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									?Aside from data entry, website design, article writing and software engineering, there
are many other services provided by outsource resources. Here are other services that
are available for outsourcing:

? Voice talent
As part of advertisement and marketing tactics, businesses place podcasts and radio
advertisements. Of course, not all people are given the golden voice to work in these
advertisements. The voice talent outsource resources are now available to provide

? Customer Service
There are businesses that require a staff that will address certain queries about their
service. There are also those that need a support center if in case something goes
wrong. Instead of hiring in-house staff and providing equipment, the practical choice
is outsourcing this need. The employer can hire three to five outsource resources to go
online on specific time shifts and answer calls and concerns from clients.

? Recruiting
Finding the right people to do certain tasks is a challenge especially if an employer is
looking for someone on a long-term basis. That's why employers find staff that can
screen prospective employees to see if they are fit for the vacant position.

? Accounting
One of the challenging aspects of a business is book keeping. Hiring an office based
accountant or getting the services of an accounting firm will definitely be expensive.
Today, book keeping is possible online. Just send the entries and a trusted accountant
can help manage it.

? Transcription
Transcribing a video or an audio clip may be simple but it becomes really hard when
the clip is more than an hour long. One of the outsourced services available today is
transcription. This job is usually on a fixed priced basis. The outsource resource
transcribers are paid based on audio hour.

? Translation
This is a service popular to companies that are striving to target markets outside their
region. There are many languages out there aside from English. In order that other
countries understand a service or item that a company is selling, they find translators
who can convert an English copy to another language.

? Personal Assistant
This is another popular service being outsourced today. People can now get virtual
assistants to handle clerical tasks that are necessary in the course of their business.
Virtual assistants are usually asked to handle calls, answer emails, follow up clients,
prepare reports and schedule meetings.

These are just few of the services that can be outsourced. With outsourcing,
businesses can now be managed even at the comforts of home.

To your outsourcing success!

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