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					Designer Purses For Cheap - Don't Buy, Until You Verify That It's Authentic
Before you pull out your wallet to pay for that Designer Handbag ask yourself the following questions. Is that bag really Authentic or could it be a cheap
replica? How can I tell the difference? With todays shaky economy there are more people than ever (online and offline) trying to scam uneducated
shoppers into buying cheap replicas! Ive specifically written this article for eBay shoppers, however, please keep in mind that several of these steps
can be used to protect you during offline transactions too.

As most of us know already, eBay offers us a very unique platform that we can buy designer handbags from at very good discounted prices. To put it
simply, eBay can help you to save money unlike anywhere else on premier brands. Over the last few years I have saved thousands purchasing
designer purses, bags, accessories and clothing through eBay. But unfortunately there are still some sellers on eBay that are crooked and are
claiming their items are the real McCoy when in fact they are replicas.

Please remember that when it comes to these kinds of sellers, eBay has a zero tolerance policy regarding them. Yet although they do carry out
several checks, some bad sellers are able to get through the net and will take advantage of any unsuspecting buyer. In this article I am going to layout
the steps that should be taken to avoid these kinds of eBay sellers and to ensure that the purse you get is the real deal.


Get to know the designer brand and the exact model you are considering buying. I suggest you physically visit a department store or boutique that is
carrying the exact handbag and study all of its different characteristics. Alternatively, you can visit a website which carries the bag you want to buy.
Most online retailers like Nordstrom will provide several pictures of the bags they carry. If you are unable to find the exact bag then study a model that
closely resembles yours. Once you find a bag you are considering buying it's time to do your due diligence by comparing the following characteristics
to the designer handbag you previously researched.

Color: Note the color of the item displayed within the auction. Is it the same color as the bag you know to be authentic? For instance, look on the
manufacturers website to make sure they even offer that color for that specific style.

Seams: Look closely at the stitching and seams of the purse that has been put up for auction. Do these meet in the same way as would be found on
the authentic ones? \ Is the stitching on the handbag evenly proportioned? If it isn't, then in all likely the bag isn't authentic.

Exterior Material: Almost all Designers use leather accents, NOT plastic.

Markings or Logo: Every designer will place their brand name or logo on the leather or hardware of their purse or handbag. Make sure that you check
that the letters or the logos are displayed in the same way exactly as that shown on an authentic one. If the mark from the manufacturer is on the
leather it should be engraved. If it has been printed rather than engraved you will know you are looking at a replica. Plus, you will also notice that most
designers like to put their brand name or logo inside the bag on the lining somewhere.

Hardware: Make sure you take a good look at the handbags hardware and verify that it all matches in color. If the logo is printed or embossed on the
hardware instead of being engraved than its probably a replica.


Location: Be wary of those sellers who are situated in Asia. There are also lots of factories around this region of the world that produce replica

Large volume of Same Item: Be on the look out for sellers that have several listings selling the same exact bag. Someone selling several different
types of Juicy Couture handbags is OK. However, be cautious of a seller with 20 listings of the exact same type of Juicy Couture purse, especially if
the Buy it Now price seems too good to be true.

Seller Feedback: The sellers feedback rating is one of the most important indicators of who can be trusted as selling authentic products. I wouldnt
suggest purchasing a high ticket item from anyone that has less than 15 " 20 reviews and a positive feedback score less than 98%. Most reputable
sellers wouldnt risk having their feedback score damaged by selling someone a replica.

Verify its Authenticity: Look to see if the seller has included one picture at least clearly showing the engraved designer's brand name or logo on the
purse or bag. If the seller hasn't included a picture or the picture is out of focus then ask them to post one that is better.

Ask For More Pictures: Any reputable eBay seller will include a number of pictures of the bag showing it from a variety of angles to help you verify
that it is an authentic designer purse or not. Use these photos to check the authenticity of the seller's designer purses for cheap. Don't forget to
compare the characteristics mentioned above. the seller's designer purses for cheap . Also if you don't feel enough pictures have been provided as
them to post some more, but be specific to exactly what pictures you want. If you would like to see the base of the purse or a close up then ask for
these pictures to be taken.

Hopefully you haven't been discouraged by what is written from shopping at eBay. To be honest, the odds that you will run into any problems is low,
but you should still take some precautionary steps to avoid making mistakes, especially when you are going to be spending quite a bit of money on
your purchase.

Just to recap, before you buy that luxury handbag; make sure you take the following actions to help verify authenticity: Do your homework; Find a
trustworthy seller; and carefully review the sellers pictures. By taking all these steps you can be confident in knowing that your new bag is truly a
designer handbag and not some cheap knock-off.

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