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									?Goldline International serves the precious metals trading community with several
reliable news sources: a regularly updating daily commentary on its website, a radio
program called The American Advisor (streamed from the website), a "Gold in the
News" section of its website, and the American Advisor newsletter.

The daily commentary updates every business day with economic and precious
metals-related news. This commentary goes back several years. The usual author of
these daily updates is Joseph C. Battaglia, Executive Vice President of Goldline
International. The same page that provides the daily commentary also displays daily
spot prices of gold, silver, platinum and palladium as well as links to current rare coin

The radio program The American Advisor is a national news program which
broadcasts live at 9:30 A.M., 11:30 A.M. and 2:00 P.M. every day. Listeners can tune
in to this program on local radio stations (the company's website provides a phone
number to determine what local station broadcasts the program), or one may also
listen to a live stream on the Internet, as the Goldline, Inc. website has several links to
for a selection of Internet media; one can listen by Windows Media in various formats,
Flash, iTunes Podcast or RSS feed. Those who wish to listen on their local radio
stations can call 1-877-376-2646 to find out which stations broadcast it in their area.

"Gold in the News" provides in-depth analysis of economic issues, both of general
interest and specifically relating to precious metals markets. This page on the
Goldline International website consists of bank analyst & commentator opinions
selected from various media sources. Goldline editors often provide redactions of
these articles and emphasize important points for the benefit of Goldline customers.
The webmaster updates these accounts with new articles as they become available.
The most recent as of this writing, of July 10th 2009, discusses the newly unveiled
"New World Currency" coin.

The American Advisor Newsletter provides the precious metals researcher or
general-interest reader with timely information and analysis about the economy,
precious metals and rare coins. The current issue covers China's recent (April 2009)
purchase of massive gold reserves and former U.S. Mint Director Jay Johnson's
joining Goldline. It includes an editorial by Executive Vice President Joe Battaglia
about the nefarious impact of inflation on assets, and an interview with Goldline
President and CEO Mark Albarian.

Goldline International Inc. publishes The American Advisor quarterly, and subscribers
may purchase an annual subscription $99 directly through the Goldline International
website. It is also possible to read excerpts both from the current issue and from
archived issues online. Interested parties may obtain a free copy of the current issue
by calling Goldline directly at 1-800-827-4653. Goldline also provides a free one-year
subscription to The American Advisor to qualified subscribers who fill out an
"Account and Storage Agreement" online, at no cost or obligation.

The quality and reliability of information which this company provides makes them
the "gold standard" of the precious metals trading community.

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