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					?Google earth is popular software which is free to download from Google. This
particular software allows you to zoom and see the detailed photograph or satellite
images of the places you want to on the planet on earth. Google Earth to assist its user
involves numerous layers of professional and community submissions in zooming to
see interesting places according to their wish. This software is extremely user friendly
which makes the search feature easy and is incredibly intelligent in locating places
around the globe.

Like any other software this particular software also has some merits and demerits.
Let's talk about the merits first;

The best part is that Google earth, the excellent Map Guide- is absolutely free
downloading software, which means that the software can be downloaded without any
subscription fee.
The search feature in Google earth allows the user to zoom and enable the user to see
images of earth in full detail.
The numerous layers of data are available to enhance the experience of Google earth.
This software is updated on an ongoing basis which means the user can see the
updated data everytime he/she uses the Google earth on internet.
The Google Earth community is constantly adding fascinating new and free content to
Google Earth.
Now talking about the demerits

The first demerit is that Google earth contains so much data that the user needs a high
speed internet connection for its effective use.
You can view only one layer at a time because if you are not doing so then your view
as you zoom may be jumbled up.
The side bar has many choices and can be somewhat cumbersome to use.
The Google earth does not provide the details of certain areas which the user wants to
see. That means the details are not available in high resolution.
Various descriptions which Google Earth provides are

Google Earth, the excellent Map Guide- facilitates the user in viewing the satellite
images and well as above ground photos of the entire earth.
Google Earth is available for free download. Google
Google Earth facilitates the user with the driving directions by selecting the Driving
Direction tab in the search box.

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