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									?Anytime you call 1-800 anything you are calling a call center. Your call might be
directed to Salt Lake City, to the Philippines or to India, but it is likely going to a
brick and mortar facility at a great expense to the company at hand. A call center is
any sort of telephony operation handling sales, customer service, inbound or outbound
needs of a company. When a company forms and realizes it needs these services
fulfilled, up until recently it had very few options.

Forming one's own brick and mortar call center is a labor and cost-intensive program.
Here are a few of the steps involved; renting the facility, leasing the hardware,
insuring that hardware, hiring the workers and supervisors, training them, the list goes
on. The process might take up to 3 months to even begin the operation with massive
expenditures at stake.

Companies like West Interactive realized this dilemma for businesses and created the
first of call center solutions - the outsourced call center. Outsourced call centers gave
new flexibility and ease of entrance because they took on the overhead, opened the
facility, hired and trained workers. A company would call up and say, I need one
representative answering calls from 9-5, handling sales and returns inquiries and
transactions. West would say, we're happy to service you, send over the proper script
and all other information to familiarize our worker on your company and we'll get
them talking - for approximately $1.85 per minute.

The most recent call center solution dawned with the advent of VOIP - voice over
Internet protocol technology. VOIP allows for remote locations of Teleworkers, which
means the ability of a home-based worker operation. With reduced long distance
pricing and the removal of such overhead like the brick and mortar, savings are quite
tremendous. For only $99 per monthly seat plus 10-30 cents a minute for direct labor,
the economics are incredibly compelling. Companies like Freedom TeleWork have
created solutions just this revolutionary.

With an online solutions there is far greater ease and speed of sign up - choose calling
preferences B2C (Predictive Dialing) or B2B (Progressive Dialing), choose
Teleworkers (or bring your own), upload a script and in minutes a highly advanced
call center operation is deployed with drastically reduced costs.

Clearly, the immediate savings and return on investment for a company are quite
substantial. Virtual Call centers are revamping the accessibility and return on
investment for companies' customer relations across the globe.

Giovanni Castro works at Freedom TeleWork, a company that provides hosted call
center solutions and services such as progressive dialing, inbound call center, chat,
predictive dialing, CRM call center, and many more.

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