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					Investing For The Workforce -
Partnership in it’s Broadest
            Healthy Lives, Brighter Futures

• Ensure that the NHS has the ability to plan effectively
  for future workforce needs

• Support NHS organisations to achieve their workforce

• Find solutions to future workforce planning challenges

• Child at the centre of care

• Collaboration amongst professionals, recognising
  different skills and perspectives

• Working across boundaries and organisations
             Future Workforce Direction

             - Flexible workforce who can work across
             teams and organisations- multiple providers

• Workforce which is designed around the needs of
  patients responding to expectations of the public
• Workforce which matches demand and supply
• Workforce who is fit for purpose
• Flexible workforce who can work across teams and
• Opportunities for continual increasing skills and career
  pathways that are flexible and respond to the service
• Leadership at all levels
• Widening participation
• A workforce which is representative of the community
• Safe and regulated workforce
• Modernising Healthcare Careers
           So what is the SHA role?

• Strategic overview of the workforce in line with SHA
• Commission for supply and quality assure provision
• Test and spread new ways of working and commission
  new roles
• Link with DH for Modernising Health Care Careers
• Recruit and train doctors
• Enable and support best HR practice
             The children and young
             people’s health workforce
• Health staff who work only with children

• Health staff who work with both children and adults

• Health staff who work occasionally with children

• Wider children’s workforce who are well placed to promote
  healthy living, child protection and to spot issues early

• Other professionals working in local authorities who
  support child health through the design, development and
  management of environments in which
  children live
             Policy context
• National Service Frameworks and Child Health
  Promotion Programme

• Next Stage Review (NSR) – High quality workforce

• Local NSR Clinical Visions

• 20:20 Children and Young People’s Workforce

• Healthy Lives, Brighter Futures

• Operating Framework
          Workforce commitments in
          Healthy Lives, Brighter
• Each Children’s centre to have access to a Health
• All local areas to develop School Health teams
• Improved service for acutely ill children
• Improved service for disabled children
• Increased psychological therapy services for children
• Ask Royal College of GPs to consider if GP training
  around child health needs should be given greater
• Develop modelling tools to estimate demand, supply
  and workforce
• Capture importance of children in the Operating
               Existing Pressure Points
• Health Visiting

• School Nursing

• Neo-natal

• Paediatric medicine

• Obstetrics

• Community Children’s Nursing

• Speech and LanguageTherapy
            How to make the strategy a

• What are the right systems and frameworks you need
  to have in place in your organisations to understand
  the skills and experience of the workforce in your
  local area?

• What are the key barriers…….and key solutions?

• What help and support is needed by PCTs, LAs,
  providers etc to deliver a world class workforce for
  Children and Young People ?
           DH -Current Developments

• Scoping the available workforce tools

• Developing a child health staffing modelling tool

• WTD solutions

• Discussions on the role of the paediatric consultant

• Gap analysis and development of further resources
NHS West Midlands Workforce -
- Developments
             Acutely unwell child

• Advanced Paediatric Life Support Training (APLS) supported for
  65 Paed Nurses to close the current skills gap across the
  nursing workforce.

   Previously identified in the West Midlands Standards for the Care of
   the Critically Ill and Critically Injured Children and more recently
   through discussions locally with clinical staff.

• Competency levels and education programmes to recognise the
  unwell child to enhance skills within the workforce to support
  reconfigurations and shift to primary care.

   Assessment of the Ill/Injured Child and Young Person
   20 Credit CPD Module at 0 Level 3, running over 12 weeks
   developed at Coventry University. 75 places supported.
                 Safeguarding Children
•   West Midlands was the second pilot with NHS East Midlands nationally for the
    National safeguarding leadership programme.
          22 Designated and Named Safeguarding Professionals were supported 08.
          Jan 09 with 30 professionals on the programme over the next 6 months.

•   This will develop leadership, influencing and negotiating skills that will enable
    practitioners to progress through levels 1-4 of the key KSF Domains.

