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					?GoldHow many of you are unsure of how to invest in gold? There are several ways
to do it. One is in an IRA. You can roll your present investments over into a gold
backed IRA, something that many people are not even aware of. Under the IRS rules,
as the IRA account owner, YOU CAN NOT have control over the underling assets
(your coins), nor can the administrator. All the coins, bars and assets in your self
directed IRA should be held in a depository, an ultra secure location that is both
insured and approved to store precious metals. It is always good to research the
facilities to the best of your abilities. Gold

The depository has two forms of storage, Fungible meaning your coins are grouped in
with other peoples coins and Segregated, where your coins are separate from others
within the storage facility, insuring that the exact coins you purchased are the ones
returned to you or sold on your behalf at sometime in the future

GoldDepositories charge a small annual account fee plus a storage fee based upon the
total value of the account, with a slightly higher amount for segregated storage.

I would reccommend reading a book on the gold market just to get a full grasp on the

GoldOn the other hand, Entrust has dozens of independent franchises across the
country that offer the full range of Self Directed IRA services. Many companies are
great at explaining the process. This might be meaningful to some who prefers to have
a face to face meeting with their administrator, rather than just a phone call or email,
but some people could care less.

GoldEntrust also does not have an exclusive agreement with any single Depository.
The customer is free to select which depository to use, and by extension, shop for the
best storage fees possible.

1) Choose a Bullion Dealer to work with that can deliver the product you order.

2) Make sure the coins you purchase are "Qualified" to be included in an IRA

3) Select an Administrator that gives YOU the ability to choose how reports are sent,
Offers YOU options as to storage facility, Type of Storage and Timely execution and
processing of your purchase orders

4) Shop for the best Depository that is going to suit YOUR needs, and do not settle for
the one that is most convenient for your Administrator or Bullion Dealer.

5) Most importantly, develop good solid working relationship with ALL Three of the
organizations you need to make your IRA work for you, The Bullion Dealer, The
Administrator and the Depository.

The more that each of these are responsive to your needs and requirements, the better
off you will be and the easier it will be to sit back and enjoy your Gold investment

The gold market is a lot of fun once you have a grasp of it.


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