Minutes of the BLRS Committee meeting

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					Combined minutes of the BLRS Exec Committee meeting and
                 At Bristol, March 2010

 1. In attendance (EXEC COMMITTEE)
    Richard Montgomery (RM)
    Sunil Dhar (SD)
    James Fernandes (JF)
    Stanley Jones (SJ)
    Fergal Monsell (FM)
    David Goodier (DG)
    Gavin de keweit (GD)

    Durai Nayagam (DN)
    Michael Laverick (ML)

    Minutes done by JF

    PRESENT -Sanjeev Madan, Stan Jones, Alwyn Abraham (AA), Andrew
    Furlong, Hari Prem, Simon Royston, Peter Calder, Richard Gibson, Gavin de
    Kewiet, Hamish Simpson, Fergal Monsell, David Goodier, K James, Om
    Lahoti, Mark Phillips (MP), H K Sharma, Rob Hill, Sunil Dhar, David Marsh,
    Steve Giles, Richard Montgomery, James Fernandes

 2. Minutes of the previous meeting

 3. Matters arising

 4. Update
 4.1 Website feedback from SD –Handing over of webmaster and ratification of
     webmaster at the AGM, AGM agrees and ratifies. SD was thanked for all his
     efforts for the website to kick off and proposed Alwyn Abraham (AA) as a
     potential reliable candidate seconded by RM. Unanimous election of AA.

 4.2 BLRS logo – Competition for the new logo to remain open. To discuss with
     committee members and query open it to members at AGM – AGM agrees to
     look at further logos (RM/JF)

 4.3 Web journal – DN to clarify regarding STLR journal and the BLRS link,
     subsidised rates for members. JF has discussed with DN and DN is happy to
     create this link, DN to report at next meeting.
4.4 Blue book on limb reconstruction – RM discussed regarding taking the
    BLUE BOOK further like wise as done by the BSCOS group. All agreed to
    start on Paediatric LR first, SJ and JF to take it further.

4.5 Future meetings – RM informed that the BOA combined meetings speakers,
    debates, guest lectures organised and everything was in hand.

   BLRS/BSCOS combined meeting 2011, Sheffield to organise. Names of
   possibilities of international speakers discussed.


5.1 Exec Committee members - JF informed that SJ was proposed and
unanimously agreed to take over from G de keweit from March 2010 at the
previous meeting as GD’s term was completed. GD was thanked by RM for his
support and help during his tenure as member and educational secretary. He was
applauded by the delegates for his support at meetings and educational courses.

RM informed that he will be handing over the Presidency to SD the next day at
the meeting. SD raised the point of having another post as President Elect as an ex
officio member and the Webmaster incorporated into the committee. All agreed at
the exec meeting. At the AGM, this was ratified with vote of hands a full majority.

5.2 Guest speakers for Combined meeting 2010 – RM informed that all guest
speakers for the BLRS session were organised as well as the national faculty.

5.3 Combined BLRS / BSCOS meeting 2011 – JF informed that at previous
BSCOS Mark Flowers and RM agreed on behalf of the BLRS to hold this at
Sheffield. Theme obviously will be on paediatric Limb reconstruction. Probable
dates Jan fourth week Wednesday to Friday with combined on Friday,Jan 26th –

5.4 Treasurer’s feedback – FM informed that the current account was around
£22000. He reported that there would be some outgoings from the Bristol meeting
and the Hull deformity course. There could be a loss of about £1500.
Subscriptions for members was agreed previously to go upto £ 75.
 FM mentioned regarding improving the financial health of the society and
presently travelling bursaries were not available.
 He also mentioned that there is lack in industry support due to the present
financial climate.

5.6 Applications for new memberships – JF had 8 applications with references
in support. The committee and the AGM fully endorsed and were elected as
members. Milan Oleksak(Gloucester), Needhirajan Senbaga(Lincoln), Meng Ong
(Sheffield and Mansfield), Deepa Bose(Birmingham), Nikolas Giotakis
(Liverpool), Hariprem (Birmingham), Rajan Natarajan (Northampton), Andrew
Wainwright(Oxford). They were all welcomed on board. JF to inform them and
get in touch with FM for subscriptions.
Resignations were accepted from Geraint Davies (Sheffield) and Leo Donnan
(LD) (Melbourne). RM suggested that LD should be retained as a honorary
member. Members agreed.

5.7 National ACCEA awards – RM informed that the 2011 rounds for the
National ACCEA applications will be considered for support by the society. Last
dates for submission was August 30th 2010 and he also gave some advice and

5.8 Future meetings – Combined BLRS and BSCOS Sheffield , Jan 2011 as
discussed before.
Hemant Sharma will be the organiser for the March 2012 meeting in Hull. There
was a healthy debate on the poor attendance at meetings and the reasons. The exec
committee and the AGM agreed to have a 2 days meeting from 2012 by vote of
Andrew Furlong and Alwyn Abraham will be holding the 2013 meeting in

6 Any other business

6.1 –Mark Phillips (MP) of King’s hospital informed about the LR charitable trust
they have created at King’s college hospital in London (KLRT) and proposed that
this could be linked up nationally with the BLRS. Debate ensued on how the
monies will then be utilised by different hospitals. It was pointed that KLRT was a
local charity and there are many more such charities in some institutions for LR.
The logistics of running this as a national trust for LR was found to be difficult.

Therefore RM requested MP to write up a proposal and a plan, which could then
be sent to members for their opinion

6.2 SD proposed in reducing the tenure of the President to 1 year from the present
2 years in line with the BOFAS and BOA. This went to vote of hands and the
majority wished to continue in the same format. To be discussed again at the Next

Handing over of Presidential duties

RM the outgoing president thanked the committee members and handed over the
Presidency to SD for the years 2010-12 and wished him the very best. RM was
thanked by SD for all his efforts in raising the profile of the society and his
dynamic dedication during his previous years and especially as President. The
general body gave him a warm applause.
SD was then warmly welcomed as the new President.

Next Exec Committee meeting

To be held at COMOC meeting, Glasgow, Sep 14th, ETIVE room, 1300 -1500 pm
Next AGM Meeting

Sheffield, January 27th, 2011

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