•   Increasing Medical Skills around Forensics in Safeguarding - Joint project with
    School of Paediatrics, which will cover three areas:

          • Expert witness training and mini-pupillage programme
          • Safeguarding– interpreting physical signs of Sexual abuse and coploscopy
            training for Paediatricans
          • 3 day safeguarding course for junior doctors

•   The innovative expansion of a nurse’s skills in the workforce to respond to one key
    element around the home visit when having to respond to an unexpected child
    death in accordance with Chapter 7 guidance of Working Together to
    Safeguard Children.
          Multi- agency working around
          (Police, Education, Heath and Social Care)

• Running an effective Child Death Overview Panel
  workshop supported in 10 localities across the West

• Responding to an unexpected child death workshop
  supported in 5 localities across the West Midlands for
  30-40 multi-agency professionals.

• 1 day programme supported for 'Train the Trainers'
  around the child death review process to ensure
  continuity, consistency and quality of the training

• The development of a CAMHS Foundation degree at
  Worcestershire University accredited in 2007.
  A cohort of 19 commenced in September 2008.

• The development of a CAMHS Vocationally Related
  Qualification is currently taking place to support access
  into CAMHS employment and provide a key part of the
  career framework building on the Foundation degree
  development above.

• A working group is being developed to focus on CAMHS
  support worker roles, to indentify the roles and the skills
  and competencies needed by this workforce.
              Paediatric Palliative Care

•   Development of a multi-professional Advanced Communication
    Skills Training (ASCST) in Paediatric End of Life Care. West
    Midlands Workforce Deanery is leading on this work with Rob
    Cockburn (National ASCST Lead, Cancer Action Cancer Team)

•   Paediatric palliative care module at BCU revalidated and 25
    places supported to close the skills gap in west midlands.

•   Multi-professionals workshops have been delivered with the
    WM Pg School of Paediatrics around symptom management and
    paediatric ethics.

•   E –Learning module to be developed re paed palliative care
    ST4-ST8 (tbc 09/10)
         Adolescent Health Curriculum

• Interdisciplinary training materials so that all doctors
  and nurses have the necessary skills to help their
  young patients make the necessary changes to lead
  healthier and more active lives.

• Each session is approximately 20-30 minutes of

• Talking at the PIP -West Midlands Nurses group on
  the 10th June 2009
           What's happening now?
• Clinical Engagement Leads for:
   – Maternity
   – children
   – safeguarding children
   have been appointed 2 sessions a week.

• Deans of Health from HEIs have been appointed to
  each of the Care Pathway Group to add educational

• To look at 3-6 clinical pathways.
             Making it happen
• 1 Regional and 5
  locality workforce                                                   SHA

  stakeholder boards                                                  Board

• Health and Education                                                SHA
                                                                  HR Committee

  Strategic Partnership
• Embedding                                                           SHA
  commitments into the
                                                                                                      Health &
  Business Plan                    Deanery                     WORKFORCE DEANERY
                                 Management                      STAKEHOLDER
• IfH Project 9 –                   Team                            BOARD

                            Workforce           Workforce           Workforce        Workforce              Workforce
  Transformation          Locality Board      Locality Board      Locality Board   Locality Board         Locality Board

• Identified projects
• Workforce and
  commissioning plans
                        Locality Boards

           LOCALITY BOARD                                          CHAIR

Hereford & Worcester                  Ros Keaton
                                      Chief Executive, Worcester Mental Health Trust.

Coventry & Warwick                    Jointly shared by Mike Attwood and Stephen Jones
                                      both Chief Executives, Coventry PCT

Staffordshire, Shropshire and Stoke   Graham Urwin
                                      Chief Executive Stoke PCT

Birmingham & Solihull                 Moira Dumma
                                      Chief Executive, South Birmingham PCT

Black Country                         Jon Crockett
                                      Chief Executive, Wolverhampton PCT
              What are we

• Education of high quality that is:
      – Fit for purpose
      – Develops a competent workforce at pre-registration
• Investments in Supporting the infra structure
              Funding for HEIs
              Funding for PCTs
• Learning + Development
     Agreements with WD + Employers
• Curriculum change