What's Behind Wedding Videography

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					?Love is one of the most cherished feelings in this world. It is celebrated in various
ways that can only be uniquely experienced by the persons involved. One certain
event that truly marks this momentous emotion is a wedding. Nowadays due to the
modern era technology has had a share in capturing the memorable sights and sounds
of weddings through Videography. Let's travel back in time at how such beneficial
process came into being.

Basically the term Wedding Videography is used to describe documentation of a
certain wedding on video. Other terms associated with this method are wedding film
and wedding movie. Now this industry was brought to life by individuals who took
the chance of making a business out of weddings particularly that of their close
relatives and friends. At the time, movies were done using the 8mm and 16mm films.

The 80s became the turning point of this industry when the first camcorders came into
the scene. Sony was the leading manufacturer at that time. It was time for the
common folks to enjoy the benefits of making movies out of their weddings which
were limited to people of high status and wealth before the camcorders came around.
And at this point more and more hobbyists saw the opportunity of making a career out
making wedding films.

It was not as easy as you think for the initial proponents of wedding movies. The
mechanisms and gadgets were not as refined as those of the present time. The camera
itself was a very big load and had to be connected separately with a video recorder
using a cable network. There was a need for more lights but still the pictures that
came out were in poor condition and the audio output was not something to brag
about. The industry faced a lot of technical hits but as time went by it seemed that the
challenges were only beginning to manifest.

The industry was not fully welcomed during the wedding proper itself. It was
considered to be a momentum breaker for various brides and grooms due to the fact
that a flurry of bright lights became a must in order to have higher chances of
producing better pictures and images. More so, the industry saw people who wanted
to become videographers but did not really have the savvy and know-how needed to
thrive in the industry. And to make things worse technology was not really up to par
to the industry's aspirations of making it big in the wedding market.

At the turn of the 90s, the industry was salvaged by manufacturers who saw a
glimmer of light in the opportunities brought about by Wedding Videography. The
term prosumer did it for the industry. It is used to link the gap between the
professional level of videographers and the consumers in the wedding market. Now
with this new understanding between professionals and manufacturers more and more
technological advancements were done in order to produce better outcomes in the
wedding film industry. Also during this time, WEVA or Wedding and Event Video
Association International paved the way for a more organized set of professional

Weddings are once in a lifetime events which should not be taken for granted. The
opportunity to document each glaring and glowing moment should not be wasted so
when the time that you plan out your own wedding make sure Videography is
properly accounted for.