
                 compiled a list of all four laun-       If you think your rental
                 dromats around campus.              unit may be below the mini-
                     Some of these laundromats       mum standard of living, call
                 offer a drop off service with       the office and schedule an
                 same to next-day pick-up. Don’t     inspection.

                      richland laundry                            good dry
                               351 Richland Ave.              cleaner’s and
                                    740.593.3475           12 W. Stimson Avenue
                     Washer: $2, $3.50, $4.75                        740.592.9667
                     (depending on the size)          Washer: $2, $3.25 (for

                     dryer: $.50 to start, $.50       larger loads
                     to add fifteen minutes           dryer: (large load) $.50

                                                      for 15 min., (small load)
                                doWnard’s             $.25 for 12 min.
                         15 W. Stimson Avenue                    dirty deeds
                                  740.593.6788               46 N. Lancaster St.
                     Washer: $2                                    740.592.4312
                     dryer: $.25 for 7 min.           Washer: $1.75 - $4.75

                                                      dryer: $.25 for 6 minutes
                                                                        28          living in

                                  transportation            or you can call
What you should do:
                                      Even though our campus         740.592.2727. For an adult,
1.) Visit the office at 28 Cur-
                                  is easily walkable, sometimes      the fare is $1 within city limits
ran Drive.
                                   everyone has those days.          and $1.25 beyond city limits.
2.) Ask for the occupancy          When you need a ride, take        Make sure you have correct
permit. Note: It is not based      advantage of the many trans-      change! Extended ride passes
on the number of bedrooms          portation optins in Athens.       are also available.
but on the zoning code.
                                                                            taxi services
                                   ohio university campus
3.) Document your property’s        area transit service             Athens Cab, LLC, but you
condition when you move in.                (cats)
                                                                     know it as 594.RIDE (7433)
This will help your receive            CATS provides transpor-
more of your security deposit      tation for university students,
at the end of the lease term.      faculty, staff and visitors
                                   throughout campus. Best of
4.) Check your trash cans.         all? It’s free! No ID or pass
They should be stored out of       is needed. Just look for one
sight with lids.                   of the many bus stops on
                                   campus, and hop on a CATS
5.) Recycle. Recycling bins        shuttle! The map of the route
can be found at the Ultilities     through campus is located at
Billing Office at City Hall.                                         Can’t find a cab? Well, don’t
                                                                     worry! Athens has bike taxi
6.) Make sure your know                                              service’, too!
where the fire extinguisher is.          athens transit

It should be accessible and in         The city bus system has
working order. Only you can        four routes: Courtyard,
prevent house fires.               Richland, East State and The
                                   Plains. The bus also runs to
   Call the Code Enforce-          apartment complexes: Car-
ment Office for any ques-          riage Hill, University Court-
tions or inspection requests at    yard, University Commons.
740.592.3306.                      Bicycle racks are located on
                                   the buses. Buses operate
                                   Monday through Friday from
                                   8 a.m. to 5 p.m . Find routes
                                   and schedules at athen-
       in this section:
        cleaning up
        truck and trailer rental
        packing up      page

          like all great things, even life off-campus must
          eventually come to end. But luckily for you, this section
          of the Survival Guide ensures you’ll be prepared when
          that day arrives. The Moving Out section includes an
          easy to use check-out list to make sure you don’t leave
          anything behind or receive unpleasant charges for
                                        cleaning     from      your
                                        landlord. Inside, you’ll
 “ easy to use check-out           also find useful listings
  list to make sure you don’t
                                        and contact information
   leave anything behind or
                                        for moving day equipment,
receive unpleasant charges...”
                                        such as a U-Haul, as
                                        well as nearby storage
                                        facilities. While many
          people don’t look forward to the burden of packing up
          and moving everything out, following the advice within
          this guide will help to make the process as pain-free as
30       moving out

