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					?Zeroing in on a specific market demographic can be precarious when done without
the proper planning, but companies wanting to take their brand further might want to
consider the benefits of marketing toward players of golf.

The typical golf player is affluent, likes to travel, and always wants access to the best.
Often, he is the busy executive who is frequently traveling and maintains
memberships with golf and sports clubs. His idea of a business trip usually involves a
game of golf while negotiating a deal. The best gifts for this player? Desktop
golf-themed items, golf shoe bags, and custom golf balls and tee sets with your logo
will be received with much appreciation.

A rising sub-segment of the golfing populace are women who occasionally play for
leisure. Female players are concerned with fashionable but functional sports products.
Promotional golf bags that look sporty yet feminine and come in pastel colors click
well with this market. Wardrobe-wise, female golfers want custom polo shirts to be
aesthetically pleasing yet designed for performance level. Models in moisture-wicking
fabric and anti-bacterial finish are becoming popular choices as they combine
durability without sacrifice fashion.

As demanding as females are with durability and fashion, younger golfers—whom
we're seeing more of every year—are on the lookout for sports-enhancing
promotional golf products such as custom divot repair tools and stroke counters. One
particularly groundbreaking tool is the Brush Pro, which ensures maximum backspin,
distance, and accuracy, and comes with an ergonomically designed brush for cleaning
club faces and shoe spikes.

General promotional sports products like golf gloves, golfer's survival kits,
accessories holders, sun protection kits, and hand warmers are effective ways to reach
out to the large golfing market. Custom golf umbrellas, caps, and hats are functional
giveaways that protect from the elements while giving your brand much exposure.
Umbrellas, especially, with their large imprint area act like billboards across the golf
course, reaching out to a general audience.

If you're searching for promotional golf and sports products, has a wide
range of items that will meet your marketing needs. Ask your account manager for
advice on what works will for your promotional event.


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