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									    Student Bulletin
    for 7th February,

Please get your journals ready….
                      School Theme
All Years
Gospel reading for this week: Matthew 5:13-16
  Salt and Light

 “You are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how
 can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything,
 except to be thrown out and trampled underfoot. You are the light
 of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do
 people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on
 its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house. In the same
 way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your
 good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”
The theme for this week is…
                                 Serving God
                          6th – UNICEF: Day for Change
      Reflection - Karen Darke
Karen Darke is an extraordinary human being, and a
woman who has touched the lives of many through her
spirit for adventure. A keen runner and mountaineer, she
was paralysed in a rock-climbing accident on a Scottish
sea cliff at the age of twenty-one. Facing a life in a
wheelchair, Karen chose to fight preconceived ideas of
just what was possible for someone who could feel
nothing below their chest.
In 1997, just four years after her accident, Karen crossed the Tien
Shan and Karakoram mountains of Central Asia on a hand bike,
raising £12000 for charity. This amazing achievement was to be
the first of many adventures which would see Karen hand cycle
the length of the Japanese archipelago, sea kayak a 1200 mile
length of the Canada – Alaska coastline, cross the Indian Himalaya
by hand cycle, ski the Valle Blanche in the Alps and complete a
record-breaking 600 kilometre crossing of the Greenland ice cap
on a sit-ski, a month long journey across one the world‟s last great
expanses of wilderness, where winds can reach 200 miles per hour
and temperatures drop below 40 degrees.
 Karen is using her God-given talents to live life to the full. In
spite if all the trials and hardships she has faced in her life, she
      has carried on living her life in the way she wants to,
constantly challenging herself, using her talents within sport to
             help others around her and to praise God.

In a minute of silence, list your own talents and think
 about how you could use these to help others and to
                   give glory to God
        Main Meals for the week (3)
        All these meals are served at the main servery for £2.05
             Mon            Tues          Wed            Thurs           Fri
Main Meal    Spanish        Tuna &        Roast Pork     Beef            Toad in the
             Chicken        Sweetcorn     with Roast     Burritos with   Hole with
             with Rice or   Bake with     Potatoes,      Jacket          Herb
             Couscous       Crusty        Apple Sauce    Wedges &        Potatoes,
                            Bread         & Gravy        Baked Beans     Gravy &
Vegetarian Roasted          Chickpea &    Sweet Chilli   Cauliflower     Lentil
           Vegetable        Vegetable     Quorn Fillet   Cheese with     Bolognaise
           Gratin with      Curry with    with Roast     Jacket          with Spaghetti
             Crusty Bread   Rice          Potatoes       Wedges          & Peas
Sweet        Gingerbread    Winter        Rice           Oaty            Fruit Trifle
             & Vanilla      Warmer        Pudding        Banana
             Sauce          Fruit                        Muffin
                            Crumble &

Weeks – 20th Sept, 11th Oct, 8th Oct, 29th Nov, 20th Dec, 17th Jan, 7th Feb
All Years

    Mon     Tues      Weds        Thurs        Fri
  Year   Year 11     Year 8    Year 8      Year 9
  12/13 Dining       Gym       Dining Hall Dining Hall
  Dining Hall        Year 10   Year 7
  Hall               Dining    Gym
  This week’s House
   Point Standings
  Name                 Points          Place
Nightingale             2116            1st
  Jenner                2061            2nd
 Fleming                1985            3rd
 Lovelace               1971            4th
Somerville              1862            5th
 Faraday                1836            6th
        Still a long way to go.
   Keep earning those House Points!!
  House Competition

   It is the final week of Year 7 Inter-house
                football this week!

    Boys = Football (Sports Hall – Bring
           Girls = Dance (Gym)

Come and cheer your team on!!
                        Message Board
All Years
                         SKI TRIP AUSTRIA FINAL MEETING!!!

  WHERE: S4 Science Miss Neal's room



                                        YEAR 9 ONLY
  Tuesday 8th Feb – all year 9 students will be off timetable for lessons 4 & 5.
  Why? Performance of „Last Orders‟ followed by a workshop
  When and where? From 1315 until 1515 in the Exam Hall

  Please line up in tutor groups outside the Exam Hall in time for the end of lunch break
                      Message Board
All Years

 Lost Property Handed into the Finance Office w/e 4th February
 Jewellery – a few more items have been handed in that have been with reception for a while
 which do not match any forms I have, are they yours?
 Keys –Another brass key with a round fob and „Statue of Liberty New York’ on it.
 Pencil Cases – I have quite a number that have still not been claimed, are you missing one?
 Spectacles – pair handed in on 3rd Feb in a dark blue Boots case, square style, brown frame

 Lost Property forms from the last academic year
 I have looked through all forms completed and checked them off against the lost property
 still not claimed. If any have been matched up, you will be sent a note to come along and
 view the item. If you are not contacted, please assume that your property is lost.
 F Belamy
 Transport Officer
                 Message Board
Year 9

                    Coursework Week!
 Well done for all your hard work – the Exam Hall is looking great!

 Display/Activity Groups – can one member of your group pop down to
 the exam Hall at the beginning of every lunchtime this week to
 check that your project is still ok. Would be worth bringing spare
 blu tac/seloptape in case this is needed.

 PowerPoint groups – please come to c12 at lunchtime today to go
 over arrangements for your presentations.

