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What You Wanted To Know About High Speed Vedic Mathematics _ Didn’t Know


									?What You wanted to know about High Speed Vedic Mathematics and didnt know
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It is a well known fact that our country (Bharath) stands aloft with its rich cultural
heritage since thousands of years. Our Ancient Seers & Scientists have made
wonderful contributions in the field of Science & Technology also. In spite of these
glorious achievements, our people including the so-called educated have a dismal
knowledge about the Scientific & Technological achievements and do everything to
curb the professional growth of these.

After nearly one and a half decades of dedicated research, I found that the following
facts and truths about the Vedic / Ancient Indian Mathematics have to be brought to
light for a proper understanding and appreciation of the same in a proper perspective.

The facts are given in a nutshell as under.

Q1. What is 'Vedic' or 'Ancient Indian Mathematics'?

Ans: 'Vedic Mathematics' basically consists of Mathematical concepts, methods and
techniques embodied in the Vedic & Upanishadic literature. These are expressed in
terms of Mantras and Sutras (Aphorisms), in subtle forms.

Ancient Indian Mathematics refers to post Vedic & medieval times up to the 19th
century. Some of the greatest names are Aryabhata, Brahmagupta, Bhaskaracharya (I
& II), Sridharacharya, Madhavacharya, Mahaveeracharya, Narayana Pandita etc., The
mathematical concepts, methods, postulates, theorems and techniques are expressed in
terms of Slokas; which are Lyrically beautiful, but mathematically precise! And also
in terms of Sutras & coded literature.

Q2. What is the scope of VM/AIM?

Ans: The scope extends right from the fundamental Arithmetic to Algebra, Geometry
Trigonometry, Calculus (Integral and Differential), Biquadratics, solution of
Polynomials, Astronomy, Graph theory to some computer based numerical methods.
The Nyaya Sastras & MIMAMSA are the veritable source of knowledge in the fields
of NLP & NLU and Artificial Intelligence.

03. What is the relevance of VM / AIM in the present world of advanced mathematics
and computer science and technology? Is it just historical?
Ans: VM / AIM present a novel, creative approach to understanding and solving the
problems; right from the basic to the advanced level and open up new Vistas of

a) They are chosen based on their superiority over the conventional methods on the
following criteria.

i) Step size ii) Step length iii) Computational time

iv) Elegance and v) Novelty.

b) Incidentally, the Ancient Indian Scientists have discovered many mathematical
concepts and techniques, centuries before their modern counter parts!

Q4. What is the methodology of presentation?

Ans: VM / AIM are expressed in terms of modern mathematical notations to make
them user friendly and original references are provided to make them authentic.

Q5. How stable are the methods and techniques?

Ans: They have stood the test of time for centuries and continue to inspire and
challenge even now.

Q6. Does one need to be very good in maths to learn this?

Ans: Not necessary. Students, with lesser aptitude, who used to score low marks, have
found it very interesting and user friendly. The scores have improved very much even
with little training.

Q7. What is the feed back from the teachers?

Ans: In fact, they have wholeheartedly welcomed VM / AIM, since they are highly
creative, ultra fast, give different dimension to teaching of maths. Reports confirm
that, in about 50-60% of the time, the present syllabi can be effectively & efficiently
covered! They strongly recommend the introduction of VM/AIM in the school

Q8. What about college students?

Ans: It is a boon to all the candidates of competitive exams. They can clear the paper
in about 60-70% of the time, with 100% accuracy.

They can adopt many of these methods in their curriculum like calculus, computer
based numerical methods etc. They can also work on the projects based on the
application of VM/AIM.

Q9. In spite of all these benefits, why is it not finding its place in the curriculum?

Ans: i) Apathy towards our own heritage.

ii) People at the helm of affairs have cynical and passive attitude towards VM/AIM;
resulting in curbing of genuine researchers.

iii) Lack of organizational support.

iv) Authentic course material and syllabi have to be professionally designed.

Q10. What is the future of VM/AIM?

Ans: a) The future is very bright. Already about 20 Universities like Birmingham,
Philadelphia, Oslo, Zurich, Munchen, Sydney, Heidelberg, London School of
Economics etc., have introduced VM/AIM in their curriculum.

b) Serious R & D works are going on.

c) The number of International Conferences on Ancient Indian Science and
Mathematics are on steady increase.

d) In India also, barring, a very few organizations supporting R & D works, lot of
individuals are doing R & D works on these.

e) There is a tremendous scope for India to lead the world in education to bring the
best results.

Incidentally learning of VM/AIM removes the fear psychosis in maths and the whole
world is looking towards India for its valuable contribution.

Incidentally, the Scientists have reported that, learning of VM/AIM enhances the right
brain activities and makes children more creative.

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