The Death of Aphrodite by Lunaeclipse


									The Death of Aphrodite
By Eclipse

This love is jaded,
Meant for joy was to grief traded. Wrapped in unknown lies and deceit, All who hear sound retreat. Because it wasn’t worth the pain, It’s not worth the heat.

Yet you still remain, as my summer rain. But it’s not worth the hate,
For the hook dangled below the bait. It’s not worth the days, That you beckoned as an open gate, And slammed in the fore of a smitten face.

But could I turn from you, would I ever my bliss sate?
I overdosed on your love, The aftershock understated the rough. It wasn’t worth the anxiety, Trying to reach your society. It’s not worth these tears, Or the pining of lost years. It wasn’t worth the frustration, The result a self-conscious haven. It wasn’t worth the thrills, With the resulting kills, And before me now the horizon of worn and lonely hills.

At last I turn from your face,
As I see now, something craven… And so I overdosed on love Which I put forth here, On this post love writ. It wasn’t worth my dear, It wasn’t worth my fear, Or was it?

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