 Remember to re-send your questionnaires and do your interviews
                Message Board
Are you interested in

a career in the RAF?
                 If so, Come and meet
                CORPORAL MATTHEWS
                       in the
  (Monday 7th     Careers Library
                   MONDAY 7 Feb
                   at lunchtime
             Message Board

                   This week is…
                     Come and find out if
An apprentice is   an apprenticeship would
  someone who
works to learn a
                    suit you in the future
    trade or
 gets paid,AND
     gains a             Date: Thursday this week
  qualification          Time: Lunchtime
whilst working!          Venue: Careers Library
Message Board
        Message Board

 Year 10 Citizenship Revision
Please remember to bring your £2.50 in for
your Revision Books. The order will be going
 off before half-term so you need to put your
money into the Finance Office before the 17th
 I would strongly recommend buying one as
your revision timetable will be based on this
               Message Board

  Year 10 Breakfast Morning
Year 10 are warmly invited to breakfast in the Sixth
  Form during registration. Please come straight to
  the Sixth Form Centre and not to your tutor base
   at 8:45. Tea and hot chocolate will be available
              with a variety of pastries.
 Tuesday 8th February   Thursday 10th   Friday 11th February
 10 FA                  10 LE           10 NI

 10 FL                  10 LO           10 SO
              Message Board


On the VLE!
Year 7 life
               Escape the litter
               bugs and catch
               the litter!

                                   Matt Brown, Sean Lofting,
Only playable at home              Dan Chorley, Josh Penfold,
                                   Oli Quitmann
                     Message Board
Years 10, 11

     Calling Year 10 & 11 French students!

 Then come along to C23 every Wednesday lunchtime
 from 12.30pm to help polish the finer points of the French
 language. Sessions will revise key grammar tenses,
 practice French accents and aim to improve your general
 understanding of the language.
                  See JHU for more details
                      Message Board
               LRC Book of the Month February
One sunny morning the triplets disappear, leaving
only a few mysterious clues behind: an open upstairs
window, three missing rocking horses and some
strangely shaped marks on the lawn outside. Could
they be hoof prints? Used to their silly pranks, older
sister Pearl sets out to find them. At the garden gate
she encounters Thomas, the snooty grandson of a
local earl, who warns her that the moors aren't safe
today. But who is he to boss Pearl around? As she
searches for the triplets and tries to outwit Thomas,
Pearl's journey through the rugged Scottish hills
unfolds into an incredible and perilous adventure.
Pearl strives to outwit living, breathing rocking horses
and several powerful land magicians, who turn the
very rocks of the mountains against her. But can she
trust the mysterious Thomas? And can she save her
brother and sisters from the unknown fate that lies
ahead? This is a tale of dark magic and destiny set in
the 1920s Scottish Highlands.
              Music Notices
All Years

                  St Peter’s Choir
           Monday Lunch – Year 7
      Wednesday Full Choir – All Welcome
                                     New songs for a new
   Bring your                        One house point for
                                     each rehearsal you
    lunch and                              attend

   arrive for a
     prompt                           Mr. Sandford
  12.40pm start                       Mrs. Gregg
      in E2
                     Music Notices
Jazz Band

  Jazz Band
  Thursday @ 12.30 in the Drama Studio.
                      Music Notices
Jazz Band & Musicians

       Anyone who plays a musical instrument,
             to any standard is welcome.
         Come to E2 on Thursday lunchtime
    We will start                     Remember that
      at 12.35.                        you earn one
   Eat your lunch                       house point
   quickly before                     every time you
    you come or                           come!
  bring it with you
                                        Miss Fenn
            Music Notices
All Years


               Monday: All cast in Act 2 19-24

               Tuesday: All cast in Act 2 25-32

               Thursday Lunchtime: Attack on Rue Plumet -
               Montparnasse, Babet, Brujon, Thenardier,
               Eponine, Cosette, Valjean

               Please remember that you need to have learnt
               your lines and tunes BEFORE the rehearsals.
              PE Notices

          Boys’ Football
            This week
• Mon – Year 8 Training

• Tues – Year 9, 10 and 11Training

• Weds – Year 7 Training
                          PE Notices
All Years

         Well done to the Year 9 squad who lost to County last week.
        Gents, training is the key, you played fantastic rugby in patches.

                               Training Schedule

                       Monday 7th Feb Year 9&10 Training

              Thursday 10th Feb Year 8 v County at Home, 3.30KO

                       Friday Year 11th Feb 7&8 Training
                   PE Notices
All Years

     School Basketball
       Years 7-11 on Friday after
       school in the sports hall.
       Training is until 4.15.
       Correct sports clothing or
       P.E kit must be worn.
       Please see Mr. Monem or
       Alex Sarama (Year 11)
       for more details.
                   PE Notices

            School Basketball
U16 Match Basketball:-
Howard Away on Wednesday 9th Feb
Can the following students see Mr Monem at breaktime
Alex Sarama,       Weston Flynn,
Jon Heasman,       Laurie Owens,
Nick Litov,        Declan Flynn,
Miles Blackburn,   Chris Lux,
Ollie Hagen,       Pete Fenech,
Simon Kelly
                       PE Notices
Year 8

                      Dance Club
  Year 8 dancers who attend Jill Douglas‟s dance club on a
  Wednesday after school in the gymnasium are invited to attend the
  last 2 practice sessions on Wednesday 9th and 16th February.

  Please note that these will be the last 2 opportunities to practice
  before performing at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre on Monday 28th
  February, so it is imperative that you attend.

  For information on tickets for the event please see Mr Morrison in
  the PE (gym) office on a Wednesday or Friday
Prize for the first correct to Mrs Brandon by 1:15pm Thursday
   Or email


    Julie is a careful driver and never breaks the speed limit. One day as she set off
    on a journey in her car she noticed that the odometer was displaying 13931 miles,
    which was palindromic (the same forwards and backwards). After completing the
    journey, which took two hours, Julie could not believe that it was palindromic once
    more. What was her average speed during the journey?

     Goldilocks’ Weight
     ANSWER: 60Kg

     Ciara Bonner 7SO
     Loiuse Tarleton 12PO
     Jennifer Wallin 12FR

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