What to consider when moving office- by bnmbgtrtr52


One of our companies has recently taken on 20 new staff and the offices we occupy
are no longer large enough, so we are considering an office move.

As many of our clients work in London and we are often there on business meetings
we are thinking that a London office would be good idea.

I mean we will definitely keep some of the office space we currently occupy, as we
know we will need a base here and that some staff will be unable to move. However
we think, for what we do, that we need a London office.

Although it is not a definite decision we have already booked a showing of some
Victoria offices and we are going to look at other properties while we are down there.

This has got me thinking about what things we should consider before we move.

I think one of the first things to consider is whether the rent of the new office will be
offset by any benefits we will gain from moving. This is a hard thing to quantify as
any benefits are only potential benefits, yet I do think moving to the capital should
open doors for our company.

Another thing to consider is travel and moving expenses, how much it will cost to hire
professional moving team and also how much it will be to furnish the new offices.
Included in this cost is any new IT hardware that needs to be installed. When moving
you should do an IT upgrade at the same time, might as well kill two birds with one

However, these are just logistical considerations what I really need to know is what
the Victoria area is like. If there is anyone who lives in the area please leave me a
comment and give me some advice.

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