Golf Club Digital Signage by gyvwpsjkko


									?Dynamic advertising is being rolled out on golf courses to improve the clubs image
with the business users among their customers, as well as providing valuable data for
general customers.

So let us look at the options available in electronic signage hardware and where they
could be used.

LCD advertising screen.
These are free standing digital posters, usually with screens in excess of 40", complete
with an inbuilt media player and are perfect for sites in general areas where visitors
congregate, such as foyers.

Applications - used for providing data to guests and regular members alike, on new
events, such as the Valentines Ball, or any charity event, as well as providing
information these units can also be interspersed with ads from local companies
promoting their service and goods, from the local cab company to restaurants and
hotels, perfect for when businesses have organised a "golf day".

Digital poster.
These normally have smaller screens from 17" in size up to 40" but there are some
exceptions that do go up to 80". These are wall mounted and also have an integral
media player, perfect for locker rooms and just outside restaurant doors.

Uses - these can be used for advertising special deals that are available from the on
site shop, or breakfast deals with an SMS number, "just say how many guests are in
your party for a egg and sausage roll and coffee for each member of your group only
$3 each". And then it is delivered direct to you and your party on the green.

Both of these solutions are entry level electronic marketing solutions and cost any
where from £380 up to £2,500 for massive free standing LCD advertising screens
with a 46" display. These are ready to go straight out of the box, you just have to
produce the content and done you digital marketing solution is working and if you are
selling advertising spots on your signage solutions the return on investment will be
very fast.

What if you have 20 businesses who market on your hardware in your venue and you
charge each business £100 every month, in the first two months you would have
created 2 x £2,000 and the hardware will have been paid for as well as hiring
someone to produce media, the next 10 months are pure profit, giving you an extra
revenue stream of 10 x £2,000, not bad for an investent of £2175.

Graham offers a range of indoor LCD enclosure for outdoor digital signage protection
and has been deployed in Austalia, America, Canada and Europe.

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