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Giclee canvas printing is widely renowned for its fine reproduction of original
artwork in a variety of styles and colors. This printing technique makes use of modern
technology to reproduce the original artwork without sacrificing its quality. Giclee
canvas printing can be customized according to your requirements.

Advanced scanning techniques and multicolor detection are utilized for giclee canvas
printing and the image is processed in the computer in order to capture every shade of
the original artwork. In giclee canvas printing, the digital image that has to be printed
is scanned in the computer and printed on the canvas using a wide format printer. The
wide format printer uses water-soluble dye based inks which are devised specifically
for fine art production. Finally, after drying, the canvas is stretched and fastened over
wooden bars. Printing experts believe that

Giclee canvas prints are famous for their natural texture and weave. These are durable
and don't need to be protected behind glass. As decorative items, giclee canvas prints
are valued possessions. These are also ideal as special gifts on all important occasions.
Enlarged prints in this category are excellent for any ad or product promotion. The
greatest advantage of giclee printing is its high level of accuracy and its capability of
reproducing the original image regardless of the size.

Giclee prints can be made from your favorite photos, paintings and artworks. Giclee
canvas printing is perhaps the best way to give long life to your cherished images.

Giclee canvas prints on 100% pure 340gms cotton artist canvas are ideal for the
reproduction of works of art and photographs. Superchrome is a renowned digital
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