                      the great house                  quick wipe up and vaccuum
                      clean up
                                                       does not satsify your land-
                          Moving out of your house
 a little something
                                                       lord, you may be charged for
  i’ve learned from   or apartment can be an
 living off-campus:
                                                       a professional cleaning crew
       moving out     exciting process! Before your
                                                       to come in and fix your mess.
                      gather your belongings for
                                                           Carpets must be free of
                      what may seem like forever,
                                                       any spots or stains. Some-
                      just make sure to do one
                                                       times its necessary to rent a
                      thing: clean up!
                                                       carpet steamer. If you plan
                          Most leases will state
                                                       on steaming your carpet or
    katy young        something like “The house
   class of ‘10
                                                       hiring a professional carpet
                      must be left in the same clean
          “don’t                                       cleaning service, make a copy
                      state as when you moved
                                                       of the receipt or bill and send
how long It wIll      in.” For those of you who
take You to pack                                       it to your landlord, so he or
   up and clean.
                      moved into a clean house,
                                                       she knows you tried.
   start packIng      this statement will probably
    about a week                                           All cabinets and closets
     before Your
                      make sense. If you are one of
                                                       should be cleaned out and
  lease ends and      the several students who did
 trY to clean as                                       wiped down.
         You go.”
                      not move into a clean house,
                                                           All appliances, refrigera-
                      you are still not exempt from
                                                       tors, ovens, dishwashers and
                      cleaning, if you plan on
                                                       microwaves must be empty
                      receiving yor security deposit
                                                       and clean from any food
                                                       debris or any other mess.
                          Cleaning a house or
                                                           Finally, any light fixtures
    ty komjati        apartment would include but
   class of ‘10                                        built into the house must
“when we moved        would not be limited to:
                                                       have working lightbulbs. You
   In, our house          appliances
    was trashed.                                       may be charged for each
 It took several          bathrooms
                                                       missing lightbulb when you
     hours to get         floors
   the place Into                                      move out.
    decent shape.
                                                           Make sure every single one
  be kInd to the          carpets
 people who wIll                                       of your belongings is out of
 lIve there next,
                                                       your house when you leave.
     whether You          This may seem like a big
   know them or                                        You can be charged a hefty
                      job, but if you start a few
                                                       moving fee for any furniture
                      weeks before the move and
                                                       left behind. If you’ve sold
                      tackle one item every few
                                                       your furniture to the next
                      days, moving out of your
                                                       occupants, put it in writing
                      house will be a breeze. If a
                                                       and make sure your landlord
                                                                    31   moving out

is aware of this deal.            your car or your parents’ cars,
    New-To-You or Reuse           you might just consider stay-
Industries will take any left     ing. Just kidding! You can’t do
over furniture for free. Get a    that as much as some of us
head start on your packing or     would like to. You’ll need to
cleaning, and your move out       call a U-Haul service. Trucks,
weekend will be stress-free       trailers and boxes are avail-
and enjoyable celebration...      able at:
until your parents come and
start directing traffic.             Corner Tobacco
                                     260 E. State St.
get out of your house
and into the u - haul ...            740.592.4972
   Unless you plan to carry
your belongings out item by          Get Storage
item, you might need a little        339 W. State. St.              MOVE-OUT
invention called the “card-          740.594.8620                   CHECKLIST
board box” to help you out.                                         Hey! Remem-
We know you don’t have                                              ber the Move-
those laying around every-                                          In Checklist?
where, so let it be known                                           Well, turn the
that there are places to get                                        page and we
them. If you’re tight on cash,                                      have the exact
you can go to local busi-
                                                                    same thing for
ness around Athens to ask
                                                                    moving out!
for their leftovers. Call them
beforehand to find out when
they unload their shipments,
so you know when boxes will
be available.
   If you are unlucky with
the hit or miss box search,
many businesses sell boxes
around move out time. These
are pretty pricey, though.
Basic boxes can range from
$1.70 to $4 according to
prices from the U-Haul store.
   If your stuff won’t fit into
32   moving out
33   moving out
Important Numbers

    Office of Off-Campus Living
    Department of Residential Housing
    Division of Student Affairs

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